Facts you can know about your business

Powerful reporting features gives you the insights you need to analyze and improve your results.

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Sales insights

Get clarity on factors driving your revenue - lead sources, sales people and product & service offerings.

Marketing insights

Deep insights on campaigns & lead sources that are driving qualified leads for your business.

Lead insights

Get complete lead activity history - emails sent and received, website visits, purchases and more.

Selling velocity

You will know the average time it takes you to win customers.

Effort transparency

Total visibility of open, overdue & completed tasks and inbound & outbound efforts of your users.

Lead engagement

Engagement of your business with leads is no more subjective - it is quantified. For e.g., 37.5% leads are engaged.

“The combined efficiency of website tracking and email analytics have enabled us with much better insights into the buying process of the customer.”


Ashwin Manghat

Marketing Manager, Jamboree

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