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The healthcare landscape is evolving rapidly, presenting new challenges and opportunities. While older systems may have served well in the past, they can now hinder progress by slowing efficiency and creating security risks.

However, according to Statista’s 2023 report, a significant shift is underway. The majority of surveyed organizations are prioritizing the modernization of their legacy applications and data systems. More than 50% of them cite increased efficiency and security as primary motivations.

In this roundtable, our experts explored these changes, look at new solutions, and work together to make it easier to migrate from legacy to modern systems.

​ Key Discussion Points:

  • Identifying outdated systems, and their hidden costs and inefficiencies.
  • Futureproofing your infrastructure with new solutions for scalability, security, and agility.
  • Building a cloud migration strategy and defining success metrics to ensure a smooth transition.



Srinivasulu Thayam

Chief Technology Officer, Aravind Eye Care System

Srinivasulu Thayam

Prem Antony

Chief Digital Officer, St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences


Shyatto Raha

Founder and CEO, MyHealthcare

Vineet Kumar Tiwari

Vineet Tiwari

AVP Sales, LeadSquared

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