Healthcare is an ever-evolving industry. Naturally, you also need to evolve your healthcare marketing strategies to get more patients through your door. The current healthcare marketing efforts are vastly digital, so it’s the right time to take your marketing online. 

Today, we are going to present some super cool healthcare marketing strategies meant to work!

Target Local

According to Lyfe Marketing, 83% of your patients arrive from within a 5 to 7-miles radius of your clinic or hospital. That means you got to target local customers to get assured patients.

One of the best ways to target local customers is to invest in PPC ads. Why?

Healthcare consumers always search online before they book appointments. In fact, searches on Google drive 3-times more patients to hospitals than non-searches. Also, patients who book appointments conduct 3-times more searches than other consumers. 

PPC ads are even more effective than TV ads. In 2021, digital healthcare investment was expected to cross TV ad investment for the first time. So, run your ads targeting local customers and get more patients walking in!

Also, don’t forget to add your phone number in your ads (we will tell you why in a little while).

Create a Strong Online Presence

Build a Website

You obviously need a professional website to help patients find your service and clinic. PPC ads also need a landing page to make the most of your investment. Invest in a good website focusing on the following-

  • Create a patient portal 
  • Enable online bookings
  • Offer assistance via live chat
  • Develop good-quality content
  • Invest in SEO

Join Social Media

Join popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others to expand your reach. You can create official business pages and promote your band. Consider joining relevant communities and groups where you can provide your expertise and become a thought leader. 

Building an online reputation helps develop trust among patients, making them more likely to go for your business. 

Don’t Forget The Importance of Phone Calls

Even in this age of the internet, most patients like to call before booking their appointments. Consider the following-

healthcare marketing strategies for phone calls

Most patients will call a healthcare provider after searching online. That’s why we suggested including your phone number in PPC ads. 

You should also consider investing in a hosted PBX with IVR (interactive voice menu) to help patients access information and book appointments. Why we suggest a digital receptionist is because you can save on wages and take bookings 24/7 without the need for human involvement. 

Educate Patients and Raise Awareness

You can educate patients and get yourself some loyal customers in the process. You must have seen how clinics and hospitals have brochures and leaflets that provide health awareness and tips. Instead of depending on old ways of education channels, think modern and adopt technology. 

Install Digital Signage Around Your Establishment

You can install digital signage in your waiting areas, lobbies, reception, and spaces where your patients are likely to sit or wait. The digital screens can display static images, texts, videos, and more. You can even directly stream videos from YouTube and your disk to create more appeal. From time to time, share preventive healthcare tips to help your patients stay disease-free.

Digital signage also works to attract customers. You can install them outside your clinic to help people discover your business. Digital signage attracts 72% more attention than web ads and has a 47.7% effectiveness in raising brand awareness. 

customer experience management

Make the Most of Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a very effective means of converting customers and bring in additional revenues. It’s also one of the best healthcare marketing strategies to keep your existing customers engaged and encourage them to spend more. 

You can send your patients informative newsletters, updates on trending health concerns, industry news, and more. Emails are also great to remind patients about upcoming appointments and push extra services without appearing salesy. Think of using an automated email marketing solution to schedule and manage your emails for efficiency and saving time. 

You can easily collect emails from patients who book appointments by making it required information for scheduling appointments. Many healthcare businesses also set up web forms on their website to collect email and patient information for marketing.

Consider Messaging Apps for a Personalized Approach

9 out of 10 doctors in Brazil use a messaging app to stay in touch with their patients. Healthcare organizations are increasingly using messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to communicate with their patients in a more personalized way. Patients are more than happy to share their numbers in exchange for helpful tips and something valuable that can promote their health. 

You can, for example, create a WhatsApp group with your elderly patients at risk of Osteoporosis. Then you can share tips and exercises that help them improve their lifestyle and mobility. This personal approach works much better to create a strong relationship with your patients. 

As a result, you can expect them to keep coming back to you for more appointments.

Invest in a Healthcare CRM

Healthcare organizations, especially small clinics and doctors, don’t have much time on their hands to manage their marketing efforts. Instead of making your marketing suffer, consider going for a healthcare CRM like LeadSquared. You can-

  • Create 360-degree patient profiles
  • Segment patients for targeting
  • Capture and distribute leads
  • Qualify and prioritize leads
  • Capitalize on every follow-up with task automation

LeadSquared healthcare CRM is HIPAA-compliant and helps you provide an unmatched patient experience. You can also convert more leads and increase your revenues while reducing costs and inefficiencies.

Best of all, you can try it for free!