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Improve your hospital's bottom-line with prescriptive analytics

Reduce patient acquisition costs and increase operational efficiency

Analyze and improve your healthcare marketing campaigns

Know the best patient acquisition sources, patient retention strategies and more

Healthcare marketing automation - marketing ROI reports

Identify the best patient acquisition sources

Healthcare institutions get leads and referrals from a variety of sources – events, print ads, TV ads, digital ads (Adwords, Facebook, etc.), medical marketplaces like Practo, doctor referrals and more. With LeadSquared, you’ll always have an idea of your best and worst performing sources in terms of patient acquisition, for smart marketing budget allocation.

Measure the effectiveness of your communication campaigns

Patient engagement & retention are two of the most important KPIs for healthcare institutes, which is in turn achieved by effective patient communication across all channels. LeadSquared allows you to run these campaigns while giving you deep insights into the channels, timings, subject lines, and content getting the highest engagement metrics.

Patient engagement reports - healthcare marketing automation

Understand and improve your new patient acquisition metrics

Dig deep into your patient acquisition, drop-offs and appointment-to-visit ratios

New Patient Acquisition Reports

Analyze your patient acquisition statistics

Measure your patient acquisition metrics against every possible variable, to identify and tackle bottlenecks. You can identify the centers, departments, doctors, lead sources and staff (call center agents, care managers, etc.) getting you the best and worst new patient acquisition ratios. You can also understand new patient acquisition trends across time.

Know the percentage of patient drop-offs and their reasons

Another important point to identify for hospitals is the patient drop-off ratio, and the point in the patient acquisition process where most drop-offs happen, so that actions can be taken to counter it. Once again, you can identify the drop-off rates against any variables that you have defined beforehand – centers, doctors, time, staff, sources, and others.

Patient Drop-off Reports - New Patient Acquisition

Appointment to Visit Ratios - New Patient Acquisition

Predictive analytics for appointment-to-visit trends

Many patients who book appointments might not really show up for them. It’s important to know how many people won’t show up at any given time so that hospital administration can be appropriately staffed without driving up costs. Plus, this would help maintain operational efficiency with an optimal number of appointment back-ups, without over-booking.

Get actionable insights into patient engagement metrics

Improve overall patient experience armed with these insights

Get complete patient engagement reports

Know the overall engagement ratios of your patients. This would help you predict the overall patient retention rates. Identify the channels, types of content and timings with the highest engagement rates. If the engagement seems sub-optimal, you can take further actions to improve it, thereby improving patient retention rates as well.

Reporting - Patient engagement solution

Healthcare marketing automation + Healthcare CRM - patient satisfaction reports

Get overall and individual patient satisfaction reports

Patient feedback can be collected at every patient interaction with your staff, on phone calls, via email, during walk-ins or center visits, and more. This feedback gives an overall picture of patient satisfaction metrics, including NPS scores. Actions can be taken for individual feedback as well, especially in taking corrective actions for negative feedback.

Get complete physician engagement, performance and referral reports

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