Capture Inbound Call Leads from Super Receptionist

All your inbound phone calls, missed calls and voicemail inquiries now captured automatically

Super Receptionist Telephony Integration

Automatically capture all inbound call leads into LeadSquared

Capture inbound call leads automatically

All calls that come in to you as leads are captured into LeadSquared. Even missed calls by your prospects are captured automatically.

Record the calls

Record the conversation happening between the prospect and the sales person which can be used for training or future reference.

Distribute leads automatically

Leads get distributed amongst your sales team automatically based on pre-defined set of rules ensuring that no leads are missed out.

Qualify your leads by setting scores

Remove junk leads by setting scores for your leads, based on their activities. Ensure that you send only qualified leads to your sales team.

Missed a call? Don't miss out on that lead

With LeadSquared's Super Receptionist Integration, know which lead's call you missed and set a follow up with them so that you don't loose them. We believe that every lead is potential customer if nurtured properly.

Single platforms to make and track calls

Make calls, track and analyze performance of your leads and listen to call recordings on a single platform - LeadSquared. Save time and nurture your leads instead of juggling between multiple platforms.

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