[Announcement] The LeadSquared and Zapier Integration is now live!

Zapier integration - coverWe have been having a good few weeks here at LeadSquared. Just last week, we celebrated the fact that Jyoti Bansal, a Silicon-valley based tech entrepreneur, had invested in us. Now this week, we have one more reason to rejoice. The LeadSquared and Zapier integration has finally been released.

So why is this a reason to rejoice, you ask? Because you can now integrate your LeadSquared with over 750+ other apps on the Zapier platform!!!

What is Zapier?

For the uninitiated, Zapier is the tunnel that links two destinations. Let me elaborate. What if you are trying out the new lead generation ads on LinkedIn? To capture these leads on your LeadSquared system, you would need to integrate the two. which means you need someone who can code and create magic. But now with Zapier, you can simply use a zap, and ta-da! Your lead forms on LinkedIn become leads on LeadSquared.

How do you use this?

To make the most of this integration, the things you would need to have are:

  • A Zapier account
  • A LeadSquared account with access to webhooks
  • Your imagination

We have written a step-by-step guide on how you can connect your Zapier account with your LeadSquared account. Once you have done this, simply choose from over 750 apps that Zapier has, and get zapping!

Here are some zaps that we have created for your convenience. But remember, Zapier is not limited to just this and you can create your own use cases. All you need is creativity and the sky is the limit

For a complete list of all the apps available to you, you can visit Zapier’s App Directory.

Happy Marketing!


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