The Best CRM for Hospice & Palliative Care Providers

HIPAA compliant.
Easily create and manage appointments for outpatient services and therapists visiting patients at their homes.

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A unified web and mobile app for better coordination between your staff and therapists in field

LeadSquared’s Hospice CRM allows you to access patient records, schedule appointments, update field visit information, and more through web and mobile devices.

Lead Distribution

Distribute leads based on providers’ zip code.

Territory Management

Geo-fence and manage territory for the therapists

Automated Day Plans

Create automated day plans for nurses and therapists

Route Guidance

Provide route guidance to patient’s home through Google Maps

Verify Visits

Allow online and offline check-ins. Verify visits by tracking provider’s location, nursing duration, and more

Track Productivity

Understand provider’s productivity based on appointments served

Self-serve portal for patients and referrals

Enable your patients to book appointments effortlessly. Showcase doctor’s availability (via outlook calendar) and allow setting up recurring appointments. Onboard patients easily through multistep intake forms.

Capture inquiries from physicians on behalf of patients. Manage referral sources, number of appointments booked through referrals, status of appointments, and more.

Self-serve portal for patients and referrals
Multichannel communication

Multichannel communication

Capture inquiries from many different sources. Communicate with your patients on the medium of their choice.

Schedule appointment reminders through phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp, or Email through LeadSquared’s hospice healthcare CRM. Track interactions for future reference.

EHR integration

LeadSquared’s hospice and home care CRM seamlessly integrates with almost all popular EMR and EHR tools. Verify visits, reduce double entry, fetch patient’s medical history and past appointment details in just a few clicks.

Manage outpatient services & home health care with ease.

Try LeadSquared’s platform for your staff and therapists on field.


What is a CRM in hospice?

Hospice CRM is a specialized tool for managing patients, their health history, appointments, and more. It comprises desktop software for the staff and mobile CRM for therapists who visit patients at their homes.

Which is the best HIPAA-compliant Hospice CRM?

LeadSquared’s healthcare CRM is the best HIPAA-compliant CRM for home healthcare, hospice, and palliative care facilities.

How does CRM help verify visits?

CRM for hospice and home care helps verify visits in two ways:

  1. It integrates with EMR/EHR that allows therapists to log their visits when they’re at the patient’s place.
  2. Mobile home health CRM like LeadSquared provides geo-tagging and geo-fencing facilities to verify visits. Providers can check in and check out from the patient’s location through LeadSquared’s app, which can be verified through the geo-tracking feature of LeadSquared.

Can you integrate EMR systems with a Hospice CRM?

You can easily integrate your EHR or EMR solution with LeadSquared’s CRM for home care. It provides out of box integration with many popular EMRs and supports custom integration with your in-house software.

Which is the best software for home care scheduling?

LeadSquared’s Healthcare CRM comes with a patient portal that allows patients to schedule appointments for home care. It also captures inquiries from several sources like websites, phone calls, ads, etc., and allows intake managers to schedule appointments for patients.

Which software do nurses or therapists in the field need?

The best software for nurses and therapists in the field is LeadSquared’s mobile home health CRM. With this, therapists can check-in and check-out and verify their visits to the patients’ homes. They also get a day plan and route guidance through Google Maps from the app itself.