LeadSquared Story

LeadSquared Story

The Beginning

It was the summer of 2012 when the LeadSquared story started. Before writing the first line of software, we spent 15 months working with dozens of B2C and B2B businesses to build their marketing and lead generation engines. We generated tens of thousands of leads for our clients running several hundred marketing campaigns through inbound and outbound channels.

What did we learn

Software systems for sales & marketing should capture lead and activity data automatically across all channels. Making users enter lead and activity data does not work.

For marketing success, engagement with leads and customers should be automated, timely, relevant and measurable.

Web intelligence and tracking of leads is important for businesses that market and sell online.

Sales and marketing should have common view of lead data and activity history of every lead.

To accelerate sales, systems should make it easy for sales people to find sales ready leads.

ROI on marketing and lead generation effort must be measured.

Getting this to work

We found that businesses struggled to make all this to work together using different tools. Then, with all the data across multiple tools, it is very hard and tedious to get meaningful and actionable insights. We set ourselves the goal to address precisely this challenge – to build easy-to-use yet powerful software that can help businesses:

Lead capture automation – capture all their leads across all online and offline sources

Lead Nurturing – track and nurture them to become sales ready

Sales Acceleration – help salespeople identify and follow-up the leads they can close, and

Analytics – provide deep analytics that can give insights on what is working and what needs to improve.

Be part of our growth story

Positions open in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai