Tricoci University Increases Student Enrollments with LeadSquared

Paul Matylonek Tricoci

Tricoci team has been able to adapt to the platform because of its user-friendly interface. During this pandemic, LeadSquared has helped us make a smooth transition from working on the field to now working remotely. Training our advisers on working from home has become easier because of the soft-phone ability and better lead management. Even while SEO leads got shut, LeadSquared helped us keep our business operations intact.


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Tricoci Loves LeadSquared for:

  • Student Enrollment Workflows
  • Easy Follow-ups – Zero Missed Opportunities
  • Improved Turn-around-time
  • Detailed Reporting Capabilities








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Founded in 2004 by industry legend Mario Tricoci, Tricoci University is one of the top cosmetology schools in the country with 16 campuses spread across Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana, with over 2000 students graduating every year.

The school prides itself on its people-centric approach to prepare the leading beauty professionals of tomorrow who have led to a huge network of top salons and spas looking to employ the graduates.

Challenges in Student Enrollment and Priorities

Tricoci University required an end-to-end system to manage their admissions and marketing process. The system had to capture all leads, manage the online application process, and be the one-stop tool for admissions
advisors to send emails, make phone calls, manage calendars and engage prospective students over the
entire enrollment cycle.

Few challenges faced by the university were:

  • The team was using antiquated systems for enrollment as a result of which it left them without data analysis.
  • There was no data-driven decision making thus making it hard for the team to make big improvements, fast, in their enrollment process.
  • The systems being used were all complex and non-intuitive for the admissions advisors, who were not tech-savvy.
  • They regularly lost enrollments because of the inability to react quickly when an inquiry popped up which reduced the student enrollment and conversion rate.
  • The Directors could not track Agent activities like – follow-ups, phone calls, emails – in real-time.

Solution provided by LeadSquared

LeadSquared became the one-stop solution to streamline the entire student enrollment and admissions process – increasing enrollment speed while delivering a wonderful experience for all applicants.

“Tricoci University is a “creative” organization and we do not look for employees necessarily who are
‘computer proficient.’ Thus, my main concern was the ease of use. LeadSquared’s Enrollment Management solution was really easy to use for employees who were more focused on non-technical matters.

Some of the key solution highlights provided by LeadSquared are:

1. Multi-channel Lead Capturing:

The solution supports capturing all your leads from online & offline channels. For example, website, beauty school directory, social media, Google Ads, phone calls, and even traditional on-the-ground campaigns

LeadSquared helps Tricoci University in acquiring leads that directly land on the website in addition to the ones filled by the admissions rep.

2. Automatic Lead Distribution:

The captured leads are distributed among the  Admissions Advisors– based on different criteria of your choosing – including agent availability, past performance, campus location,  or simply in a round-robin fashion. This immensely helped Tricoci in improving their response times.

The student inquiries or leads captured by LeadSquared are automatically distributed among the Admission Advisor who can then follow up with a single point of contact in each organization for lead conversion.

3. Paperless Application:

LeadSquared’s applicant portal allows prospective students to fill in their complete applications online. They can upload all necessary documents, complete e-signatures, as well as track the application status. The portal also allows admissions advisors to drive the entire Campus Tour virtually using our zoom integration.

4. Beautiful Student Enrollment Journeys:

LeadSquared provides intelligent automation for unique processes. One can easily create fast and consistent admissions processes by automating all back-end and low-value tasks. Tricoci uses LeadSquared to manage all tasks for admission advisors For example, updating activities, sharing status updates with applicants, tracking website visits, updating calendars, or generating reports. LeadSquared helps in creating simple and easy to use workflows to reduce chaos. The increased process efficiency results in the higher productivity of the sales staff and streamlines sales processes.

5. Student Enrollment and Admissions Pipeline View:

With the help of LeadSquared, Advisors can understand the process of the lead funnel better than before since they are moving leads through stages resulting in better lead management. This has simplified the admission process and since they can now prioritize and have targeted communication, therefore, increasing the overall productivity.

6. Complete Advisor Productivity Reports:

With the help of LeadSquared, the Admission Directors can track all agent activities in real-time. As a result, this has been a great resource while working remotely. Additionally, it is possible to deep dive into the performance metrics using 150+ marketing and admissions reports.

LeadSquared Results

In conclusion, LeadSquared certainly helped Tricoci University solve a lot of the inefficiencies and time delays. It leveraged their existing SIS and has helped streamline the entire process. It has ensured an increased student enrollment rate while delivering an optimal experience.

Above all, the team at Tricoci University has a 360-degree applicant view that provides instant access to all the requisite student application information. They have been able to reduce the application submission time by multi-folds.

With the introduction of LeadSquared and continuous optimization of the product, they have experienced a net increase of 75% in terms of process efficiency. Additionally, they are working to improve the enrollment and conversion rate by bringing other parameters as well.

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