Mobile CRM Software: Boost Your Field Sales Team's Efficiency

Track and manage your field sales team closely even from miles away.

Mobile CRM

Build a Highly Productive Field Workforce

Automate, plan, track and monitor your agent's daily sales routine

 Mobile CRM

Get automated day plans

Let LeadSquared plan your agents’ day for them. Right from the number of meetings scheduled, the goals for the day, and the best travel route – everything is designed for them, automatically.

 Mobile CRM

Get meeting recommendations

Based on the agent’s location, the mobile app will identify leads nearby. Your agents can then drop in for a quick meeting or follow-up.

 Mobile CRM

Give intelligent upsell/cross-sell signals

The tool can use the customer’s activity history to look for possible upsell or cross-sell opportunities and recommend sales actions to your agents.

 Mobile CRM Sales Tracker

Know what your agents are doing

Track all their calls and messages that they receive on their mobile device and analyze their overall productivity. Use their meeting history to know if they are meeting their targets.

 Mobile CRM

Geo-fence their tasks

LeadSquared will not allow your agents to complete their tasks or meetings if they are not in the correct location. This reduces falsified meeting logs.

 Mobile CRM

Know the location history for your team

Get complete geo reporting of all the meetings and tasks. Know how many meetings have happened, the distance travelled, and even the locations of every meeting.

Allow your agents to check in/out automatically

Your field agents can check-in to indicate that they are starting their sales route, and similarly, check out at the end of the day. In case they forget or are unable to do so manually, the tool will automatically check them in.

Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM

Detect fake location check-ins

Stop your agents checking in from false locations. For example, if they are in Boston, they cannot check in claiming that they are in New York City. You can also geo-fence their tasks to prevent fraudulent entries.

Distribute leads to your agents based on pincode

Automatically assign leads to your field agents based on the pin codes that they oversee. Send them instant notifications or assign tasks to them to follow up.

Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM

Automatically navigate to the next meeting location

After the meeting is over, the app will automatically remind you where your next meeting is. Also, it will tell you the route you need to take to reach the location quickly.

Remind your team to log in meeting notes

After the scheduled meeting time, send an email to your field agents reminding them to log in meeting notes. This helps you to know how the meeting went, ultimately helping you take important sales and business decisions.

Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM

Simple mobile CRM system to speed up your document verification process

Your field team may need to collect documents from your customers for verification. Your field agents can easily upload multiple documents at a time for verification, and they can be instantly approved. This reduces the wait time and improves efficiency.

Know every move that your agents make

Get real-time updates of your agents’ location and the number of meetings that they have had. Look at the sales route that they have navigated, the miles travelled and the tasks that they have completed.

Mobile CRM

Excellently Crafted CRM for Field Sales


“The mobile CRM app is intuitive and has provided continuous value to our field sales team. The team was able to easily adopt and grasp the tool in a few weeks. The app’s functionality allows us to process leads, tasks, and activities, on the go, flawlessly. It also works offline which is very crucial for…”

Abhinav Gujjar, Co-Founder, Tricog Health
Hena Mehta - Ezetap

“LeadSquared is used by our retail sales managers and third-party agents who are on the field selling our products. We needed an easy way to create and track leads on-the-go, and various roles/access levels as we work with different third-party agencies, and LeadSquared does that perfectly.”

Hena Mehta, Product Manager, Ezetap Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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Field Sales Mobile CRM Software FAQs

Which CRM has the best mobile app?

If you are looking for a cloud-based CRM that supports both desktop and mobile application, LeadSquared is the best choice. It is a powerful mobile sales CRM and lead management system that supports offline access, detailed sales and location reports, geo-fencing, sales tracking, notifications, automated check-in/check-out, and more. 

What are the benefits of a mobile CRM app?

The most important benefit of a mobile CRM app is the increased sales force productivity. More efficient reps result in increased sales and better customer satisfaction. Here’s the answer to how CRM mobile app helps achieve more productivity from mobile field sales:
1. Live lead records and automated lead distribution based on the current location
2. Task auto-assignment and reminders
3. Route guidance to help reps navigate the meeting locations easily
4. Automated check-in/check-out for accurate work logs
5. Complete day plan to help salespeople prioritize their tasks
6. Less paperwork and faster access to sales materials, such as promotional marketing sheets, pricing guidelines, product information brochures, and more. 

What are some of the best mobile CRM features?

LeadSquared is the best CRM for field sales and it offers the following features:
✅ Automated + manual check-in/out with complete geo-tagging
✅ Smart Views: smart task windows to show only relevant tasks and make agents more productive
✅ B2C opportunity management: to help reps identify and close multiple opportunities per lead
✅ Geo-fencing: to know exactly where your agents are completing their tasks
✅ Customizable dashboards: 360-degree view of all your leads and tasks
✅ B2B account management: to manage all your B2B relationships easily
✅ Leads near me: to help reps find leads near their current location and suggest optimal route to reach them

What is mobile CRM and why is it important?

Mobile CRM is a software application that delivers the functionalities of a CRM on smartphones, tablets, and other internet-enabled devices. It enables sales, marketing, and customer service teams to access and manage customer/prospect information in real-time, wherever they are.

What is cloud mobile CRM?

Cloud Mobile CRM is a cloud-based CRM software app that can be used on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. It enables businesses to access sales and customer/prospect data in real-time from anywhere.

What are the advantages of using CRM on mobile devices?

Apps have become an important part of sales CRM software because of the following reasons:
1. Increased mobility – reps can access sales and prospects’ information from anywhere and at any time.
2. Mobile-based CRM makes field sales easier
3. Smart lead insights such as cross-sell opportunity to improve the conversion rates
4. Ability to see “leads near me” and route guidance to help sales reps cover more meetings en route. 
5. Geo-tracking and geo-fencing to bring transparency to the system and maintain accurate records. 
6. Automated check-in/check-out to record attendance even if the reps forget to do so. 

Explore more features of the LeadSquared field sales mobile app available on Android and iOS.

Best Mobile CRM software

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