Top 4 Video Sharing Sites for Businesses

Deepu | Last Updated : 3 Aug, 2021

Video Marketing is a very powerful way to connect with your audience. Videos are interactive, engaging and time-saving.  They give more room to Marketers to connect with their audience and make the messaging more appealing. This leads audience to take desired actions.

So, great videos will surely help you in building your brand and get more leads.  In our earlier post, we wrote about the Top 9 Marketing Tools, that was aimed at various tools you can use to create great videos. Once you create a video, the next step is to publish them. You would want a platform where there is already engaged audience that is relevant for you, and the tools on the platform allow users to share easily through social media and mobile.

There are several sites which help you publish and share your videos. But what will work best for you?  Here is a list of top 4 video sharing sites for businesses to publish and share your videos:

1. YouTube

When it comes to video sharing sites, YouTube is definitely the undisputed guru. Billions of users watch, discover and share videos on this site letting users connect with others locally and around the  globe.


Benefits for a marketer:

Its free Are billboards and advertisements free? No! But Youtube is. All that you will have to spend is…time to create and upload the videos. Rest its all free
Viral Marketing Tool & Global reach By all means, people share videos more than written content thereby making them viral marketing tools. Depending on the type of keywords you use, the video can reach infinite number of people.
SEO friendly You will be prompted to provide a title, description and tags when uploading a video. Use any of the keyword tools discussed in our earlier post, to search for the right keyword and optimize your video.
External URL transfer Use YouTube Annotations to add interactive commentary to your videos. Viewers need to click on the video to go to the next scene or another website/video. This is a great option for lead generation. For further details, click here.
Banner Header Above your video, you can also customize the banner header (the ad space on top of your YouTube homepage profile). Banners can be used as Call to Actions (CTAs) to draw/take viewers to an external website/another video. You can also add your contact details and social networking widgets on the banners making it easier for viewers to get in touch with you directly – via call or social networks. (However, you will have to be a YouTube partner to avail this feature).
Advertising Options  There are numerous advertising options on YouTube. A few of the ad options are also available for mobiles.
YouTube Partner Program Content creators are provided with tools and programs to improve their skills, build audiences and monetize their videos, i.e earn money from videos and display ads on them. Here are the guidelines. Once approved as a permanent member, you will be given a branding option, where in, you will be able to put banner ads on your video and connect with Google Analytics.
Videos Live Streaming You can also upload live streaming videos for as long as 4 hours. This is beneficial for marketers who want to upload live webinars, seminars, felicitation ceremonies, debates/discussions, guest lectures etc.


2. Daily Motion

This leading video sharing site attracts over 112 million visitors monthly. So, if you are not using Daily Motion as a video sharing tool, you better start right away. They are operational in 34 nations around the world in 16 different languages.


Benefits for a marketer:

Free Usage You can upload videos on this site for free. You can also start your own group and get users to like/favorite/follow your videos. A marketer can upload various presentations using this feature and brainstorm with like minded people and also increase brand awareness.
Mobile Friendly Download the Dailymotion app from your Google Play store or iOS and you are good to go. Upload videos on the go! Here is their FAQ.
‘Official Content’ A business video on Dailymotion is marked as ‘OfficialContent’ which distinguishes it from personal videos. This guarantees that the content is original and gives them better visibility on the website.
Dailymotion Advertising With Dailymotion Advertising, professionals will write the content of the video and help it reach the target audience. For further details, take a look at their demos and list of ad products.
Live Streaming You can also stream live videos on Dailymotion which are then broadcast on Web, smartphones and tablets. The video will have a CTA announcing the event, the live video and a clickable skin that will link to the partner’s website. This is an ideal option for Lead Generation.
SEO friendly In order to make your video searchable, make sure it is optimized with the right keywords. You will be prompted to provide these details (title, description, meta description and tags) when uploading the video.
Embeddable Player You can also embed the link of the video on Dailymotion on your website/blog. The code can be found on the player page. Copy the code and paste it where you want the video to appear on your website/blog.

3. Vimeo

Here’s something to get you started. White House officials have used Vimeo as a platform to upload & broadcast videos, share them, connect and network with others. So, now you know how influential Vimeo is?

top 4 video sharing sites

Benefits for a marketer:

Free Use You can upload your videos on Vimeo for free. The free plan provides HD re-encodings and unlimited creation of albums/channels.
Flexibility of paid plans You can also opt for their Vimeo Plus package at just $9.95/month. If you are looking for a better platform to host your commercial content; Vimeo Pro or Vimeo for Business can be ideal. Here is Vimeo’s Guidelines.
Share & Connect You can share a video with the click of a button (easy-to-understand privacy controls let you decide who sees your videos). You can connect with other marketers by following them, i.e. subscribing to their videos, receive updates about them & have the ability to send them messages.
Enhance your Videos Don’t worry if your video is dull or you don’t have professional help. Use the video enhancer to find the perfect look for your video from Vimeo’s library and add music. Voila, you are done!
Vimeo is everywhere Vimeo Everywhere is now also available on iOS, Android & Windows Phones, Streaming players (XBOX, Apple TV etc) and software (courier, favs and couch for chrome) and much more.

4. Metacafe

Metacafe’s tagline encapsulates the company’s mission – ‘Serving the world’s best videos.’ Metacafe is a video sharing site that specializes in short-form video entertainment and only user generated content, i.e. it does not accept content that has been copied from somewhere else.


Benefits for a marketer:

Zero Duplication & Clutter free Unlike other video sharing sites which have hundreds of videos of the same name; on Metacafe, there is no duplication of content. (So, what you post, will never be copied and re-posted). Videos are carefully reviewed and filtered by a panel of 80,000 community members.
Get paid for likes With the Producer Rewards system, once 20,000 people have viewed your video, Metacafe will pay you. (Price has not been mentioned)
Enhances Brand Awareness Apart from the general play, pause, full screen & volume options, the viewing pane on Metacafe offers a variety of options for viewers to share your video or embed it on a separate site thereby increasing brand awareness.
User-generated content only Unlike many other video sharing sites which have copy pasted content and videos, Metacafe has exclusive user-generated content only. (This however doesn’t mean that you won’t find clips from TV shows or movies, but they are far less than on other sites.)

Here is Metacafe’s submission rules.

So, these are the top 4 video sharing sites for businesses. Which will you use to upload your videos? Do leave us a comment and share.

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