[Webinar] Decoding the Journey: Using Automation to Turn Prospects into Customers

Over the past five years, there has been a realization in the world of digital marketing that the most effective CRO strategy is to deliver good customer service to prospects. The basic principle being that conversations help build trust & convince prospects to share lead information. Of course, implementing this strategy is easier said than done. Delivering instant customer service 24×7 requires an immense amount of manpower & resources that most businesses do not have. To overcome this hurdle, many marketers are turning to the power of automation. In this webinar, you’ll see how you can:

  • Use chatbots to create automated customer service experiences
  • Create fast & consistent sales processes by automating all back-end & low-value tasks
  • Stay ahead of your competition with conversational landing pages & intelligent sales automation


Arnav Patel


A digital marketing nerd, Arnav helps marketers get the most out of their marketing campaigns by creating content about CRO. He is a conversational design expert and has built over 60 chatbots to helps businesses boost their PPC conversion rates. He currently focuses on how conversational tech (chatbots and live chat) can be used to deliver best-in-class online customer service and convert site visitors into leads.

Rajat Arora


Rajat has 14 years of experience in design, art collection, marketing, and sales. As the Director of Marketing at LeadSquared, he brings a unique perspective to the function – practical strategies, cross-functional insights, without the fluff. In this webinar, Rajat will share the secrets to automating some absolutely necessary, but repetitive sales and marketing processes, allowing teams to focus on building great customer experiences instead. 

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