[Webinar] Higher Education in the Covid Era: How to adapt for the future

In this webinar, ISBR Business School and LeadSquared will come together to discuss the admission strategy for higher education institutions at this time, and how to drive more enrolments. 

Key Discussion Points:

  • What is the current admission process and what needs to change?
  • Challenges in adapting to an online admission process
  • Tools available to ease the burden on admission and marketing teams
  • How to streamline the entire student journey via automation
  • The future of higher education institutions


Murali Krishna
Director of Sales Operations, LeadSquared 

Murali is the Director of Business Operations at LeadSquared. He has over 8 years of experience in sales and has led several teams during this time. Prior to LeadSquared, he was a Relationship Manager at HDFC Bank, where he mastered the sales process & pipeline of financial institutions. Of late, he has been extensively working with the education sector, helping schools, colleges, universities, and ed-tech businesses, fill more seats faster!

Lokesh Mehra
Director Global Admissions, ISBR Business School

Lokesh is a seasoned educational professional with over 12+ years of experience in both offline and online education domains. He has headed multiple sales teams in his past and has supported them in determining the new ways of increasing enrolments. He has worked with organizations like Flygrades, Don Bosco School of Management, Aakash Insitute, and a lot more.

Shibani Roy

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