Use a Sales Call Tracker to Improve Efficiency

E-commerce and email, online stores and the digital economy have become highly prominent. Despite this, many businesses still progress their sales by making good old-fashioned telephone calls. Knowing when these calls are made may not be a top priority in your business – but perhaps it should be.

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How a sales call tracker works

There are two aspects to sales call tracking – monitoring the calls that are made and scheduling the calls that need to be made.

If your sale process includes making calls to potential customers, it is only right that those calls are made on time. When a customer needs to be called the sales team (or a member of the team) should be notified and made aware that it should happen.

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Because of this, your sales team should be running a schedule or calendar that lists all the important jobs for the day. Every customer that can be progressed by a call on that day should be listed.

If this were to be a manual job, going through all the customer records and pulling out the names and contact details for the customers, it would conceivably take a long time. With an automated system that knows how your sales process works, these customers can be automatically identified and added to the list.

Again, by using automation, the calls the sales team make can be logged and removed from the list as the day progresses. Better yet, the salesperson can add notes to the call and keep the system up to date with how things went.

This allows future calls to be improved – perhaps there’s a time that the customer shouldn’t be called, or maybe a product they mentioned that should be followed up – by recording the details, the service provided to the customer will be greatly improved.

Can you build a sales call tracker with a pad and pen?

Of course, you can, but it has many severe limitations. For a start, there can be no automation. If you want to add the details of a customer who needs to be called, you will have to do it manually.

For any notes made during the call, you’ll need space on the pad or even a new page.

For follow up calls, you’re going to need to access a calendar.

If you are the solitary salesperson for your business, you might be able to use this system, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. If there is more than one salesperson, you’re going to be passing that notepad around all day long.

The bigger problems occur when there are more salespeople, and you’re not all located in the same room – what happens if a sales team member on the opposite side of the world needs to read what’s on your pad?

Sharing is Caring

Sharing information is one of the key ways in which a business can become more successful. When knowledge is obtained from sales calls that may be useful to other team members – or even other teams – keeping it hidden is of no benefit.

Tracking your calls with a closed system (like a notepad and pen) will potentially benefit the individual salesperson but will negatively affect the business as a whole.

Sharing the information through a central integrated system will allow further analysis and follow-ups. Nobody will be entering into contact with a customer blindly, and all the information need to make the call go well (and potentially progress or close the sale) will be right there.

When the sales team are working together as a fully functional unit, sharing the necessary information will make everything much easier and smoother for every team member.

A sales call tracker that prevents angry customers

What could be worse than getting a sales call when you really don’t want one? Waiting around to receive the call you’ve booked and being forgotten!

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By using the centralized system and the ability to schedule calls within a calendar or task list, the chances of forgetting a call are minimized. Customers who have requested a call are highly likely to want to progress through your sales process, and so missing them out can have negative consequences for your sales figures.

When combined with the information recorded from other contacts, be it calls, emails, SMS, or any other methods, the call will not only be made on time but will also be relevant and useful for the customer.

This is a cornerstone of providing great customer service, and the better service your company provides, the more likely a customer is to choose you as their supplier.

A memory that lasts

In smaller businesses, you may feel that you can remember everything you need to about every one of your customers. But what happens when you have that interaction with a customer that sets them on the path to purchasing, but due to many reasons, they can’t complete their purchase for 6 to 12 months?

Is it wise to trust your memory for that period of time? What happens if your sales team has been entirely replaced during that time? How can you be sure of what they really needed a year ago?

Referring to old call logs will jog your memory and help you to provide the service to these customers that they expect. Plus, you’ll be able to schedule that follow-up call you should have made 8 months ago when you knew they were interested before!

Using a sales call tracker makes sense

Tracking sales calls will keep your sales team moving in the right direction, and scheduling calls automatically or in advance will keep your customers happy.

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Plus, managers can see that calls have been made on time and have resulted in a good outcome. If this is not the case, you can follow up with your salespeople to find out why they didn’t call. Or, why the outcome wasn’t as good as was expected.

This can lead to changes in procedure that benefit the sales team, making it easier for them to close sales and bring greater income to the business.

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