Lot of marketers still don’t understand the importance, but if you are ignoring the mobile platform, then you are doing it at your own risk. Facebook had already announced that around 70% of their ad revenue comes from mobile, while Google announced earlier in 2015 that more than 50% searches on the portal globally are happening on mobile. With the advent of affordable smartphones and better internet speeds at lower costs, the mobile ecosystem is only going to expand further and along with it, we will see an increased use of apps and mobile searches. While a lot of people and companies are building apps and hoping that consumers will give many of them a part of their precious space in the mobile phones, others are betting heavily on responsive websites.

If you are a company that does even 10% of what you do online and are serious about the future of your business, then you have got to become serious about mobile marketing as well. The first myth that you need to debunk is that mobile marketing isn’t an altogether new phenomenon that is set to change your existing online marketing strategies, but is simply an extension to what you already do. Your mobile optimized site and how people reach it through their phones should be the first of your many concerns about how to tap the mobile potential.

We share with you some rock solid SEO tips to optimize your mobile site. You can connect with the author of the slideshare here – @aleyda

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