Lead management guide

Lead Management Guide

A Sketch Guide To Lead Management

On the surface, lead management sounds like a fairly simple and universal term.

“A system which manages your leads.” 

But, I tried to go a step deeper and asked a few users what they thought lead management was. I spoke to business owners, sales people and marketers from different industries and business sizes, and wasn’t really surprised at what I found. Every single business defines and uses (interprets) its lead management system differently. The range of its use is so wide, that you won’t recognize that two different users are talking about the same thing.

And, it’s fair, because due to its significant evolution over the years and range of things it does – one size can never fit all.

This lead management guide is aimed at decoding this diversity, and to help you identify the features that you’ll need in your lead management system, according to your business needs. To make it easy to understand, I have covered the basic aspects of lead management in a very easy to understand sketch format. Here it goes.

List of chapters 

What is lead management?

Which lead management software you should buy?

What is contact management?

Difference between lead management software and CRM?

What is Lead Distribution

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Rajat is a designer and marketer at LeadSquared. He has 10+ years of experience in design, advertising, art collection and marketing. If you have any questions about web design and conversion optimization, you can connect with him directly at@conversionspike or write to him at rajat.arora [at] leadsquared [dot] com.

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