Asher College Increased Student Engagement by 13% using LeadSquared

Asher is a vocational college and career trade school offering Medical, IT and Business curriculum. Based in Dallas, Las Vegas and Sacramento, Asher College provides employment- tailored education across business, medical, skill-trades and technology. They have focused on achieving one goal: giving the students rigorous and robust training for real-world careers.

Taking A Hard Look At Enrollment

Asher formerly used a robust home-grown system for enrollment management, but it didn’t allow them to reach prospects quickly and required other third- party applications to deliver all required functionalities like calling, bulk- emails, texting and lead scoring. All of these hindrances were stopping admission counselors from having productive discovery conversations with prospective students.

“After we decided to acquire more colleges under the Asher umbrella, we realized we needed something better to make the admissions process easier for counselors and students,” said Kim Gasper, Corporate Director of Admissions, Asher College. “We needed to be responsive, and able to get back to prospective students quickly.”

Lead Capture from Multiple Sources

Asher chose to implement LeadSquared’s Admissions Automation and Student Engagement Platform to handle the high volume of inquiries as their college expanded. The complete solution helped them reach prospective students first and develop a positive interaction at each contact point in the prospective students’ evaluation process. Admissions specific workflows helped their teams prioritize incoming inquiries, engage with more leads and identify their passions in a more organized fashion.

Major Challenges:

  • Intense regional competition
  • Even though the Admissions team was using a robust in-house system, maintaining the functionality was getting harder.
  • Required multiple other systems to enable Lead Scoring, Bulk-emails, texting and calling.

Scaling With LeadSquared

Eliminating drop-offs with Student Engagement Workflows

“Most inquiry drop-off because of a late and inconsistent outreach. There are either too many contact attempts or none at all.” says Kim. “With LeadSquared we’ve defined a straight-forward 21- contact strategy on our CRM so that the reps are notified about each touchpoint and reaction from the prospects regularly.”

Personalised Communication

  • Zero Duplication: De-dupe and lead assignment to relevant counselors based on programs and campuses.
  • 100% Response Rate: Personalized communication is sent to each enquiry from the relevant rep’s number and email-id.
  • Auto Task Assignment: Task scheduling, reminders and website visit notifications based on real-time actions of the lead.

Smart Views and Lead Scores helps increase the Counselors’ Productivity

“With a high volume of inquiries, it’s important that our admission counselors prioritize and reach the most engaged ones first,” says Kim. “Smart Views helps our reps organize their inquiries by engagement and status in the enrolment cycle. Hence all prospects are informed about every step, which helps us enroll the right students to our school.”

  • Pipeline View: All assigned leads are ‘bucketed’ based on the most recent statuses and activities.
  • Lead Score: Custom scores to define the engagement level of every lead based on real-time actions.
  • Calendar View: All tasks are auto organized in a daily, weekly and monthly calendar so every rep has his day planned out, everyday.

Comprehensive reporting helps increase Management Control and improves Forecasting

“I cannot improve, what I cannot measure,” says Kim. “LeadSquared’s custom reports help us track everything, from activities to goals on the level of each rep. We combine data from these reports and can now make more informed forecasts and plan things right from budgets to the number of outreaches to the correct call scripts.”

Lead Tracking

  • Dashboards: Real-time dashboards for each user to get a metrics overview based on their role.
  • Reports Library: The system has 1000+ deep reports pre-uploaded to cover all scenarios and metrics.
  • Custom Reporting: For metrics specific to Asher, LeadSquared also allows custom setup by our support teams.

Results Since Day One

The benefits of working from a single enrolment solution, instead of engaging with multiple vendors were immediately evident to Asher’s Management team.

The admissions team was able to increase speed-to-lead by 12 time. It helped them personalize communications throughout the student life cycle and track all the communications, offering continued rich student engagement from end to end.  The contact rate went up by 13%  and scheduled campus appointments improved by 5%.