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Tools to empanel, engage and retain your best doctors

Physician Engagement and Onboarding
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Build a highly efficient doctor empanelment process

Allow your team to recruit, manage, onboard and engage your doctors with ease

Physician engagement and onboarding - task planning for doctor management team

Allow your doctor onboarding teams to work on-the-go

Customize the mobile app for your empanelment team. They can create different views to keep track of their on-panel doctors, potential doctors, physician referrals, meetings and more. The app will also help them catch up on their operational tasks – like adding meeting notes, assignment of doctors to verification team and more – in between meetings.

Auto-plan your empanelment team’s meetings, routes and goals

Your physician empanelment teams’ have complete visibility into their entire workday, thereby increasing their productivity. With the complete meeting schedule already planned based on task priority, best routes to follow and goals, the team can concentrate on recruiting and empaneling more physicians instead of spending time planning their meetings.

Physician Engagement and Onboarding - day planning
Physician Engagement and Onboarding - empanelment planning and acknowledgement messages

Track your agents real-time + Automate post-meeting notes

Geo-track your empanelment agents to oversee their meetings real-time. Allow them to start & end meetings and add meeting notes with just a few taps. Based on the meeting disposition, automate follow-up notes to the physicians – to welcome them on-board, share next steps with them and more – thereby keeping them engaged, while increasing your team’s efficiency.

Make the empanelment process paperless, automated and quick

During the empanelment meeting, the required documents can be sent instantly to the verification and processing teams via digital upload. During and post-verification, you can notify the doctors about the empanelment status automatically (via email, text or IVR messages). This makes the process paperless, fast, efficient and error-free.

Physician engagement and onboarding - paperless verification

Dig deep into the performance of your physician empanelment team

Get complete performance and meeting reports for your onboarding teams & agents

Increase physician engagement, satisfaction and retention

with timely and relevant communication

Physician Engagement Solution - keep your doctors engaged - medical CRM Software

Engage potential and affiliated doctors with relevant content

Increase empanelment rates by sending your potential doctors testimonials of affiliated doctors, and benefits of working with you. Engage existing doctors as well with timely content – like wishing them for important life-events and sharing useful information, for instance, information about medical conferences and more.

Notify physicians when an appointment is booked

Every patient-facing staff member can access the patient details directly from the device of their choice – mobile or desktop, ensuring a well-informed interaction every single time. Everyone – including call center agents, care managers, front desk executives, doctors, and others have access to unified patient records.

Physician Engagement and onboarding - appointment planner
Physician engagement and onboarding - doctor appointment calendar

Allow in-center doctors to manage their appointments on-the-go

Give your in-center doctor LeadSquared mobile app customized for them. They can view and even cancel or reschedule their appointments. Reschedules are automatically synced with their calendars, and automated notifications about it are sent to care managers and patients. Tasks for call center agents can be set as well to notify patients.

Notify on-panel doctors of relevant events in the hospital

Engage your on-panel doctors by reminding them of the events organized in the hospital for their patients. The events are automatically synced in their calendars as well to avoid appointment bookings during the same time slots. Automated reminders would also cut down on the operational tasks of your administrative teams.

Physician Engagement and Onboarding - notifications for doctors
Referral acknowledgement - physician engagement and onboarding

Increase physician satisfaction with error-free referral management

Automatically map each patient against their referring doctor. Easily monitor the referral frequencies of on-panel doctors, and engage them accordingly. Also, as soon as a referred patient books an appointment (online or via calls or walk-ins), the referring doctor can be sent an acknowledgment about the same via email, text message or an IVR call.

Increase doctor retention with physician satisfaction surveys

Automatically run doctor satisfaction surveys via emails, text or IVR services. This would help you assess how happy your doctors are, identify the reasons for their dissatisfaction, and take corrective actions. For instance, notify the care manager for the particular center & the respective empanelment agent to follow-up and make amends for negative feedback.

Physician Engagement and Onboarding - doctor satisfaction surveys

Get complete physician engagement, performance and referral reports

Want to empanel, engage and retain your best physicians easily?