Re-shaping the EdTech Industry in 2023

The EdTech industry is going through a paradigm shift in 2023 with changes across sales processes, customer retention strategies, and low customer acquisition costs.
It is no longer about being a unicorn but creating a change around existing processes that can help one achieve profitability.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Key changes in sales processes: introduction of new sales processes, technologies, and KPIs
  • Identify factors to retain existing customers: improving customer engagement, upsell/cross-sell cues
  • Key strategies for low customer acquisition costs: moving to a phygital model, referrals/student ambassadors​
  • Role of technology: breaking silo-ed operations, better inter-team visibility

Kyaati Jain

Khyaati Jain
VP Operations and Strategy, Rise

Jagruti Bhargav

Jagruti Bhargav
EdTech Marketing Expert, LeadSquared

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