[Roundtable] The Future of Enrollments

Last year, changed the world of enrollments. It brought a whole new set of enrollment challenges and caused schools to pivot admissions processes and education. From virtual campus visits to self-serve applications, the admission experience saw a tectonic shift. Now, everyone is wondering how the future of enrollments will pan out.

  • What will be the key trends in admissions?
  • How can admission heads be prepared?

It is more important than ever to ensure discovery and offer meaningful programs which can pave the way to a successful career for students.

In this panel discussion we bring together some of the best minds from top colleges to discuss challenges, trends and the future of enrollments.


Samira Zacharias, Director of Admissions, The Modern College of Design

Paul Matylonek, Admissions Director, Tricoci University of Beauty Culture

Joy McClure, Chief Admissions Officer, Tricoci University of Beauty Culture

Michael Collins, VP of Admissions, Unitek Learning

Jenn Lyles, Higher Ed, Marketing Guru

Key Points of Discussion:
– Future of Enrollments in the post pandemic era
– Key enrollment challenges faced by career colleges
– How to set up a superstar admissions team
– Short-term and long-term metrics to chase
– And, how to stay relevant to Gen-Z


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