Upcoming Webinars

September 2020
 123Grow Sales Remotely with Digital Sales OperationsGrow Sales Remotely with Digital Sales Operations September 3, 2020Key Takeaways from the Webinar:
  • Importance of a sales CRM to generate more leads & sales
  • How to boost sales conversions with an Outbound call center software
  • Success Stories of Leading B2C Brands
  • How deep CRM integration can make the calling process seamless on web and mobile for Work from home
  • Reporting and Analytics on tracking the performance of contact center agents
78910Are Open Houses Dead?Are Open Houses Dead? September 10, 2020The New Way to Create Events That Work! In this webinar we'll present new ways to create events, with case studies that show on-the-spot enrollments, as well as best practices for creating virtual events. Discover out-of-the-box ways to market your event to attract more people.111213
1415Create Responsive Landing Pages in MinutesCreate Responsive Landing Pages in Minutes September 15, 2020We will be hosting webinars to show you how to create beautiful, responsive Landing Pages and Emailers that look as good as they convert. We will be running these webinars over 6 days to ensure that you can find a date that works for you.16Opportunity Management in LeadSquaredOpportunity Management in LeadSquared September 16, 2020You'll learn how to
  •  Capture opportunities across all marketing channels
  •  Define & automate customized processes for every opportunity type you offer
  •  Define criteria to automatically assign opportunities to relevant sales teams & users
  •  Identify & capture duplicate opportunities within your system
  •   Track every interaction through activities, tasks & notes