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From lead inquiry to booking to referrals. Do a lot more with LeadSquared’s Real Estate CRM

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  • Capture property inquiries across all channels
  • Capture property inquiries from your website
  • Automatically distribute inquiries to your agents 
  • Capture all your interactions with the potential buyer 
  • Manage your real estate inventory with ease

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We’re here to answer all your questions!

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Customers who use LeadSquared report


Increase in sales efficiency


Increase in property sales


Lead leakage

Reduced response times due to automation

To put it simply, LeadSquared has made all our operations a lot easier. With LeadSquared we have improved communications with potential buyers and the automations have reduced response time. It enables us to have an edge over our competitors and offer the best services to our buyers.

LeadSquared’s Real Estate CRM – Demo

Decreased lead leakage to 0.1%

We run a lot of paid marketing campaigns such as Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns. It is important for us to not miss out on any leads. That’s what LeadSquared has helped us with the most. Our lead leakage is less than 0.1%. We have been able to integrate all of our online and offline channels with the CRM.

LeadSquared’s Real Estate CRM – Demo

54% increase in property closures

LeadSquared is the best tool for sending targeted campaigns. I can segment my leads based on interests and engagements and prioritize these leads and ask my sales team to only contact these leads. This has increased our closure rates. Before LeadSquared, we used to close 12-13 deals per month. Now, we close around 20 every month. Our property closures have increased by 54%.