The pandemic has pushed businesses into adopting unusual solutions. From just Zoom calls to moving their entire operations online, every industry has undergone a digital transformation. While most companies have made the shift, plenty of them are still figuring out how to redesign and optimize their online business model to increase efficiency.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to map your business’ digital transformation journey and navigate around all the pitfalls.

Key Discussion Points:

  1. What is digital transformation?
  2. The most common pitfalls when redesigning the business model.
  3. How to avoid the pitfalls and get started the right way?



Frederik Bisbjerg
Executive Director, Digitization, Daman National Health Insurance

Frederik Bisbjerg is a highly respected international business developer with expertise in digital transformation and business model innovation. His proven and numerous successes with worldwide business transformations come from his belief in enabling and empowering people to execute change strategies. He is Executive Director, Digitization at Daman National Health Insurance company, one of the largest insurers in the GCC countries, where he oversees the company’s digital transformation initiatives, building a digital-first flexible and resilient insurance company.


Gaurav Saini
Senior Manager – Presales, LeadSquared

Gaurav has over 15 years of experience in the software industry, namely CRM and BI solutions, for multiple verticals, including education, manufacturing, pharma, retail, and BFSI. At LeadSquared, he plays a crucial role in mapping customer requirements to the product and providing solutions to those requirements. Throughout his career, he has learned interpersonal skills, interfacing, CRM & ERP understanding, requirements capturing & analysis, then mapping same onto a solution by working closely with development teams.