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Have you ever found yourself in a situation, when you had to pick one book among hundreds?

Whenever I have to make that choice, I flip through and go straight for the one with most illustrations or drawings. Would you do the same as well?

I think yes; a lot of text is stress inducing. Personally, it reminds me of the night before exams. But, graphics – no one dislikes them. They are fun.

This is the reason infographics are as popular as they are. They can connect much easier and faster than words.

The road signs, instruction manuals and apps icons on your phone are visual for the very same reason. Imagine using a dishwasher (without visual communication) for the first time in your life.

educational infographics truestory

True story!

To state a fact, visual information on the web has increased by 9900% since 2007. The reason, still the same – infographics have the power to turn complex subjects into engaging interactions.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best education infographics online along with the reasons that make them so good.

The list is not a ranking and considers only visual elements, not the copywriting or the stats.


Rodel Foundation of Delaware



Why this infographic is on the list

Beautiful contrasting colors – Purple is a complementary color to yellow, which presents a beautiful contrast. Remember the logos of LA Lakers, Thai Airways, and Goodyear?

Clear headers – Colorful headers segment the content in a meaningful way, making it easier to read – fragments of information, instead of one large block.

Positive emotional triggers – All the characters in the design are smiling, which gives the design a positive vibe.

Visual cues – The big arrow on the top (we all win) forces us to scroll down to check it out. It intelligently merges with the brand’s logo, connecting the message to the brand.


Smithsonian Institution



Why this infographic is on the list

Once again, contrasting colors – One of the best color combinations, yellow and shades of blue is pleasing to the eyes.

Intelligent use of shapes – Count the number of times the circle is used in the design in different ways – to wrap the icons, the faces, butterfly, satellites. The design looks like a piece of art, in perfect harmony right until the end.

Visual cues – Notice the use of arrows to move the story forward. You always know what to read next.


Fructus Learning 



Why this infographic is on the list

Special color palette – The designer has nailed it with the choice of colors here. It was important to give a special feel to the design which talks about gifted children. The maroon and muted shades of teal and blue provide a dream-like experience to the design.

Abstract shapes – The abstract shapes reinforce the facts stated in the design.

Time-lapse – The age of the character is beautifully illustrated and it flows like a movie from childhood to an adult.


University of Florida


This very famous infographic from the University of Florida talks about the right and left sides of the brain, which in itself is a very interesting topic.


Why this infographic is on the list

Fearless splashes of color – It’s the perfect choice to illustrate the right side with a burst of color, and left in a logical, structured manner.

Contrast – The infographic is all about contrast, and the designer has captured the essence perfectly. In a blink of an eye, you can understand the crux of the content.

Avatars – Minimal strokes are used to represent famous people. You start to decode who they are, without actually reading the names first. That’s the beauty of infographics. We think in visuals, not words.



Education Infographics LeadSquared

An education inforgraphic list cannot be complete without this detailed and beautifully done infographic by Boundless.


Why this infographic is on the list

Readability – Although other infographics look more attractive, this for sure is the easiest to read. Black text on whiteish background makes it makes it highly readable

Balance – The design is very balanced with the center line cutting it into half and the visual cues connecting the text to its respective image.

Iconography – Great job with big and bold icons. A clutter-free experience

Why infographics and why not?

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful designs. But, if infographics are so effective and engaging, why isn’t everyone using them? I think I understand the reason to some extent.

It takes a lot of time and money to create one. A good designer will charge you anywhere around $500-$1000 for it, depending on the complexity.

However, it’s worth it.

It reaches your target audience faster, delivers the message in a unique way, has high chances of getting shared on social, and hopefully is remembered for a long period of time.

That’s what you want your content to do. isn’t it?


In conclusion

This is my personal perception of the design and might be wrong and exaggerated at times. But, working as a designer for a decade, of which past 5 years overlapped with marketing, has taught me one very important lesson:

Design and marketing have similar roles.

Attract attention, retain interest and encourage action.

and infographics do it very well. So, go on ahead, take inspiration from these ideas, and use them to create your own.


I am sure that I missed many others which deserve to be on the list. So, if you have any on your mind, please let me know in the comments.

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