Role of Customer Success Manager – Creating ‘wow’ moments for our customers everyday

Patience and perseverance – two words that capture the essence of the recipe for success in any field, apply even more acutely to B2B SaaS Customer Success. While every new customer that we work with is a new challenge; over the years, we have been patiently brewing the formula to successfully deliver a world-class experience to each of these customers, through our Customer Success practices.

Role of Customer Success Manager at LeadSquared 

At LeadSquared, the role of the Customer Success team is driven by this singular goal of creating those wow moments for our customers every day. Hence, we base our Success philosophy on these 4 pillars: 

  • Focus on driving business value
  • Empathy for customers’ needs and priorities
  • In-depth vertical and technical expertise
  • Very high standards of quality in all deliverables and communications

It is not possible to adhere to this vision without an amazing bunch of Success professionals, that work together like a well-rehearsed symphony. They don multiple hats while doing it, from great listeners to business strategists, making them the most sought-after team, internally.

What do we do?

A typical workday as part of LeadSquared’s Success team, which is greatly impacted by the role of customer success manager, would consist of –

  1. Discussing customers’ requirements with the cross-functional teams and enabling their solutioning
  2. Liaising with internal stakeholders across functions – sales, engineering, marketing, and support to meet customer expectations
  3. Monitoring the business impact created by LeadSquared and identifying more avenues to enhance it
  4. Routing the feedback from the frontlines back to the product and leadership teams to shape strategies. 
role of customer success manager

Product Adoption – A vital component of the role of Customer Success Managers

Like for all SaaS businesses, product adoption is a deciding factor for delivering the promised value to a customer. Hence, driving adoption amongst customers is one of the highest priorities and is a key factor that constitutes the role of a Customer Success Manager.

Mapping product features against business objectives is carried out to understand how Success defines Adoption. As is evident, this definition can vary for every customer. But the most important role of a Customer Success Manager lies in making this definition generic enough to cover a large part of the customer base. It usually takes some experience with both the product and the customers to be able to perceive the common themes for product adoption across customers.

Customer Success Professionals aka The Jack of all Trades

This nature of challenge shapes the role of our Customer Success managers and associates, to be professionals with a broad understanding of business, high emotional quotient, and mental agility to find solutions through the most complicated problems. Adding to that, the exposure to a plethora of verticals that they get, makes them the most versatile wizards of the SaaS industry. 

Since LeadSquared gives utmost importance to the custom requirements of their customers, a solutions specialist is someone who best caters to their needs. He holistically addresses their business needs and configures them as per the components of the product. A strong technical and functional hold is a must and they will soon see their skills getting polished, in the long run.

An opportunity to work with a variety of clients across domains, owning their solutions and thus being part of their success as they grow with our implementation is something a solutions specialist looks forward to. The journey doesn’t end here. Once, they familiarize themselves with the functionality of LeadSquared, they have a massive chance of becoming domain specialists which would then lead to expertise in that domain and improve their skills.

What does it take to become a Solutions Specialist at LeadSquared?

  • Attitude – Coming up with multiple solutions for one problem and then customizing it for the customer
  • Planning – Every solution needs a plan to be executed, it can’t be just implemented on the fly
  • Creativity – Think outside the box
  • Long term goal – Think from a long – term point of view, considering the growth scale
  • Commitment – Taking sole ownership of your work and executing the same ensuring the success

Their dedication and hard work paired with a set of visionary leadership have turned our Customer Success engine into a highly scalable one – serving 800+ happy customers worldwide who count on our Customer Success Team to take their businesses ahead.

And as we embark on the journey to the next phase of growth, we are looking to expand our Customer Success team to fuel this growth. While doing this, we are proud to announce that we have won Frost and Sullivan’s 2019 – Marketing Automation Company of the Year award!

“It was a team of 5 when I took over the role and now, we are close to a team of 60, in a span of 2 years. That’s how the growth of LSQ Customer success champions has been. A special thanks to the management as they have shown trust in me and my team’s work,” says Suhas Shenoy (Director of Customer Success).

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