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Patient Experience Management - enhance patient satisfaction

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Ensure exceptional patient experience right from the start

Reduce wait time and ensure hassle-free patient interaction every single time

Reduce response time

Reach out to patients as soon as a new inquiry comes in – for appointments, health consultation or even a simple chat query on the website or social media. Automated appointment confirmations on email or chat, call-backs from the call center/hospital front desk, or immediate replies on chat will ensure lower wait-time and enhance the patient experience.

Patient experience management - reduce response time

Healthcare CRM Software - call center assignment for patient experience management

Reduce wait-time with immediate inquiry distribution

As soon as a new patient inquiry comes in, it is immediately transferred (based on the patient’s location, hospital department, agent availability and more) to the call center, after automatic prioritization (based on the type and urgency of the patient’s inquiry and more). This helps reduce the wait time for the patient, thereby enhancing their experience.

Trigger instant, yet well-informed response calls

After automated distribution, call center agents call the patients armed with complete details (provided by the patient, captured by tracking, and fetched from other patient management tools). This ensures that a) the most urgent calls are made first, b) the agents don’t have to request additional details during the call, and c) the interaction is well-informed.

Patient experience management and patient engagement solution - prioritization

Healthcare CRM Software - doctor assignment

Map patients to doctors based on their preferences

Map your patients to the doctors of their choice or the ones that best fit their requirements in terms of specialty, location, availability and more. The mapping happens automatically as soon as the patient preferences are fed in (either by the patient or the agent), saving care managers’ time and ensuring faster booking, and an enhanced patient experience.

Give your staff point-of-care access to unified patient records

Every patient-facing staff member can access the patient details directly from the device of their choice – mobile or desktop, ensuring a well-informed interaction every single time. Everyone – including call center agents, care managers, front desk executives, doctors, and others have access to unified patient records.

Patient experience management - accurate information at point-of-care

New patient acquisition - appointment management

Ensure hassle-free patient experience on the appointment day

Doctors and Care Managers have all the necessary information they need to ensure a hassle-free experience for the patients on the day of their appointment. They can be quickly registered and checked in  in all their interactions are recorded by tracking and necessary records are pulled from the patient management system.

Collect, manage and act upon patient feedback

Ensure patient retention by collecting feedback at the end of the appointment. Positive feedback indicates high chances of retention and referrals, whereas negative feedback can be used to better future patient experience, and can be used to even bring back a disgruntled patient by making amends at the right point.

Healthcare CRM + Healthcare marketing automation - Patient feedback collection

Patient engagement solution - Healthcare marketing automation + healthcare CRM

Maintain personalized attention in patient communication

Improve patient engagement with personalized communication at each step. Not only do patients want complete visibility into their healthcare history, but expect hospital communications to reflect it as well. Relevant and well-timed communication would help you humanize your hospital, and build positive patient relationships.

Help your patients control preventable health conditions

Predict what your patients might need based on their activities, their medical & family history, and related conditions, and deliver exactly what they expect. This would help you retain patients by helping them take steps to curb preventable conditions even before they emerge. Proactive management of health conditions helps foster better patient relationships.

Tips for related conditions - healthcare marketing automation + healthcare CRM + patient engagement solution

Healthcare CRM Software - Increase Operational Efficiency

Ensure error reduction and operational efficiency

A slight manual error in the healthcare records and subsequent miscommunication can have a severe negative impact on patients, their families, and eventually the public opinion. Reduce the chances of such human error with regular information exchange between systems to ensure that no communication is triggered based on outdated information.

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LeadSquared helps us provide a seamless patient experience

We use LeadSquared to manage our registered users and engage with them via Marketing Automation. It has multiple features to facilitate Marketing and Customer Success teams to provide a seamless customer experience. Our Account Manager and the Technical Support Team have been very proactive and helpful in our journey to integrate our application with the tool.

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AGM - Marketing Communications, DocOnline

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