Best Apps for Salespeople in 2021

Trends like BYOD are encouraging employees to use their mobile devices for operational efficiency. Sales reps are also increasingly taking the help of technology to get more leads, close more deals, and manage the sales process seamlessly.

In this post, we are going to present the best apps for salespeople. The apps will help you work, collaborate, manage routes, and do more than you would have done without them!

1. Evernote

Salespeople often need to take down notes on the field. Maybe they need to jot down customer information, or details about some orders, or notes about a meeting.

Evernote is a handy app that lets you take notes, organize them, and share with your team. It’s a great app for collaboration and also allows you to edit documents, set reminders, and manage projects.

Download Evernote for your devices.

2. Keynote

Salespeople now don’t need a laptop or Powerpoint to make presentations- they can use Keynote and create stunning presentations on-the-go!

The free tool lets you create professional presentations, add special effects, and woo your clients. You can use a mobile or tablet and collaborate with your team in real-time.

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free app that lets you send messages and files with your contacts. You can also conduct video calls with colleagues or clients.

WhatsApp is not a professional app and best for contacting your team members.

4. Slack

Slack is a useful chatting app that helps you stay in touch with the rest of the team or your colleagues. You can also collaborate with your team and create channels to organize your chats and all other information.

Slack offers a single interface from where you can keep track of all your communications and connect with others.

Download Slack here: Android

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to discover leads and finding the right sales prospect especially if you sell to companies. You can discover the profiles of key decision-makers and even contact them via chat. Knowing whom to approach saves salespeople the agony of going through multiple gatekeepers before they can reach the person in charge.

You can also lookup the profile of your prospect before the meeting to know more about your prospect.

6. Time Buddy

Time Buddy is the perfect app for traveling sales reps to conduct online meetings. You can schedule meetings in any time zone and have the time updated automatically for the participants. The app is also a handy world clock and time zone converter.

The app also integrates with Google Calendar to help you sort and organize your meetings.

Download Time Buddy: iOS | Android

7. Profit Story

Your quotes don’t stay the same for every client. A lot of factors like profit margin and budget makes an impact on your quote.

Profit Story is a great tool to calculate your profit margins and a range of other profit-based metrics. You can calculate-

  • Profit margins
  • Markups
  • Recommended sell price
  • Recommended cost price
  • Break-even percentage
  • Volume lift

The app also adjusts other metrics automatically when any value changes. You can always know the impact of your quotes on business with Profit Story.

Download Profit Story: iOS

8. DocScan

Scanning documents seems to be an integral part of sales. So why not equip your reps with a handy document scanner?

DocScan helps you scan documents like a pro using your smartphone or tablet. The app is completely free and saves the scanned images as JPG or PDF formats. You can also add lines and annotations before saving the documents. The scans are in high resolution so that you can send them to clients and colleagues confidently.

Download DocScan: iOS

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9. Dropbox

Sending and receiving large files can be a hassle. You simply end up getting “this file is too large to send” message and wonder what to do next.

Dropbox can be a suitable way to send and store large files not supported by your device. The cloud-based app stores all your files and lets you collaborate with your team. The standard plan allows 3 users per account, and there is also an enterprise plan.

Download Dropbox: iOS | Android

10. Wunderlist

Sales reps need to keep track of a lot of things on a daily basis. They have to attend meetings, follow up with clients, meet new prospects, send documents- the list is endless!

Wunderlist helps your reps digitize their to-do lists and share will colleagues for collaboration. You can manage your tasks and organize them using this app without any hassles.

Download Wunderlist: iOS | Android

11. Google Maps

Reps are mostly out on the field attending clients and meeting prospects. A substantial part of their day is spent traveling, so it makes sense to optimize and plan your routes. Many CRM and sales automation software do this job, but Google Maps can be a free resource.

You can plan routes, get directions, view distances, and more using GPS-enabled Google Maps. And best of all, the app is included by default on all Android phones!

12. LeadSquared Mobile CRM

Leadsquared Mobile CRM is a great solution to automate your rep’s daily tasks. The app lets you assign leads automatically and notify sales reps in the field for instant follow up. Your reps can get a picture of their daily sales routes on a GPS map with customer locations.

The app also supports automated check-in and check-outs to save time and effort along with geofencing features.

Download LeadSquared: iOS | Android

Wrapping Up

Salespeople can increase their productivity and save time using the apps we discussed. More apps are coming out each day, so keep yourself updated to take advantage of the latest apps. If we missed out on mentioning any apps, you can leave your opinions in the comments.

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