What is Healthcare CRM: An Insightful Guide

Healthcare CRM

The medical profession is, without a doubt, one of the most noble occupations in the world. People generally interact with healthcare providers at the most trying times in their lives. Regardless of the severity of the illness, it’s normal for patients to feel helpless, and it’s up to the entire healthcare staff – medical or operational – to help them, be it with actual medical aid, or with empathy at every single interaction.

However, a lot of the times, the empathy aspect outside of actual medical aid is lacking, not by design, but simply because of overburdened, exhausted staff. Medical institutions may provide best-in-class medical treatment but fail to replicate the same empathetic connection in managing patient relationships. 

When patients place their trust in you, you need to be as reliable as they hoped you would be, even beyond the responsibilities of medical aid. It is crucial for earning their trust and adding a quality service to their treatment. It is where Healthcare CRM comes into play and establishes that relationship with caregiving inputs.  

What is Healthcare CRM?

Healthcare CRM is a customer relationship management software that enables you to know your patients as real individuals by tracking and capturing data from all information sources. It allows you to access all crucial information, like patient demographics, their social profiles, behaviors (via activity tracking and conversation tracking), their medical, and appointment history, and more, giving you a deeper insight into them. It serves as an essential tool to manage your patients from even before they visit your hospital to post-treatment and beyond.

For instance, a patient has come in for a root canal. Now, the treatment would not be over in a day. It takes around five to six appointments to complete it. 

Before the first appointment, healthcare CRM will automatically send them the precautions they must take. 

Following that, it will remind your team to call them and check the condition of your patient personally. It helps your hospital initiate the caregiving relationship, and gain the trust of your patients. 

After the first appointment, smart healthcare CRM can send automated emails with details of their primary therapy. In the email, you can also provide them the do’s and don’t in the course of treatment. You can suggest appropriate eating habits and other such tips. This enables you to maintain communication and develop a relationship with the patient even outside the hospital. It will make them feel that your hospital cares. 

Now, after the entire process of root canal is over, your hospital can send them further inputs and reminders about a precautionary dental check-up.

This was just a tiny glimpse of Healthcare CRM in action. Let us look at the complete picture now.    

Provide Quality Patient Care With Healthcare CRM 

CRM for Healthcare

Healthcare CRM Segments Your Patients Intelligently 

Hospital CRM Segments Patients

To draw in your patients, you must engage them on a personal note. When you segment them based on the locations convenient to them, their specific ailments, preferred specialist, and other similar parameters, it enables you to set up a channeled and personalized communication with them. It lays the foundation stone of your relationship. 

Time is of the essence in the medical industry. If there’s one thing that patients expect from their healthcare providers even more than personalized communication, it is to minimize wait times (in all interactions), and periods of ambiguity. A smart healthcare CRM would help you achieve this by mapping your patients to the right doctor instantly.

Healthcare CRM Organizes Family Members as a Unit

Healthcare CRM Organizes Family Members as a Unit.

By organizing all family members as a unit, you can maintain a record of their medical history, hereditary conditions, the family’s collective and individual appointment history, and more.

For this, you can leverage account management to group the family into a single unit. 

Suppose you have a patient with symptoms of diabetes. With healthcare CRM you can check if there is anyone in their family who has the same disease. If yes, you can send precautions to the patient via e-mail, or you can inform them about healthy eating habits to keep diabetes at bay.

Provide Personalized Attention

Healthcare CRM Provides Personalized Attention

Every patient expects the hospital or clinic to take care of them. But when we talk about 100’s and 1000’s of patients daily, providing personalized attention to everyone becomes difficult. Tracking patient’s activities, their ailment, and many other parameters are beyond the scope of an excel sheet.  

That’s where Healthcare CRM comes into play. It helps your care manager to track every patient by providing a consolidated view of the entire patient’s journey in your facility.

With CRM, you can automatically send them emails or texts containing prescriptions, reports, and other precautions. It helps you to maintain your relationship with the patient and engage them consistently. 

When Healthcare CRM notifies them with personalized inputs, they feel pampered. It enriches their trust in your caregiving entity. 

Provide Hassle-free Medical Care

Heathcare CRM Provides Hassle Free Medical Care

When your repeat patients call to book an appointment, you can easily use their medical history and map them with the doctor who treated them before. It will help you to provide hassle-free medical care to your patients. The doctors will be aware of the medical care given and can modify the treatment accordingly.

Now, suppose your patient came in for prenatal (pregnancy) care. You will have to engage them for the entire period of pregnancy and even after. There will be several appointments and several tests during the entire period. Healthcare CRM will help you to ensure that no appointment is missed, and no test is forgotten. Furthermore, it engages the patients with precautions during pregnancy, and reminders with an easy way to book appointments. 

Forecast Your Patient’s Need

Heathcare CRM Forecasts Patient Needs

With Healthcare CRM, you can predict what your patients might need. 

You can track their activities and their medical problems. Based on that, you can engage them with vital inputs that will help them to improve their medical condition. 

For chronic diseases, you can easily forecast the needs of your patients. It will help you to create a streamlined process for them to receive medical treatment. 

Additionally, It enriches your solidarity and establish you as an entity that cares. 

Automate Appointment Bookings

Healthcare CRM Automates Appointment Booking

The healthcare CRM empowers you to automate your appointment booking process. It assigns the patient to the doctors based on their location, preferences, and doctors’ expertise. 

It automatically checks the schedule of your specialist and fixes the appointment. Subsequently, CRM will notify the doctor and care manager about the same.

Automate Inquiry Distribution to Call Center

Heathcare CRM Automates Enquiry Distribution to call centre

Automatically route your calls in a round-robin manner, based on agent’s availability, region, center location, department and urgency of the request, and more. All the inquiries get distributed according to the criteria that you set. It eliminates the delay in reaching out to the customer and enhances the efficiency of the call center. 

Automate Patient Feedback Collection

Heathcare CRM Automates Patient Feedback collection

Patient feedback is an essential element in governing your hospital’s functionality. After the patient’s treatment is over, you can maintain your communication by collecting their feedback. It will help you to analyze the expectations of your patients, and according to that, you can modify the treatment process. 

Use your Healthcare CRM for Error Reduction

Reduce Errors with Healthcare CRM

Reduce errors in your caregiving activities by adequately following up with your patients. You can inspect your process regularly and create a streamlined workflow. It will ensure that no appointment is missed, and your call center agents can reach out to every patient who booked an appointment.

Enhance Patient Experience

Healthcare CRM Enhances Patients Experience

Prescription and reports are prone to get lost, and doctors’ instructions can be easily forgotten. Healthcare CRM enhances the patient’s experience by enabling you to send these details to the patients via text, email, and patient portal. It would build their trust in your treatment and will encourage them to return for a follow-up appointment.

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Provide The Care that Your Patients Deserve.

Patients are an integral part of your hospital. When you provide them a quality service, they will value it for life. It will help you to establish a long-term relationship with the patient, and they would always trust you for their medical needs. 

Healthcare CRM enables you to nurture your patients and provide them the care that they want. 

So let’s transform your medical institution into a more patient-centric organization with Leadsquared’s Healthcare CRM.

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