Post Sales CRM Solution Keeps Acron Group Ahead in Hospitality Services

Post Sales CRM - Acron

Acron offers a selection of apartments, detached and semi-detached villas in low-rise, low-density developments which have gardens, swimming pools, club-houses with gyms, saunas, steams, Jacuzzis and other recreational amenities. Acron homes are aesthetically designed with generous fenestration and available in a range of sizes and prices, set in tranquil surroundings with views of open countryside.

Post Sales CRM - Acron Group


What is your business about?

Acron Group is a chain of luxury hotels and resorts. In addition to that, we also have real estate properties like villas and apartment projects mostly based out of Goa.

How do you generate leads?

We mostly generate inbound leads using

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads

Apart from that, we capture leads via

How were you managing and nurturing these leads before LeadSquared?

We were using Salesforce before LeadSquared. Let me just say that it didn’t work for us. We were not able to manage or nurture our leads, the way we wanted to and it proved to be a failure for us.

What are you using LeadSquared for and how long has it been?

We use LeadSquared for lead nurturing and lead management. We have been using the software for over a year now.

How has LeadSquared helped?

LeadSquared did what Salesforce couldn’t. It has  helped us overcome some of the primary business problems like:

  • Lead capture – We can capture leads directly without relying on external developers.
  • Lead stage management – We can manage leads at different stages and nurture them accordingly, based on their position in the buying cycle.
  • Post sales customer relationship management – This is a real advantage, given the kind of industry we are in. We use LeadSquared for our hospitality services as well because keeping good relations with our customers is very important to us.

Other than that, being able to capture, nurture and manage all our leads and customers from a single platform has really helped our business grow.

Have you realized any benefits?

The ease of use, and effectiveness of the systems speaks for itself. I am able to train new team members to use LeadSquared very quickly, and they are able to effectively use it. The LeadSquared team has provided us with strong support while moving to this platform, and the move has been smooth.

Some of the key benefits we have realized as a business are:

  • Sales team motivation
  • Sales team efficiency

While having a strong product, the LeadSquared team is proactive and open to ideas. They are 

prompt with keeping their commitments, and go beyond just suggesting use of LeadSquared. TheyPost Sales CRM - Vivek Ferrao

showcase how LeadSquared can address a business problem.”                         

Vivek Ferrao, Digital Marketing Professional at Acron Group.