LeadSquared is a Practical Optify Alternative

Optify, a player in the digital marketing arena, has announced the company seeks a buyer. The announcement on Geekwire blog came as quite a surprise to me. I imagine their Optify customers might be feeling a bit lost, perplexed, and concerned.

LeadSquared is the company to turn to.

Optify customers will surely be looking for and evaluating alternative solutions. In the past day or two, I interacted with a few Optify customers. When I asked how they use the service, I learned they liked Optify primarily because the service makes it relatively easy to capture leads using landing pages and manage prospect date in an integrated system.

LeadSquared would be a good alternative for customers who focus on features including landing pages, lead management, lead tracking, and email campaigns.

I have listed several marketing use cases, which can be easily accomplished in LeadSquared. If some or all of them meet your business needs, you should look at the LeadSquared demo.

1 You are using Landing Pages to:
—  Convert visitors to leads from traffic sources, like Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook, etc
—  Give away brochures, white papers or other documents for download
—  Send a Thank You note to the leads post form submission
—  Analyze the landing pages conversions and campaign performance
2 You would like to create landing pages quickly using industry specific templates, and still have the ability to modify/design all the elements of the Landing Page.
3 You design and send newsletters to your leads regularly.
4 You want to find leads most likely to buy your product or service by lead scoring.
5 You don’t want to use (pay for) CRM, but still need a simple solution to manage and track all your leads in one system.
6 You want to easily track the performance of your marketing and lead generation efforts on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

If you’re looking for an Optify alternative try LeadSquared today.

Want to see LeadSquared in action?