6 Automation Workflow Templates for Your Student Recruitment Team

We have already come to an agreement that an admissions officer has too many things on his plate. Performing countless routine tasks on a daily basis can make them prone to errors. With increasing student awareness and online presence, marketing automation and CRM tools are their best bet. Not only does it improve their efficiency, it also reduces errors and saves valuable time and effort. Here are some processes in higher education that you can automate using a marketing automation tool:

  • Capture new student inquiries
  • Qualify the best candidates
  • Set tasks for the admissions team
  • Distribute leads based on geography, courses, SAT scores and other factors.
  • Nurture they lead until they convert.

Automation Workflow Templates for Your Admissions Team:

Automation is not just sending email and text messages. It can ensure constant and relevant communication with your prospective students, changing their status as they move up or down the application funnel, setting up tasks and reminders for the admissions officers and more. Here are some basic but effective automation workflow templates that you can set up for your higher education institute.

1. Nurture prospective students based on call disposition 

Sometimes, your admissions team may reach out to potential students to see if they are interested in enrolling in your institute. Most of them will not enroll after a single phone conversation. They need to be contacted multiple times and screened to check if they qualify. Manually doing this can be a pain. This template helps you automate this process.

Student recruitment automation - based on call disposition

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2. Automate your entire application cycle

You can start tracking your lead right from the moment he places a course inquiry to enrollment. But, you need to engage them with the right content at the right time for this to happen. The admissions team can also find out if the candidate qualifies for the course he applied for. If he doesn’t qualify, or if the seats are filled, you can suggest an alternate course for the lead.

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3. Follow-up after a campus tour is completed

Once a student attends a campus tour, you can follow-up with them to find out if they are interested in accepting the offer. Plus, you can always continue nurturing the students who are unresponsive after the tour.


4. Capture & nurture students from high school education fairs

You might visit multiple high schools to conduct events or educate them on the facilities and quality of education available in your institute. You can capture student leads & nurture them using emails or text messages.

5. Set up reminders for your admission officers

With the number of leads pouring in, admission officers can sometimes miss out on tasks & follow-ups. You can set up constant reminders to remind them to follow up. If they don’t follow up after constant reminders, you can escalate the issue to the admissions manager as well.

6. Manage your applications from international students

Every higher education institution wants a healthy cultural diversity on the campus. Attract the best international students, and engage them till they finally enroll with automations.

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You can replicate these workflows for your institution as well, to help you automate and simplify your application process. However, to do this well, you need a tool that helps you create and implement these automation workflows. That’s where LeadSquared comes in. It has a drag and drop builder which it makes it easy for you build your recruitment or admissions workflows. And, it is very flexible, giving you multiple options to experiment and test your workflows. Of course, all the above templates are easy to build in LeadSquared.

So what are you waiting for? Try it out for yourself and see how easy it is.

Do you have more workflow ideas relevant for higher education institutions? Let me know in the comments below.


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