Marketing Automation Platform

Push your leads faster down the sales funnel

Nurture leads with Drip Marketing
Drip Marketing
Drip Marketing

Send your prospects exactly what they need at the right time

Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Build and send beautiful emails that perform great on all devices

Landing Pages
Landing Pages
Landing Pages

Create high-converting responsive landing pages in minutes

Lead Scoring
Lead Scoring
Lead Scoring

Use lead scoring to identify and chase the best opportunities first

Website Tracking
Web Tracking
Web Tracking

Track every interaction your leads have with you - on website, landing pages & more

List Segmentation
List Segmentation
List Segmentation

Use smart list segmentation to run highly relevant marketing campaigns

Run high-performing drip marketing campaigns

Engage your leads with right content at the right time

Easily design prospect journey

Design the entire journey you want the prospect to take with just a few clicks.

Get drip marketing performance reports

Understand how effective your drip campaigns are by checking the engagement at each step.

Send instant sales notifications

Notify your sales team if a lead in the nurturing path takes a sales-relevant action.

Marketing Automation - Design prospect journey with workflows
Marketing Automation Reports
Marketing Automation - Notify sales person

Create beautiful emails that perform well on all devices

Drag & drop builder and dozens of templates to get you started

Drag and drop email builder
Email personalization
Email Templates

Drag and drop builder

Create great looking emails in minutes. Non-coders and non-designers can build emails with ease.

Personalize each aspect of your emails

Get higher opens, clicks and responses by personalizing each aspect of your email marketing campaigns.

Dozens of responsive email templates

Just pick and edit a template that matches your industry and the purpose of your email campaign.

Build responsive landing pages in minutes

Visual builder & dozens of ready to use templates

  • Webinar landing page
  • Services landing page template
  • Real estate landing page template
  • Education landing page
  • Event landing page template
  • Landing page template for online classes

Lead scoring

Automatically track and score all your lead activities to identify the most active leads. Lead scores are completely customizable.

Ex: You can assign high scores to important activities (like pricing page view) and lower scores to generic engagement activities (like downloading an e-book).

Marketing Automation - Lead Scoring

Marketing automation - website tracking

Website tracking

Track your leads to find what they are doing on your website and landing pages – the pages they are viewing, the CTAs they are clicking and more. Find out how effective your content is by tracking the time spent on each page.

Smart list segmentation

Segregate your leads based on their profiles, activities, interests and any other variable you want. Send them highly-relevant and personalized offers that they’ll find interesting. Perform custom list actions.

Ex: Send all the leads in one list to a call center application for automated dialing with one click.

List Segmentation

Marketing automation - integrations with marketing and sales apps

Effortless integrations

Integrate LeadSquared with popular marketing and sales apps. Automate lead capture from different sources (chat, landing page tools, 3rd party apps etc.), and sync data with your CRM applications. Also, Zapier integration helps you create any Zaps you might need.

If you aren't using are paying too much for marketing automation!

“As someone who has used HubSpot, Marketo, Act-On and more, LeadSquared has all of the necessary functionalities at a fraction of the cost. We have a 10% reduction in bounce rate for emails now and our drip campaigns have resulted in 50% quicker movement of sales prospects through the funnel!”

Robert Evans

Marketing Manager, VIKTRE Career LLC

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