From businessmen finalizing billion dollar deals to teenagers seeking solutions to math problems and family members separated by thousand of miles connecting with each other, mobile phones have changed the way the world perceives communication today. Everyone has access to mobile phones and why not? They help to stay in touch with family & friends, company associates and access the world wide web a.k.a internet.

advertising on mobile

Finally in 1993, it dawned upon marketers, why not reach potential targets through mobile ads? With so many people using mobile phones and the numbers rising by the day, mobile advertising was finally introduced.

What is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile advertising helps marketers connect with their audience and promote their products/services via advertising on mobile phones. Advertising on mobile is a dynamic and flexible process which helps marketers reach their audience as they are on-the-go.

These ads appear in web pages, content websites, while viewing an app, video/audio or even while playing games.

Key benefits of Advertising on Mobile:

advertising on mobile  Easy accessibility: Mobile phones are available with people 24×7, hence the ads that you place on mobile phones follow them wherever they go and since mobile phones are switched on at all times, ads reach users anytime anywhere. This way, advertising on mobile has an added advantage over other forms of digital ads. You can reach your potential customers wherever they are and not have to wait for them to log into their computers, see billboards or tune into a TV broadcast to view ads.

advertising on mobile  Mobiles reach larger number of people: Its astounding to see how an UN report has suggested that by the end of 2014, there will be more mobile phones than human beings on this planet! Recent reports have also stated that close to 50% of mobile users own android phones and smartphones who have access to the internet. Need I say more? By Advertising on mobile, you can effectively reach large number of people.

advertising on mobile  Advertising on Mobile is Cost Effective: Targeting users with advertising on mobile phones costs a fraction of what other medium (digital and traditional) ads cost. When compared to Google Ads (pay-per-click), digital media advertising – texting (SMS), social media, video uploads etc or traditional form of advertising – classifieds, newspapers and magazines; advertising on mobile can be a lot lighter on your pockets. You can a reach a lot more people for a lot less.

advertising on mobile  Mobile Ads are Intimate: Since mobile phones are mostly used for personal messages and conversations, if you customize your message according to your customers’ needs, they are likely to pay more heed to your advertisement.

advertising on mobile  Instant Connect: With the advent GPS and more and more users connecting through it, knowing the geographical location of your users can be critical in helping you to engage with them. Using location based services or LBS, marketers can converse with customers directly.

advertising on mobile  Example: Many times when you walk into a mall, there are banners everywhere asking you to switch on your Bluetooth device. When you switch it on, the mall authorities or the people running the advertising on mobile campaigns knows your location and  are able to connect with you by sending you shopping deals/sale vouchers & details/discount coupons from shops within the mall. This is nothing but location based services.

Location based targeting is highly beneficial for travel companies, restaurants, education institutions and B2C companies to get instant feedback, app downloads, game downloads, click-to-call, view videos from mobile users etc. Your messages or ads can be send via Bluetooth devices, QRS codes etc. Just make sure that the messaging is intriguing and innovative.

But, since mobile phones are permission-based devices, some customers may proactively give you feedback, while some may not. So, don’t lose heart.

advertising on mobile  2-Way Communication: LBS gets you instant feedback from users building a 2-way communication channel between you and the user. This enables you to test the waters that you are in, i.e. test your marketing strategy almost real time and measure its performance.

Since you know the location of your users, you can analyse the origins of mobile traffic and help you make predictions about where traffic is most and is likely to increase. With new technology, you can also discover which devices your users are using to view your ads so you can present your ads in the best formats for those devices.

Types of Advertising on Mobile:

 advertising on mobile  WAP mobile ads – WAP or Wireless application protocol is the technology required to help people access information over mobile phones. These ads are also divided into text and image ads. Text ads have two lines of text, with as many as 12 or 18 characters per line (however, this depends on the language of use). The third line has your website URL, but this is optional. In this ad, you can also add a ‘Call’ link allowing users to call you directly via your ad. WAP mobile image ads look the same way in which you have uploaded the file.

advertising on mobile  Example: WAP mobile ads are beneficial for E-commerce mobile websites, travel agencies or educational/coaching institutes where users can get in touch with companies directly through the details provided on the ad.

advertising on mobile  Mobile Web Banner and Web Poster Ads – These are the most popular types of advertising on mobile. As the name suggests, banner ads appear at the top of a mobile website screen. The ads appear within the mobile website content which allows the user to click through to an external page thereby leading to increased footfall on a website and making them prospective leads. Web Poster Ads appear at the bottom of a mobile website screen and function the same way banner ads perform.

advertising on mobile  SMS & MMS advertising – These types of advertising on mobile also get favorable results. In SMS advertising, an SMS in the form of an ad is sent to a user’s phone and it looks like a normal text messages. SMS ads can ask users to download something, ask for some feedback or present a link asking the user to visit another website. SMS advertising is a great way to reach millions of users. Multimedia messaging service or MMS mobile ads pop-up while a user is playing a game, watch a video or trying to download some content off the mobile internet.

advertising on mobile  Click-to-call: Click-to-call advertising on mobile is when a mobile user clicks on a button within the ad and requests a connection with the marketer or another person by phone call or a text message.

CTC can be highly beneficial for E-commerce websites, local search engines, companies in the service sector like hospitals, help desks etc. Here, people who are browsing through a mobile ad can connect with users immediately. This helps solve any queries that users have and enables sales people to get in touch with users and help them convert.

advertising on mobile  Audio and Video Ads: Audio and video ads on mobile phones capture user attention in a jiffy and engage the user. This in turn increases ad engagement.

advertising on mobile  Interstitials mobile ads – Interstitial means ‘in-between’ and these full page mobile ads appear to a user when they are being led to another page, mostly their destination page. In most cases, since the user knows that the website they are looking for is coming up in a few seconds, the interstitial ad message is usually read through.

advertising on mobile  Example: When you click on this website link, you will be taken to the Google search page. But, before that you will be fed with an Interstitial ad. You have to wait for a few seconds (may range from 5 second to 10 seconds) before you can skip the ad or press enter to go to the destination website.

Another example would be interstitial ads on e-commerce mobile websites. When an user clicks on a link to view a particular product and as the webpage is loading, they can be shown an interstitial ad of attractive discounts/sales on products. Since these ads are bright and flashy, they leave a visual impact on the user and are ideal for new brand/product launch or to get more clicks and engagement on a link.

Metrics to Measure Performance of Mobile Advertisements:

Now that we know what advertising on mobile means and what are the various types, here are the ways in which marketers can measure them for maximum effectiveness.

advertising on mobile Click through Rate: The most prevalent way of measuring the effectiveness of a mobile ad campaign has been click-through rate or CTR. CTR is the measurement of keeping track of how many people have clicked upon a particular link. Just like people do not watch TV with a purpose to watch commercials alone, the users who view your ads on mobile do not log into the mobile websites with the sole purpose of viewing your ads. As harsh as it sounds, it is true…hence this is why CTR is so important.

As a marketer, your ads are not just plain text or images, they want to elicit an action out of the mobile user – buy a book/product, read something off the phone, watch a music video or search for a flight/movie ticket. Hence, CTR helps your gauge how many people have clicked your ad link to take users to another website. The users may then even convert to leads.

A high CTR is good and means that the particular link within the ad is getting more clicks. However, a low CTR rate not only lets you know that the ad is not faring well, but also lets you amend the ad for better marketing.

advertising on mobile  Cost per Impression:  Most often termed as CPI or CPM, cost per impression is when an advertiser pays for every 1000 times an ad is displayed (this is known as an impression). This strategy of measuring the effectiveness of advertising on mobile works mostly based on estimated viewership or readership.

If your goal is to get users to just view your ad rather than clicking on it, then CPI is a good option. CPM or CPI best suits advertisers who are focused on brand awareness, i.e. getting their brand name in front of people and not website footfall or number of clicks on their mobile ads.

advertising on mobile  Cost per click: CPC or PPC (pay-per-click) means that each time an user clicks on your ad, you pay a predetermined amount (this is fixed during the bidding process like it is done in Google ad campaigns).

This type of advertising on mobile is beneficial for marketers who are looking for increased footfall on a particular site or want more clicks on their ad rather than just brand awareness. This ad option is also beneficial if you have a fixed budget.

advertising on mobile  Example: If you have fixed Rs 20 per click and want only 1000 clicks on your ad, you will not get more than 1,000 clicks and will pay no more than Rs 20, 000. This also has a drawback. People who click on your ad can either turn into a lead/sale or not, and once your budget is over, your ad will disappear until you renew it once again.

Advertising on mobile is here to stay. Stay tuned for my next blog where I will discuss about the top 5 mobile advertising platforms for B2C companies.

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So, you are generating leads from multiple online and offline sources: Google Adwords, Facebook, Organic traffic. However, what if those leads are not ready to buy yet; you cannot just let them walk away from you. It is your job to engage them until they convert, or at least grow fond enough of you to start spread good word about you!

There are multiple ways to engage your leads; we have spoken about how to use quizzes and surveys to engage your website visitors and your leads. In this particular post, we would discuss one of the most used, still underestimated digital marketing veterans – 20 Email Marketing Tips for Better Campaign Response!

Is Email Marketing Still relevant?

Of course it is! I know that today digital marketing is more about Social Media than anything else; however, email marketing still remains one of the most reliable tools to help you connect with your prospects and customers alike. Before, we start discussing any email marketing tips, take a look at the research data published by, to understand the importance of email marketing as a digital marketing activity.

This data is based on the responses of 556 B2B marketing professionals, when they were asked to name their most important digital marketing activity. This data holds true for B2C as well.

Email Marketing Tips - Why Email Marketing is still relevant

Now that we have the relevance of email marketing covered, let us talk about email marketing tips and best practices to help you run campaigns that your recipients would love.

Preparatory Email Marketing Tips & Best Practices

1) Know your audience; segment and categorize them properly

Without knowing your correct target audience, you can never create an email message that would resonate with them. Therefore, first understand whom do you wish to target; everything else would follow.

For instance, if you were an online education company offering various courses to separate set of student groups, you would need to make sure that your email messages are appropriately drafted and correctly targeted.

Let’s suppose, you provide 4 different courses:

  1. Chemistry High School Preparation
  2. Physics High School Preparation
  3. Maths High School Preparation
  4. History High School Preparation

Some students might have taken all the four packages, while some would have opted for only one or two. So, if you are holding an online Doubt Clearing session for only History students, you would want to send this email to only the 4th group of students, i.e. who have opted for History Preparation; so you would need to create lists accordingly.

Email Marketing Tips - Targeted campaigns

Thus, always segment your lists properly. This is one of the foremost, still unused email marketing tips.

2) Prepare the Offer

This would be aligned with the first email marketing best practice. Prepare an offer that would resonate with your recipients. Offer must never be generic in nature, and must be tailored to the taste of your target audience. To create the perfect offer, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What do I want to sell?
  2. Who is my target audience?
  3. What value does my offer give to the recipients?
  4. Why would the recipient choose me over the hundreds of other similar services out there?

Best Practices for Drafting the Email

3) Drafting a Good Subject Line

i)Use Personalized Subject Lines (by using variable fields). We have experienced better open rates, when the email subject line uses Recipient’s first name.
ii)Don’t use recognized Spam phrases, like Free Free Free, $$$, Percent off, if you want your emails delivered.
iii)ALL CAPITALS is also a BAD idea.
iv)Subject Line should be kept short (less than 50 characters). However, when you are sending a specific offer to only a small group of people, descriptive subject lines would also do.

Check out this analysis by Eloqua. This showcases how using personalized subject lines is one of the most important email marketing best practices, because it can increase the open rates significantly.

Email Marketing Tips - Personalized emails drive better open rates

4) Sender Name

i) Add the human-factor to your emails – Never use email addresses, like to send email messages. Instead use names like
ii) Use “Lead Owner” as the sender – If you have multiple sales people, who keep in touch with the leads, then it’s best that the Sender Field (i.e. From field) is personalized to use what we call the “Lead Owner”.This would help, because if Mary has been keeping in touch with Client A, then in all probabilities, Client A would interact better to emails coming from Mary, instead of from Suzy.
iii)Have the company name in either the ‘Subject Line’ or ‘Sender Field’ – Before opening the email, these are the only two things that the recipient sees. They could play as the identifiers for your company. Use it only once. We use it like in this manner: Meenu Joshi, LeadSquared as the sender name.
iv)Don’t use names that are difficult to pronounce. For instance, if your recipients are located in USA, use Dev instead of Devendra.
v) Sender Signature – Emails with personal signatures, are bound to drive a better click-through rate. Therefore you must use the Sender Signature in the message body, and not just the company name, XYZ Support Team, or just a name.

Check out yet another analysis by Eloqua, in which they highlight the importance of using a personalized sender name, and personal signatures in your email body. According the the analysis, personal sender names improves Email Open rates by 500%.

Email Marketing Tips - Insert Signatures in the Message

5) Headline Message

i)Have a straightforward direct headline – Your recipients get uncountable number of emails in their inbox everyday. You have to make sure that you stand out. The best way to do it is to have straightforward, unpretentions, non-salsey headline. 
ii)Capture the essence of the email in the headline – Do a short version of your entire email in the headline

6) Message Body

i) Use mail merge/variable fields to personalize the message: Even though variable fields have been abused beyond any measure, they still hold value in our book. If your recipient Jason, for instance, receives the following email messages, which one has a greater chance of grabbing his attention?‘Hi there’ or ‘Hi Jason’.Personalized one, right! Variable Fields would help you with that.
ii) Use Dynamic Content – Many of you would have heard what dynamic content is; I would highlight upon it nonetheless. It is content that is displayed to users based on their prior engagement with your content.For instance, if one of your leads has just signed up for the free trial of your product, you can start sending him some relevant content to help him make full use of your free trial. We have just started using this for nurturing our leads; it is too soon to judge, but these emails are certainly getting much better response that our normal email campaigns.
iii)Build a story to deliver your message  
iv)Highlight the important parts, like the Text CTAs, by using bolder text, brighter colours and larger fonts than the other email copy.
v)Limit the number of images – this is because most email clients don’t render images, unless you have been marked as a known email record by the recipient.
vi)Never use one single image to draft your complete email. This is one of the most important email marketing best practices. The following image would show you why:

Email Marketing Tips - Never use big images in the Email Body

As you can see, an image does not render automatically in most email clients.

vii)Don’t use spammy phrases in the message body.
viii) Proofread the grammar: Be careful with the language and grammar. Reading incorrect grammar can be really off-putting for your recipients.
ix) Also, the general tone of the message must be consistent with your company’s voice – Formal/Informal. We stick to a semi-formal tone; neither hipster-lingo, nor in a robotic monotone. In general, B2B companies mostly like to keep it formal, while B2C don’t hesitate to risk it a little more.

7) CTAs

i) Never use images to highlight the most important part of your email, like CTA. If you do that, the odds are against your CTA being seen at all. As, you saw in the example above, an image does not automatically shows in an email.If you wish to use colourful, highly distinct CTAs, create it using a coloured table instead. In any case, use a text CTA as well.

Check out one of our emailers. The orange CTA that you see is a table, not an image.

Email Marketing Tips - Never use an image CTA

ii)Have Social Sharing Buttons – This would increase the chances of your content going viral.
iii) Have Action-centric CTAs. For instance, you can see in the image above that the CTA is ‘Book your Seat Now’. This would drive the recipients to drive an action.
iv)Have a contact number in the signature, or highlighted somewhere in the copy.
v) CTA should be in the first fold – This rule applies no matter which CTA we are talking about, the blog CTA, landing page CTA or Email CTA. It should be in an obvious and logical place.
vi) Have one focus CTA – Having multiple offers would dilute your most important offer. For instance, if you are emailing to get attendees for your next webinar, have your most-evident CTAs talk about Webinar registration only.

Here’s an example of a well-drafted email message:

Email Marketing Tips - Example of a well crafted email

Best Practices to keep from becoming the irritating spammer

8) Treat email like a conversation

Email is a conversation; you must keep it that way. You don’t just barge into people’s homes to make small talk, do you! You cannot barge your way into their inboxes either.

Having called emailing a conversation, let us take the most basic conversation etiquettes, and translate them into emailing terms.



1.Don’t force conversation on someone who does not want to speak with you.Take permission before starting the conversation:Email an Opt-In List
2.Don’t talk too much.Don’t flood the prospects with emails, unless you want to be remembered as a spammer.Space the email campaigns optimally.
3.Don’t talk too less either.Once again, space the campaigns optimally.Don’t wait long enough for them to forget you.

Email Marketing Tips - Email is a Conversation

9) Keep your recipients’ time schedule in mind –

This might sound very rudimentary, but we speak from experience. When your lead volume is decent enough, and your marketing schedule is busy, sometimes these mistakes would just sneak in. A couple of weeks ago, we almost sent an email invite for a webinar being hosted in Indian time zone to our recipients in Pacific time zone as well; that we somehow managed to dodge.

Today again, I made the same mistake, and this time, did not notice it in time to rectify it. Not proud of it at all; just trying to drive home the fact that mistakes can happen, you have to be really mindful to avoid the same ones twice.

Email Marketing Tips

10) Create Suppression Lists Beforehand

To avoid making mistakes similar to mine, take precautionary measures; create your lists in such a manner that it would be easier to make such a differentiation. With that let me explain the concept of Suppression Lists. You create suppression lists for the sole purpose of “Not” sending emails to it.

For instance, if from the next time, I want to avoid sending an email to leads in the US, I would make a list of all the leads in my database, with country defined as ‘USA’. If you are using a good marketing tool, you can do this easily by defining the condition.

In LeadSquared, you would be able to create suppression lists while sending your email campaigns itself.

11) Adhere to the CAN-SPAM guidelines to improve deliverability

i) Have a proper company name and address and your company name in the email.
ii)Have an Unsubscribe link in the email.
iii) Send a Text email along with the HTML one.
iv) Remove invalid seeming email addresses with profane names. This wouldn’t be much of an issue if you use inbound opt-in methods to build your mailing list.
v) Pick a good email service provider. A good provider would keep you from swaying away into unhealthy emailing practices, because they take the CAN-SPAM guidelines very seriously.
vi) Always include a ‘View in Browser’ link.
vii) Do DKIM-SPF settings to establish link authenticity between domain and emailing service.

Best Practices for Testing the Email Campaign

12) Preview the email in the browser

This would allow you to quickly check for mistakes, while creating the campaign itself.

13) Send a test to yourself, and your internal team members

This would keep you from making quite a few blunders. Check the test emails properly, especially for grammar and typo errors. You should also check if the variable fields are displaying properly.

14) Send a Test to all the Email Clients

This would help you check the appearance and deliverability of emails in all the different clients.

  1. Microsoft Outlook
  2. Gmail (esp. relevant for B2C emails)  on Chrome, Firefox and IE
  3. iOS Email Client
  4. Android Email Client

Email Marketing Tips - Testing

15) Check the various email elements in the test campaign

Carefully check all the different elements of the email campaign. Check:

  1. Sender Name
  2. Variable fields
  3. Grammatical errors
  4. Hyperlinks

16) Test for Responsiveness

Mobility has taken over the world of digital marketing, and not without a reason; people want convenience, and that’s what their handy devices give them.

The best thing you can do is adapt, and use email templates that are responsive; i.e. optimized for different kinds of devises, i.e. mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

In their recent Email Marketing Benchmarking Survey, Marketing Sherpa asked Marketers  which development would most effect their Email Marketing plans in 2013. ‘Mobility’ was the winner, with a  whopping 58% Majority voting for it.

Email Marketing Tips - Create-Responsive-Emails

Not too bad, eh!

Best Practices of Scheduling the email

17) Time your campaign well

Once again, always schedule your campaigns based on the time zone your recipients are based in.

18) Best Day of Week / Time of Day test

Based on your campaign reports, find out what days of the week and what time of the day works the best for your email campaigns.

Following is analysis data from our email campaigns last year for ISVs. Wednesdays and Thursdays came out to be the best days for sending email campaigns, whereas 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM was the ideal time according to our research.

Email Marketing Tips - Test Campaign Response

Post-Launch Email Marketing Tips & Best Practices

19) Analyze your Campaign Reports

i) It would help you analyze which day of the week, and which time of the day is working the best for you. That’s how we arrived on the above data. Depending on the demographics of your target audience, the email marketing best practices can greatly vary. For instance, as you can see in the above graph, for ISVs, Wednesdays resulted in the best campaigns. However, for one of our clients in the Education sector, Fridays get the best campaign responses. This indicates that students/younger audience are more responsive to emails during the weekends.
ii) What type of emails get the most response.
iii)What is your average Open/Click rate – Are the numbers improving after making a few changes to the email subject line etc.
iv)What is the Bounce Rate – A bounce rate of greater than 5% indicates that your lists are faulty. Once again, by using opt-in list you would be able to reduce the bounce rates.
v) What is the Unsubscribe Rate – This would help you analyze what kind of content are the recipients responding positively to, and which ones are downright negative.

20) Apply your learning into Constructing the next email campaign

Without this, all your analysis and all the email marketing best practices mentioned above are of no use. You can run test A/B campaigns to see which ones perform better. However, you have to remember, just change one element at a time, otherwise you would not be able to determine which element brought about the change.

To know if you are following at least the most basic email marketing best practices, ask yourself these questions.

Email Marketing Tips - What are yours?

Go on ahead; use these email marketing tips in case you are not using them yet. Don’t forget to share with us any uncommon email marketing best practices that have worked for you in the past.

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Everyday more and more people are turning to their smartphones as a source of news, entertainment, online shopping and what not. Having recognized the pattern, businesses have followed suit and are focusing their marketing energy onto capturing their audience on the move.

At LeadSquared, we have experienced this enthusiasm firsthand while working for a client in the education sector who had a decent Facebook following and an active Facebook page. Their target audience is students in the age group of 13 – 16, and it was amazing to see the number of comments and responses that came in through Facebook mobile advertising. This makes mobile advertising an indispensable part of any marketing campaign.

In my earlier post, I have given a detailed insight into Advertising on Mobile for B2C companies. I have discussed about the key benefits, various types and measuring metrics for mobile advertising. Here, I will discuss about the Top 7 Mobile Advertising Platforms for B2C Companies.

mobile advertising

Mobile Advertising platforms help marketers enhance lead generation, boost sales & brand management and finally drive conversion rates through the ads that they place on mobile websites/apps. Here are the Top mobile advertising platforms according to Alexa rankings that I will discuss about in this article:

mobile advertising

Lets begin the proceedings.

I. Millenial Media

Millennial Media is the leading independent mobile advertising platform which provides technology, tools and services in assisting advertisers to place ads in mobile devices. This helps them maximize their ad revenue, generate more leads and get useful user insights. Here are the various ways in which marketers can use the services of Millenial Media to engage users.

mobile advertising

How can a marketer tap its potential?

mobile advertising platforms Reach Target specific audience: Mobile phones are with users at all times and is a great way for marketers to reach their audience anytime, anywhere. With Millennial Media’s Audience Targeting solutions and MYDAS technology, you can connect with the right customer, in the right place, at the right time and deliver your ads.

mobile advertising platforms  Here is how the technology works:

The right kind of advertising is when you can deliver the right message at the right time to the right person. The audience is targeted using their MYDAS technology. This technology is an engines that powers a full suite of mobile advertising tools and solutions for developers and advertisers.

So, every time an ad call is made, through real-time optimization and data decision making, MYDAS refines the database off unwanted contact details and aggregates the best details. These names become the actionable audience profile. This targeting is undertaken based on key behavior, location and content trends.

mobile advertising platforms  Example: You will not send an ad for online training modules to anyone with a mobile phone, right? You will have a target group in mind. Hence, this is where Millennial Media’s targeting comes into picture. MYDAS technology cleans up the database based on the kind of age, demography, location etc details that you, the advertiser has selected and ads are delivered to the specific set of mobile audience. Targeting helps marketers determine…

a. if there is enough need for their product/service in the market

b. tailor their business practices or product/service features to suit the needs of the potential customer base

c. reach the most promising prospects of the lot only

mobile advertising platforms Get useful insights: Millennial Media provides monthly mobile advertising reports to advertisers, developers and industry watchers to help them make smart business moves about their mobile ad campaigns and monetize them better. You can try either

a. Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting, S.MA.R.T report which provides the latest targeting trends & other mobile advertising insights and analysis.

b. Mobile Mix report providing the latest trends on connected devices, mobile manufacturers and operating systems.

c. Millennial Monthly reports giving the latest happenings across the Millennial platform.

mobile advertising platforms Get Comprehensive Ad solutions: Services at Millennial Media provide effective and comprehensive mobile advertising solutions to advertisers. Learn more about their advertising solutions.

mobile advertising platforms Handle your own campaigns: If you do not want Millennial Media to handle your ad campaign, you can manage them on your own with mMedia‘s services. mMedia is an app monetization platform.

mobile advertising platforms Target with Videos: Video ads combine rich media with key messaging and leave an impact on the user and engages him/her. Here are Millennial Media’s Mobile Video Advertising Solutions.

Note: All their services are paid and you need to get in touch with them to get price quotes. 

II. LeadBolt

LeadBolt is another such leading mobile advertising platform to help B2C companies provide mobile ads to users and monetize their apps. They provide a range of traditional and advanced ad formats to help advertisers and developers to effectively connect with their audience.

mobile advertising platforms

How can a marketer tap its potential?

mobile advertising platforms Ad discovery & lead generation: LeadBolt gets millions of impressions daily, which lets your mobile ads get in front of a large and engaged audience. For search engine websites like JustDial, Sulekha, YellowPages or Hot Frog which have their own mobile applications; once a mobile user downloads the company app, this automatically leads to growth in the user base. Here are the various ways in which LeadBolt engages the audience.

mobile advertising platforms Interstitials Ads: Interstitial ads are full page mobile ads that appear to a user when they are being led to another page, mostly their destination page.

mobile advertising platforms  Example: When you click on this website link, you will be taken to the Google search page. But, before that, you will be fed with an Interstitial ad. You have to wait for a few seconds (may range from 5 second to 10 seconds) before you can skip the ad or press enter to go to the destination website.

mobile advertising platforms Capture Forms to generate leads: Data capture forms compel viewers to complete surveys or questionnaires. Capture forms become a core aspect for lead generation, because, as a marketer, you also get to keep the database with yourself which allow you to get in touch with the people who have filled the forms. These people become your potential clients.

mobile advertising platforms Targeted Mobile Advertising: LeadBolt has a range of advanced ad units to help advertisers target and engage specific mobile users. You can choose from RTB (Real Time Bidding), CPI (Cost Per Install) or CPE (Cost Per Engagement) ad solutions.

Let me explain you how RTB, CPI and CPE mobile advertising work through examples:

RTB: A student is surfing through the mobile internet for online material on Physics when he lands on a publisher’s page. The publisher immediately sends a ‘bid request’ stating the details of the mobile user, “there is this user, male, aged 13-16, searching for online material on Physics. How much are you willing to bid to be the only ad on this page?”. Within seconds, the publisher gets bids from various advertisers. Analysis is done and the highest bidder gets the ad space and places his ad the same moment. Its an extremely fast process and is repeated for every ad slot on a page. In this example, I have spoken only about online coaching. However, the same can hold for physical locations of coaching centers and institutions.

CPI:  This is also known as pay-per-install. Lets say, an advertiser places an ad on mobile phones for material on Physics and he needs downloads for that (it may be an app, ebook, mobile pages etc). For material on education, it will not be feasible for him to place the ad on a website for clothes, right? So, he finds a publisher whose site is related to education and he gets to place his ad. Now, each time a student/mobile user clicks on that ad (regardless of whether he is actually downloading/viewing the stuff), the advertisers has to pay the publisher a fixed amount of money which has been pre-decided.

CPE: Cost per engagement is important for a businessman because when he is paying for ad ad, he will want it to matter – his ad be seen (for no matter how long) and their brand awareness to grow. An advertiser pays money to a publisher only when the user engages with the ad. An example of this will be when students take a survey, tweet about a particular link about the brand, watch a video/tutorial till the end or fill up a form with certain details that the advertisers desires. If the target audience engages, only then payment is made, otherwise not.

Note: All their services are paid; they have no free plans. You can visit their website for further details.

III. Adfonic:

With more than 2,500 campaigns per month, advertisers and agencies benefit from over 300 billion monthly impressions. Adfonic’s mobile advertising platform enables advertisers to bid for display advertising space on mobile sites and applications.

mobile advertising platforms

How can a marketer tap its potential?

mobile advertising platforms Bid for Ad Space real timeYou want to see how your campaigns are performing and whatever you bid, you are getting the most competitive price, don’t you? Adfonic’s Madison DSP (Demand Side Platforms) helps you do just that. DSP is an online advertising platform that makes it easy for an advertiser to buy and sell online display advertising on multiple ad exchanges.

mobile advertising platforms  Example: E-commerce website like eBay, Jabong or Amazon:

a. Let’s say, a user is checking out shoes on an online website.

b. He likes a pair and puts it in his online shopping cart.

c. He gets a call and gets distracted stalling the process of purchase.

d. This is where DSP helps you recognize the potential customer. As an advertiser, you know that the user has shown willingness to buy a particular pair of shoes.

e. You then start showing similar ads on the websites that your user browses through.

f. Using DSPs, advertisers can purchase ad space on mobile websites using real time bidding (discussed below).

mobile advertising platforms Real time Bidding: Real time bidding or RTB allows advertisers to bid on ad impressions as they are served rather than reserving prepaid ad space. The highest bidder gets the impression and has the right to show his ad the moment a user installs an app on his mobile.

mobile advertising platforms  Example: Stock Exchange. As stocks (in this case online advertising space), comes up for sale, brokers (in this case advertisers), bid for the particular stock. Whoever bids the highest price gets that stock and like in this case, the ad is served to the mobile user. Then the process immediately starts all over again for another ad.

mobile advertising platforms Rich Media Advertising: Advertising on Adfonic means rich media formats that turn boring ads into active brand engagement and mobile videos that lets your brand burst into life. Here are their various advertising options.

mobile advertising platforms Track your conversions real time: Measure your return on investment with real-time, post-click conversion reports. These track the number of app installations or actions. Here is a list of their various conversion tracking tools.

mobile advertising platforms Enhanced features:  Advanced targeting, various Ad formats, Calls to action and ad models…here is a list of and details of their various enhanced features.

Here is a list of their FAQs.

IV. Smaato

Smaato is a mobile advertising platform that provides ads for apps only. It also operates the leading  RTB ad exchange and mobile advertising optimization platform called SOMA. They have a free account that gives you access to a highly functional automated self-service portal. More than 70,000 app developers and publishers use Smaato to monetize their content in 230 countries.

mobile advertising

How can a marketer tap its potential?

mobile advertising platforms Generate more traffic to your app: Samaato provides app developers for five different mobile operating systems (Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Bada, and Symbian) the ability to integrate adverts from over 90 different ad networks and 100 DSPs into their applications or games. Mobile DSPs are the platforms that allow advertisers to buy ad space across mobile websites with RTB or real time bidding. This gives small developers a transparent and cost-effective way to acquire loyal users and allows advertisers to generate more traffic to their ads on mobile websites. (I have already discussed earlier how RTB functions with the help of an example). 

mobile advertising platforms Connect with 70k+ developers: Their mobile ad optimization platform gives advertisers access to Real time bidding inventory of 70,000+ mobile publishers globally. This state of the art RTB ad exchange ensures that advertisers have efficient access to high-quality ad space of leading mobile app developers and publishers.

mobile advertising platforms Range of advertising solutions: As mentioned above, Smaato provides a range of advertising solutions for app developers. This gives advertisers a wider audience that could potentially convert into clients. Here is a list of their advertising solutions.

Here is Smaato’s list of FAQs. For further queries, do visit their website.

V. Mojiva

Their mantra is to ‘Breathe life into your mobile strategy’ and their name is the breakup of mobile + jiva, which in Sanskrit means ‘life’ or ‘to breathe’. Mojiva is a premium mobile advertising platform for ads on smartphones and tablet devices.

mobile advertising

How can a marketer tap its potential?

mobile advertising platforms Cutting edge ad solutions: They develop unique mobile advertising campaigns and monetization strategies for agencies, brand advertisers and publishers from around the world. Their advertisements run on tablets, mobile sites and apps.

mobile advertising platforms Relevant targeting: Mojiva visits your mobile website and analyzes and identifies relevant, targeted keywords. They are then matched against the ads that advertisers want to place. The ads are devised in such a way on the mobile sites that they compliment the content. This ensures that the audience value not the content but the content in the ad as well. Intricate targeting options allow advertisers to show ads on your mobile pages based on visitor’s location (Geo targeting), mobile device characteristics (type of phone and Operating System), time and source channel (blog, forum, social network) etc.

mobile advertising platforms Free Account: Setting up for an account with Mojiva is entirely free and Mojiva pays publishers for clicks delivered from the ads that are published on mobile pages.

mobile advertising platforms Keeping check on fraudulent behavior: Your ad content is safe with Mojiva. Artificially generating impressions/clicks on the platform is strictly prohibited and they rigorously monitor every action on the ads to prevent any kind of abuse.

mobile advertising platforms The Only Tablet Ad option: After reaching 1+ billion mark, they launched Mojiva Tab. This is the industry’s first tablet-only mobile advertising platform. Advertisers and agencies will be able to engage the highly lucrative tablet audience demographic only if they are willing to.

Here is a list of their FAQs.

VI. InMobi

InMobi is one of the largest independent mobile advertising platforms functioning out of India and reaching 600 million mobile customers across 165 countries. Their in-house team helps clients (advertisers,marketers, app developers) pinpoint the consumers they’re hoping to target.

mobile advertising

How can a marketer tap its potential?

mobile advertising platforms Lead generation through intricate targeting: With InMobi, B2C companies can target their consumers by very specific details like exact location using InMobi’s geo-location, the kind of lifestyle the users lead, demographics based on gender and age, their careers and even the kind of mobile phones they use. These days when mobile web pages are loaded with cookies and unwanted ads, targeting users gives an edge over others for better lead generation. Because, the advertiser specifically knows which target group his/her users belong to, their ads/apps are more likely to be viewed/downloaded. You can get further targeting details here.

mobile advertising platforms Schedule your Ads: With their Ad scheduling option, you can deliver your ads on specific days at specific times. This will make your work simple especially if you are a start-up and have too many things going on in your head.

mobile advertising platforms CPC revenue model: InMobi uses a CPC revenue (discussed earlier with example) model for their ads. Advertisers/marketers and app publishers pay only when someone clicks on their ads or downloads their apps/engages with them online. Marketing companies use InMobi’s mobile advertising platform to create various ad formats for their products and apps. Choose from any of these ad formats.

mobile advertising platforms Track your conversions easily: InMobi’s Ad Tracker helps you achieve the best return on your ad investment by keeping track of conversions accurately across multiple ad networks and that too real time. Marketers can track any mobile conversion – app downloads, lead generation or sales across all mobile marketing channels through a single interface.

VII. JumpTap

Jumptap is the leader in targeted mobile advertising. Jumptap reaches over 439 million mobile across the world and built an audience profile of 100 million unique, data-rich profiles.

mobile advertising

How can a marketer tap its potential?

mobile advertising platforms Robust ad solutions for better lead generation: Jumptap has an extensive targeting technology which makes it the only mobile ad platform that provides intelligent targeting at scale. Here are the various ways in which this mobile advertising platform reaches increases your mobile ad audience. Find and engage the most receptive customers on any mobile device, including iPads and other tablets to achieve the highest ROI.

mobile advertising platforms Earn money: If you are an app developer, earn money easily by displaying ads in your application. You can also place advertisements within your ads to expand your mobile audience. Here are the various ways in which it is done.

So which mobile advertising platforms will you use for your business? Do share by leaving me a comment.

“Mobile app install ads are one of most important new ad products from Facebook.”

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook 

Before I take a plunge into Getting Started with Facebook Mobile App Install Ads, the next big thing on Facebook as put across by Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, lets talk numbers.

mobile app install ads

This is the official declaration of Facebook’s First Quarter Report of 2013. This report clearly shows how Facebook’s revenue from advertising was $1.25 billion and Mobile ad revenue out of that was a whopping 30%.

Why Mobile App Install Ads?

mobile app install ads Mobile app install ads help app developers and advertisers create ads that are displayed on Facebook’s mobile platform and urge users to download the apps.

mobile app install ads In simple words, drive more traffic towards their mobile apps through Facebook ads.

mobile app install ads These ads are an easy and effective way for advertisers and businesses to enhance their app visibility.

Here is an image to illustrate it to you:


Attributes of Mobile App Install Ads:

Payment MethodInstalls are measured on cost per install basis i.e. a developer pays only when someone installs his/her application.
Enhanced VisibilityThese ads appear on the mobile news feed, the most viewed place on Facebook and where 65% of all engagement happens.
Better Targeting Options App ads can be targeted to the correct mobile audience using the various targeting options (you can check these options when creating the app).
Easy downloadWhen a Facebook user clicks on an ad, they are directed to a download page in the Apple App Store (if using iPhone) & Google Play (if using Android) where they can download the app in a jiffy.
Ad SpecificationsText should comprise 130 characters and the image should be of 600 x 113 pixels dimension.

Step-by-step procedure of creating Mobile App Install Ads:

Mobile App Install Ads are the best way to drive installs for your apps. Here is a step by step procedure of creating such ads.

1. Install the latest SDK (Software development kit) for iOS (SDK 3.1) or Android (Android SDK as of 8/29/12). Without integrating with the latest Facebook SDKs, you will not be able to measure the performance of your mobile app install ad, i.e. overall clicks and installs for your app. It will also make it easy to build, distribute and promote the app.

2. Create a Facebook App. Here is a step by step guide.

– Register your app name: Go to the Facebook Developers Home Page and log in using your Facebook id. Click on the tab that says ‘Apps’ at the top mast.

facebook mobile app install ads

– Clicking on the ‘+ Create an App‘ tab will take you to this pop-up, where you will be asked to create an ‘App Name & App Namespace’. (Once you have added your name and namespace, both fields should show ‘Valid’ and ‘Available’).

facebook mobile app install ads

– Basic Information: Once you are through with this process, you will be led to to this page. Here, you will get your app ID and App Secret code. Next, you need to feed in your basic contact details and how you want your app to integrate with Facebook.

P.S.: Make sure your ‘Sandbox’ mode has been disabled. See the green button below? This means that your app is live and visible to all users. 

facebook mobile app install ads

– App Information: Once you have saved all changes, fill in the necessary information for your ad on the App Details page. (Find this section on the left hand side bar).

facebook mobile app install ads

– Launch your app: After all the details have been filled in, click on the ‘Go to Review Status’ tab to preview how  your app looks.

facebook mobile app install ads

– Preview: This is how my test app looks like.


Note: You have to be an admin of the app that you wish to advertise to be able to run a mobile app install ad.

3. Final Launch: You can choose any of the below mentioned tools to run your mobile app install ads.

facebook mobile app install ads

4. When a user clicks on your ad, they are relocated to the Google Play or iTunes App Store where they can download the app.

5. Once your ad is up and running, to keep track of clicks, installs and revenue generated, developers need to install Facebook’s Software Development Kit or work with a 3rd-party mobile measurement provider. A few examples of 3rd party measurement providers are AdxtrackingAdevenPartytrackMobile App Tracking and Localytics.

However, there is one question which has been lurking the minds of many. Facebook doesn’t own iOS and Android, how does it add value to developers? 

1. Facebook is offering free SDKs (software development kits) to help developers create ads by simply logging into Facebook. 

2. Facebook has also acquired Parse (software which powers mobile app's back end) which handles servers and data storage for developers. This makes developers' work enjoyable and easy. 

What is in it for Marketers?

mobile app install ads Large Ad Format: With 600×360 pixels and 130-characters for an image & text message respectively, marketers get lots of room to stand out in the crowd and deliver a compelling message.

mobile app install ads Comprehensive Targeting: Mobile App Install Ads lets a marketer drill down his/her target group to the mobile version they are using, Android/iOS. However, there are chances that an user, who has liked your app, may defer the download due to slow internet connection. But, here, you can even restrict your ad to users who log in specifically from WiFi. This increases the app downloads.

mobile app install ads Customized Content: Let’s begin with an example.

A. A marketer places a basic ad for a generic app and targets Android users. 

B. A marketer places a tailor made ad (image and content) targeted specifically for Android users.  

Which app do you think will be downloaded more? I think the second one.

That’s the magic of Mobile App Install Ads. A user who uses an iPhone and sees an ad for a generic app, it is most likely that he may not convert i.e. download the app. Whereas, when a marketer targets a particular section of the crowd based on location, age, interest and education,there are more chances for the ad to convert and hence the app to be downloaded.

Most relevant verticals who use Mobile App Install Ads are businesses in the Gaming, E-Commerce, Retail, Financial Services and Travel sector. 

Developers need a way to stand out in this rat race. Would you recommend Facebook mobile app ads to developers looking to promote their apps? Do share your views by leaving us a comment.

Add custom tabs on your Facebook pages that link to LeadSquared’s landing pages here.

The concept of generating leads using Facebook Landing Pages has still not lost its relevance, even though Facebook does not allow static landing pages anymore. In fact, with the number of DIY tools that allow you to create landing pages for lead capture, running contests etc. on Facebook, the concept is only getting popular by the day. We have already discussed how you can Create Facebook Landing Pages using Static HTML and LeadSquared Marketing Software. Today, let’s talk about 5 Tools to Create Facebook Landing Pages.

With Facebook Landing Pages, you can:

facebook landing pages Get more likes: The likeliness of non-fans liking your page is much more when they see an engaging and creative landing page, rather than just your business Facebook timeline. With the ‘Like Gate’ technology (discussed below), you can ask users to first ‘Like’ your page and only then  reveal the landing page/details. This is highly beneficial to increase your fan base if you have free EBook downloads, contest, coupons or other giveaways.

facebook landing pages Get details of prospective customers: Get contact details (name, number and phone number) of prospective clients by creating contact form landing pages.

Let’s now get to the 5 Tools to Create Facebook Landing Pages.

I. Pagemodo

Every month, over 10 million Facebook users view a Facebook Page powered by Pagemodo! Now, isn’t that something? Pagemodo Facebook Landing Pages tool enables small businesses to quickly design and publish stunning business Facebook Pages within a jiffy. As an entrepreneur, you don’t need any design or technical skills to design Facebook Landing Pages.

facebook landing pages

Benefits for Marketers:

facebook landing pages Get More fans: Through Pagemodo’s ‘Like Gate’ technology, you can get new fans by asking users to first ‘Like’ your page before they get to see your content. The more likes you get, the more your product/company name goes viral across the web.

facebook landing pages  New Leads with Contact Forms: The contact form template is a quick and easy way for visitors/prospective leads to get in touch with you. They fill in the information on the contact page and you’ll get alerted with an email. 

facebook landing pages Free & Paid Membership: You can either opt for a free, Basic, Pro or Agency plan. Here are their various paid plans. You can use the free version of Pagemodo for as long as you want, but there are limitations to the number of landing pages that you can create using the free trial.

facebook landing pages Easy user interface: You don’t need any technical skills or coding knowledge to create wonderful Facebook Landing Pages easily, quickly and all by yourself.

facebook landing pages Professionally designed themes: Choose from any of the numerous professionally designed themes to get started and create your Facebook Landing pages. You can also customize your Facebook landing pages with a stunning cover photo, custom welcome tab and much more.

facebook landing pages Increase Footfall on website: There may be several visitors to your profile who would be interested in taking a look at your website/product before visiting your Facebook page or filling up a form. So, with Pagemodo maps, you also increase footfall on your website when users click on your website link embedded on the map.

facebook landing pages Additional Important Features: 

facebook landing pages Schedule your posts: With Pagemodo Posts, you can schedule when your Facebook and Twitter posts go live. Since Pagemodo is mobile friendly as well, you can download the app on your mobile phones and update as and when you like.

facebook landing pages Be discovered with Pagemodo maps: Pagemodo Maps will help your customers find you easily. Apart from the direction to your physical store/company, maps will also include a store photo, business hours and a link to your company website.

Here is a Facebook Landing Page contact form that I created using Pagemodo.

facebook landing pages

II. ShortStack

facebook landing pages

Whether you want to promote a new software, offer coupons or run giveaways for a new product, ShortStack has the tools you need to engage your fans and attract new ones. This DIY free tool to create Facebook landing pages is robust and perfectly suited for small businesses, which may lag behind in professional graphic designing skills. Using Short Stack, you can create Facebook apps of promotions, contests, videos, custom forms and much more which act as Facebook Landing Pages. 

Benefits for Marketers:

facebook landing pages Get more Fans/likes: Once you create your landing page/app and it is ready to be published on Facebook, you can control the content your fans and non-fans see. You can make non-Fans ‘Like’ your page to enter and increase your leads/fan base.

facebook landing pages They do all the coding: With ShortStack, you can add widgets, configure and customize your content and publish a great-looking app on your Facebook landing page without worrying about coding.

facebook landing pages Free & Paid Membership: You can give StarStack a try with their free membership or upgrade to a paid account. For up to 2,000 fans, you can have a free account, post which you have to upgrade to a paid plan. Here are their pricing details.

facebook landing pages Professional & Easy User Interface: Shortstack has an easy to use and highly professional interface (60+ templates and 70+ themes). All templates respond real-time. This way, you can be sure you really like what you’re about to publish.

facebook landing pages Tons of Features: ShortStack integrates RSS, social networking sites, video marketing tools, YouTube links and many other web applications into your custom Facebook landing page. Take a peek at their list of features on offer.

facebook landing pages Mobile Friendly: Download the ShortStack app on your mobiles (Apple iOS, Android, and Windows) and create awesome apps on the go!

facebook landing pages Send Newsletters to fans: You have an option of adding the MailChimp widget to the landing page which sends newsletters to fans to keep them up-to-date.

Here is a Contact Form Landing Page template that I created using ShortStack.

facebook landing pages


III. Lujure

facebook landing pages

Their mantra is – “The easiest way to create mobile and social campaigns that will drive you traffic, leads and sales”. Isn’t this what you have been looking for? Leads through social networks, especially Facebook? You can create landing pages for contests, promotions and deals for your product using this easy DIY tool to create Facebook landing pages. 

Benefits for Marketers:

facebook landing pages Easy to Use: You need no coding knowledge to create Facebook Landing pages, Lujure does it all for you. All you have to do is select the template, fill in the details, insert photos, drag and drop social sites widgets and you are set to go!

facebook landing pages Like Gate: When you are creating a Facebook landing page, Lujure will provide you with something called a reveal-page template. This will allow you to upload two sets of content – one that will be viewed by non-fans and another that may only be viewed by people after they hit the ‘Like’ button. This is a great technique to ensure more fans and likes.

facebook landing pages Multiple Device friendly: Once the final landing page template is ready, Lujure customizes it to fit into any device – mobile, tablets or desktop. You can also download the mobile app and create and publish Facebook Landing pages on the go.

facebook landing pages 7 Day Free Trial: You can use any of the plans for free for 7 days. After this you will have to upgrade to a paid plan. Here are their paid plans. However, when you sign up for a free plan, you will have to provide your card details. This helps Lujure to upgrade you to a paid plan, with your consultation of course, as soon as your free trial expires. If you are not happy with their chalked out plans, you can also customize your own plans according  to your needs. You need to get in touch with them for the above by filling this form.

IV. Cool Mojito

Their tagline says it all – “Grow your Business with Social Media”. Cool Mojito’s DIY tool to create Facebook Landing Pages lets you create professionally designed Facebook landing pages within minutes, for free. It’s as easy as dragging a widget with their drag and drop interface. You can even create a store to sell your product or service and campaigns to promote your business on Facebook.

facebook landing pages

Benefits for Marketers: 

facebook landing pages More Likes & leads:  When running a campaign/contest, you can ask users to first ‘Like’ your page to be able to see your page. Once they are in, you can also add/embed a leads capture form asking for their basic details building you a lead database which you can download any time.

facebook landing pages Easy User Interface: This tool is extremely easy for everyone and anyone to build professional Facebook landing pages, market and promote their business or brand on leading social media websites and thereby acquire new leads and customers.

facebook landing pages Professional Designer Templates: Cool Mojito features drag and drop interface with dozens of professionally designed templates to allow non technical users to create their Facebook landing pages in a jiffy.

facebook landing pages E-Commerce sites: Build a virtual storefront with a shopping cart and PayPal account to sell your wares through Facebook. Drag and drop the social widgets, upload your product image, add price and description and you’re set. You can even select the currency that you want to sell your product in.

facebook landing pagesCool Posts: Using Cool Mojitos’ Coolposts technology, you can capture leads directly from Facebook News feed, the most visited place on a Facebook page. Here, you can post:

facebook landing pages Contests – Helps you capture name, email and contact details of users. You can even upload photos and audio clips.

facebook landing pages Free E-book downloads – Helps users to download ebook, music, video and pdf. This practice is good for promoting new product releases, promotions or giveaways.

facebook landing pages Job posting & Recruiting – You can even present a job opportunity and capture important fields like name, email, phone, linkedin URL and also allow candidates to upload and submit their resumes.

facebook landing pages Donations & Pledges – Use Cool Mojito’s customizable donation templates to collect pledges for donations. You can use text, image or video to share your message with fans and their friends on Facebook.

Cool Posts are really cool when it comes to lead generation, aren’t they?

facebook landing pages 14 day Free Trial: You get a 14 day free trial period to try and test Cool Mojito. After this you can upgrade to any of their paid packages.

Here is a Landing Page that I created using Mojito. I have created this page using the free trial option.

facebook landing pages

V. Decor Tab Creator 

Have no coding knowledge? Fret not, Decor Tab Creator will let you create Facebook Landing Pages in no time without any programming.

facebook landing pages

Benefits for Marketers:

facebook landing pages Easy User Interface: Decor Tab Creators’ drag-and-drop interface gives you full control of your Facebook page design. You can drag and drop images, text-fields, movie clips or any of the other rich media components. Once you are satisfied with the landing page design, simply click ‘publish’ to publish it on Facebook.

facebook landing pages Social Media Integration: Decor Tab Creator is arguably one of the easiest and quickest tools to create Facebook Landing Pages which integrates with Facebook comments, YouTube, Vimeo (video marketing tool) and SoundCloud (share your audio and video).

facebook landing pages Like Gate to increase fan base: Drag and Drop a ‘Like Gate’ icon to your template. This will let you share two types of content, one for fans and other for non-fans who will have to ‘Like’ your page to be able to see your content. 

facebook landing pages E-Commerce Needs: If you want to set up a virtual shop on Facebook to sell you wares, you can do so by dragging and dropping the ‘Shop’ and ‘Paypal’  icons on your template. While the shop feature will enable you to publish and promote your business, Paypal will let you accumulate your money in a safe place.

facebook landing pages Free and Paid plans: They do have a free plan with which you can create only one Facebook Landing Page. However, for more benefits you can always opt for their Basic, Pro or Unlimited Paid Plans which also have a 7 day free trial. Here is a list of their various pain plans.

Here is their list of FAQs.

Here is a Landing Page that I created using Decor Tab Creator. The interface is so simple that I took less that 30 minutes to create what you see here.

facebook landing pages

**Note: All Landing Pages shown above are Contact Forms to get details of prospective leads. They are templates only. They have not been published and not linked to Facebook or any other website. **  

So, do you have your own business landing page? How are you using it to get more likes? Do share by leaving me a comment.

If you don’t have one yet, give us a call at 080 – 65656641 or email us at and leave it to the experts to handle the rest.

Add custom tabs on your Facebook pages that link to LeadSquared’s landing pages here.

The webinar on ‘How to Implement Lead Management Best Practices’ emphasized on lead management and its best practices using LeadSquared. A number of interesting questions were asked by the attendees.

If you missed it, you can watch the webinar here.

How to Implement Lead Management Best Practices

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