How to Increase New Patient Acquisition & Retention Ratios

Patient experience management is perhaps the most important factor in increasing your patient acquisition & retention ratios. All you need is a happy patient who will pay, refer & come back to you. And one of the easier ways to streamline this process is through automation.

In order to successfully compete in this dynamic market, the adoption of new growth strategies to drive patient retention & acquisition becomes a must.

In our last webinar, John Paul from LifeCell and Murali Krishna from LeadSquared joined us to discuss the best ways to retain patients by providing flawless patient experience right from the first inquiry to the last appointment. They also provided a ton of actionable tips which you can use to acquire new patients and retain the present.

Here are the key learnings from this webinar session:

  • Maximize the ROI from all your healthcare marketing campaigns
  • Build a real connection with patients through personalized, relevant communication
  • Engage your existing and not on-panel doctors to increase retention

Watch the complete recording of this session here:


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