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Lead Capture Automation

Responsive Landing Pages – Increase your traffic to lead conversion with mobile responsive landing pages.

Website Widgets   Generate more leads from your existing website traffic using website widgets.

Seamless Lead Capture  Seamlessly capture leads from all your sources – inbound email, online campaigns, phone calls, website, chat, lead generation websites and more.

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Marketing Automation

Drip Marketing – Engage and sell round the clock with drip marketing and trigger based emails.

Segmentation – Segment your contact lists for lead nurturing based on lead scores, behavior, geography or any useful variable.

Personalization – Create and retain mindshare of your leads and customers by sharing personalized content and offers using email and SMS.

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Sales Acceleration

Automated Lead Scoring – Identify your prospects with the highest potential for conversion with automated lead scoring.

Behavioral Insights – Empower your sales to close deals faster with powerful behavioral insights and detailed activity history for every lead.

Sales Funnel – View your leads across various stages in sales cycle and monitor lead engagement at each stage.

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Marketing and Sales Analytics

Lead Engagement Index – Get quantified engagement insights for any segment or group of leads.

Marketing Insights – Deep insights on campaigns & lead sources driving qualified leads for your business.

Sales Insights – Get clarity on factors that drive your revenue. Lead sources, sales people, product & service offerings and more.

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"Great support, clean interface, easy to use - LeadSquared is my strongest ally for running campaigns focused on results."

Omar Jorge

Media Manager , Odiseo

“Leadsquared helped us quickly launch a new campaign we wanted to test with our customers. The campaign was hugely successful because of the deep insights we got from the tool. The support provided by the team is a key differentiator. “

Pradeep A

Product Manager , Flipkart

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