This is a short and simple tale

On the impact of inbound sales

Sales girl Jane went door to door

Selling her ice creams, few or more

Sell more with inbound marketing

Cajoling, pleading and dare I say, bullying?

She leaves each house only after trying

Every day she will walk the streets

To sell her pack of 50 treats.


Salesman Sam was the ice cream man,

Who sold cold treats from his van

Inbound marketing to boost sales

“Hello there! How do you do?”

“Take a free sample, why don’t you?”

He called out to interested passers-by

Gave them his treats, and let them try.


Every evening, when they are done for the day

They counted their profits and tallied their pay

Jane to be frank, always had more cash

Because she sold her entire stash

Our man Sam, on the other hand,

Went home with less cash than planned.


Before I go on to tell you more,

Whose business do you think will grow?

Will selling door to door win in the end?

Or will it be our inbound selling friend?

Think again and let me know

I know for sure whose business will grow!


The answer is: Salesman Sam!!

Inbound marketing sells more


Yes, it was the ice-cream man

Who had expanded to one more van

As Jane did only outbound sales

That wasn’t something that easily scales


I asked Sam later how he won,

He said

“Smart inbound sales never hurt anyone”




Jill had three friends

Tom, Bob and Sue

Marketing automation for customer retention

Tom’s letters were far too few

Nurturing for customer retention


And Bob made promises that weren’t true

Marketing automation for customer retention



But with Sue, her relationship grew

For, she was different from the other two

Marketing automation to build relationships




Successful businesses are like Sue

Who build relationships well and true


Connecting and nurturing, not voodoo

Will make your prospects think of you.


So, of these friends which one are you?

Be like Sue & they will choose you!



All meetings are exactly the same,

where 2 teams play the blame game.

Marketing and Sales openly fight

‘cuz the lead did not convert right.

Marketing Vs Sales - why no conversion?



“100 leads are in the system today,

yet none were contacted till yesterday!

We at Marketing do well our jobs,

if only you sales folks weren’t such slobs.”

Marketing Vs Sales


“None of the 100 are worthy to call

many are junk, but that’s not all!

Why haven’t they been nurtured yet?

if only Marketing had content set.”


And so it goes round and round

with no solution to be found.

Marketing and Sales could never agree

on how to handle an enquiry

Marketing Vs Sales


But then they got an automation tool

not just marketing, but a CRM too!

Finally lead generation was optimized

And lead follow-up prioritized.

Marketing Vs Sales


Lead score, quality score and lead activity

helped them nurture and follow up on priority.

Their conversions spiked through the roof

and all their problems disappeared ‘poof’

Sales guys met their targets on time,

with Marketing helping them every time!


And that is how it should always be

Marketing and Sales work together – see?

But if that is not happening for you,

Then you should get a CRM too!


Let me paint a picture. You’ve spent many painstaking hours setting up your marketing campaign for your education business, putting all your time and effort into paid advertisements, good SEO practices and you’re starting to see the traffic roll in. Everything’s seemingly great, but for some elusive reason, the sales numbers just aren’t good enough. Of course, you spend hours trying to place your finger on the problem, and then it hits you like a wave. Your education landing page!

Having a good landing page can really impact your business. In fact, it can convert more than your homepage. That’s why, we’ll explore 8 education landing page tips that you can use to enhance your pages, helping you to convert those visits into quality leads.

1) Let your images do the talking

If you are someone who thinks that too much text is bad, then you can choose not to do so. Instead, using high-quality and attractive images on your higher education landing page can be just as effective. Take the example of the Chegg website.

chegg- education landing page

2) Use a clear call-to-action

One of the most common mistakes that education institutions make while creating their landing page is not using a clear call to action. No matter how you’ve gotten people to visit your landing page, if it’s not clear what your customer is supposed to do next, they’ll simply leave and look elsewhere. Look what BestAustralianWriters have done. They’ve highlighted their calls-to-action by creating buttons. Phrases like “visit site” tells them exactly what will happen when they click on the button.

Essayroo - Education Landing Page

3) Make things easy

Landing pages can have a lot of different uses. Whether you’re trying to sell a product or service, getting more subscribers for your mailing list, or getting people to follow your social media profiles, you need to make this experience as straightforward as possible, so that your leads don’t second-guess themselves.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by using a simple one-click sign-up button (like Britishcouncil did). If you have a very complicated sign-up method, users will take one look at it and leave, leading to increased bounce rates.

Walk through your landing page process yourself. If there’s a step or two that you can remove, do it and you’ll soon see a spike in your conversion rates.

british council - education landing page

4) Offer incentives

Sometimes, despite the customer making their way over to your landing page, there’s still not enough reason for them to fall into your sales funnel. A nice incentive on your education landing page is sometimes the best way to grab their attention. Damon Matthews, a webmaster for Assignment Writing Service, continues;

“This is a tried and tested method for turning leads into sales. Give your customer the best shopping experience, and maybe a 10% discount for their initial loyalty, and they’ll happily come back again and again!”

This method is extremely effective as it works on proven psychology. Say you walk past two advertisements for a pair of headphones. If the first is just detailing the product and the other states there’s a huge 50% off, which one is more likely to make you buy? In all likelihood, the one with the discount. Use the same logic with your landing pages as well.

5) Ensure your education landing page copy is perfect

After spending so much time and effort on your landing page, you cannot let it go to waste because of bad content. Landing pages tend to have a lot less copy that most pages, so a mistake will stick out like a sore thumb, even to a lazy internet user.

This means you’ll need to proofread and edit your content to perfection. Firstly, ensure you’re not overwhelming your reader with content. You can use Easy Word Counter to track this in real time. When proofreading, you use tools such as Essay Services or Paper Fellows to teach you how to proofread properly so you don’t miss any silly mistakes.

Secondly, check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation to make sure that they’re perfect. You can save time using online tools such as Via Writing, State of Writing and Academadvisor, respectively. If you’re adding testimonials, you can do so professionally using tools like Cite It In.

via writing - education landing page

6) Localize Your Education Landing Page

Sometimes, internet users like a personal touch when it comes to their landing pages. Having a branded domain addresses can make you seem a little distant. However, even by adding the city to your URL, like Essayroo did, can make a world of difference when it comes to your conversion rates.

essayroo - education landing pages

This is because people love to feel like they are shopping online but still have a personal and local experience. It’s the same reason why locally produced fruits and vegetables are so successful in supermarkets. Even adding a ‘’, a ‘.de’ or a ‘.aus’ can boost your conversion rates beyond belief.

Furthermore, when it comes to these landing pages, try and style them and use local language, possibly even slang, to make it an even more personal experience.

This is because people love to feel like they are shopping online but still have a personal and local experience. It’s the same reason why locally produced fruit and veg is so successful in supermarkets. Even adding a ‘’, a ‘.de’ or a ‘.aus’ can boosting conversion rates beyond belief.

7) Use data to sell

According to statistics, you are around 470 times more likely to survive a plane crash that you are to click a banner ad. That grabbed your attention, didn’t it? That’s because data, facts, and figures are a great way to grab your audience’s attention and substantiate whatever claim you’re trying to back up. If you’re struggling for landing page ideas, always use the truth. A great example is Eddata.

eddata - education landing page

If you have substantial statistics that you can boast of, then using them in your heading will make more sense. That way, your visitors will immediately notice them.

8) Add customer testimonials

Just because a visitor has landed on your page, that doesn’t mean they’re already convinced that they’re going to use your business. As a marketer, you need to remember that word of mouth is the greatest and oldest form of marketing and your landing pages are a great way to share your past customer experience.

Take a look at the Boom Essays page. As you can see, the landing page comes with information on their services and what the company stands for. As the customer scrolls down, they’re instantly shown a featured review of the website and a sidebar with scrolling reviews. This helps the customer to make their purchasing decision in no time at all!

boomessays - customer testimonial on landing page

Final Thoughts:

I hope you found my tips on creating an education landing page useful. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to design and marketing. You need to experiment often with your content, creatives, placements, CTAs, etc to find the perfect match that works for you. More importantly, get yourself a great tool, that helps you to create responsive landing pages as well as track their performance.

But, meanwhile, you can check out this ebook on “How to create high-converting landing pages.”

In 2014, I met Tapan Rayguru, who was the director of Sunstone Business School at the time, to talk about the landing pages they were using for their distant MBA courses. I was expecting a beer in the evening, but it turned out to be tea in the morning.

It was my first client meeting. I was confident, over confident to be true. As we met in his luxurious bungalow located in Whitefield, Bangalore, he started to tell me about the campaign. I listened patiently, but being a full-time  graphic designer I was thinking only  about look and feel, and nothing beyond that.

Coming back to the actual problem, they were targeting working people on LinkedIn: 25 to 35-year-old techies who wanted to see themselves as managers. The idea was for them to come to this landing page after clicking an ad. They wanted LeadSquared’s help in getting the most out of these landing page visits, in other words to improve their conversion rates.

It was a success! Data said that the conversions went up from 4% to 16%. That, right there, is a 400% increase in conversion rates.

This gave a boost to my ego, which eventually turned out to be false. We will talk about that as we go deeper, but for now, let’s focus on the landing page.

This is what their landing page looked like. (I am sorry about the bad image quality. I don’t have access to the original links or the snapshots right now)

Education Landing page - Original


We tried 7 variations of the same landing page. Take a look:

High Converting Education Landing Page


Education Landing Page -Version 2


Education Landing Page -Version 3


Education Landing Page -Version 4


Education Landing Page -Version 5


Education Landing Page -Version 6


Education Landing Page -Version 7


Any guesses who the winner may be?







Well, It was #1

Best Education Landing Page

This was the first one I made for them, and it remained unbeaten over the course of a month. Here are some reasons that I think could explain why this particular version was so successful.

Relevance – We tried images, videos, visual cues, contrasting forms, but nothing worked as well as this. That is because the brand is being promoted by someone they can relate to. This was another fellow student with similar aspirations who says that he went from a tech lead to a product manager in 2 years.

That struck a chord and was the main reason why more visitors filled up the form than they usually would.

Trust – Testimonials, third-party validations, ratings are proof that you are at the right place. There were multiple testimonials that were arranged in a slideshow of sorts, as you can see below.

Education Landing Page - Testimonial

Again, I apologize for the bad image quality, but on the landing page, this looked quite good. Maybe the transition of image helped in capturing attention, and the trust and relevance converted the attention into action (filling up the form).

Clear cut and actionable offer – “Talk to your career coach today”. This offer was also used on most of the other variations so I can not confidently say that this was a distinguishing factor. But still, I’d like to highlight how the offer was pushing the visitor to take an action. I mean a serious prospect would definitely be tempted.

The look and feel – When I made these landing pages, I thought that the look and feel of the page was the design. But it really isn’t. It is just one aspect of the design. Now I know design is about clear communication, not just the look and feel. It was simple enough that it enabled the visitor to understand what Sunstone wanted to say, without much trouble.

Icons – The long paragraphs, the highlights of the MBA course were broken down and presented with the help of icons. That helped us in eliminating the clutter on the page, break the wall of words and gave the visitor much less information to process.


The Claim

Now coming back to the original claim of 400% increase in conversion rate. The title of the post is not intended as click bait, however, in retrospect, I am not very convinced. Mainly because the page was not tested for a longer duration of time. I followed up with them after 1000 clicks. Though this is substantial data, it is not very conclusive. Ideally, I should have followed up after a month for me to be certain.

The second reason I am refraining from calling this as 100% accurate is because it wasn’t tested parallelly. The pages were a series of experiments. You can’t really prove how conclusive your findings are until you test your pages simultaneously. This eliminates the effect of particular hours, days and weeks. That is how A/B testing works. And that is what I didn’t do.

The third conflict was that we did not test different elements separately. This way we couldn’t figure out which factors were the actual cause of the hike. As much as I, or anyone for that matter, brag about the role of testimonials, contrast or icons, it needs to be proved beyond doubt. Testing multiple elements of a page is multivariate testing. Something else that I did not do.

Also, check these 14 Higher Education Marketing Strategies shared by industry leaders.

The Hunch

Many of us place a lot of value on our hunches. After all, It is too much work to test each element of a landing page in parallel. But that’s the only way to draw solid conclusions. Trust me, when I say that you may end up finding something quite contradictory to what you believed. Let me throw in a quote by Flint McGlaughlin for added effect,

“There are no expert marketers, just experienced marketers, and expert testers.”

I would like to conclude by saying that conversion optimization is a process, not an act. You need time, patience and clicks to confirm how successful you are.

There is just no other way around!

What has been your experience with landing pages so far? Let’s talk in the comments. And, if you are looking for a student acquisition software, you can check it out here