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Mobile CRM App to Build a Highly
Productive Field Workforce

Automate, plan, track, and monitor your agent’s daily sales routine

Automatically distribute leads

Automatically assign leads to your field agents based on the pin codes that they oversee. Send them instant notifications or assign tasks to them to follow up.  

Manage sales territory

Set up sales territories and accordingly assign leads to your field reps. Geo-fence their tasks to reduce fake location check-ins and falsified meeting logs.

Track agent’s GPS location

Get real-time updates of your agents’ location. Look at the sales route they have navigated, the miles traveled, and the tasks they have completed en route.

Nudge and notify

Notify sales reps about new leads and tasks assigned, which they can complete en route.

Track team performance

Manage attendance, track target vs. achievement, and analyze the productivity of your team members based on the activities and tasks posted by them.

Enable Your Reps to Make a SMART Move!

Help your sales agents work smarter and enable a transparent process for all.  

Allow your agents to check in/out automatically

Your field agents can check in to indicate that they are starting their sales route, and similarly, check out at the end of the day. In case they forget or are unable to do so manually, the tool will automatically check them in.

Mobile CRM - Allow your agents to check in/out automatically

Mobile CRM - Send automated beat plans

Send automated beat plans

Right from the number of meetings scheduled, the goals for the day, and the best travel route – everything is designed for them, automatically. 

Give meeting recommendations

Let your agents identify nearby leads, and get directions to the meeting location based on their current location.

Mobile CRM - Give meeting recommendations
Mobile CRM - Help agents collect documents, log meeting notes

Help them collect documents, log meeting notes

Reduce paperwork. Let your agents scan and upload documents from the mobile CRM app. Log meeting notes instantly to ensure important information isn’t missed.

Sync automatically

Help your agents work effectively even in low/no network areas. The app syncs all the information once the agent gets access to the internet. 

Mobile CRM - automatic sync

CRM Anywhere, Anytime: A Versatile
Mobile App for Your Field Teams

Explore how leading brands are using our mobile CRM for various use cases

1. Field sales tracking

LeadSquared’s mobile CRM app can streamline on-demand, same-day, and door-to-door delivery processes. It can track field reps’s activities and tasks completed; and enables them to navigate the best route with “leads near me” functionality.

Field sales tracking
2. Mobile CRM for relationship managers

Equip your RMs (Relationship Managers) with a handy mobile interface to manage leads and activities, track their location history, and more. Distribute leads to your RMs based on agent availability (or attendance), in a round-robin manner, or other parameters.

Mobile CRM for relationship managers
3. Generate leads from your BTL marketing campaigns

Generate more leads from your BTL marketing campaigns. Identify marketing locations, create campaigns and analyze their performances. Verify leads generated on the spot with OTP verification.

Mask group (1)
4. Onboard and manage merchants smoothly

From generating merchant leads by visiting their store to onboarding, management, nurturing, and auditing, LeadSquared’s CRM app can help your operations team work efficiently and with complete ownership.

Onboard and manage merchants smoothly
5. Door-to-door retail sales

Assign beat plans, targets for the day, recommend routes, and more. Track the number of sales made, targets achieved, distance traveled, and revenue generated. Collect data, connect the dots, and analyze the best-performing sales reps, regions, and more.

Door-to-door retail sales
6. Conduct field sales survey

Create a standard survey form on the mobile CRM app for all field sales reps. Assign surveys for each location to your reps and geofence their territories. Auto-populate location details with LeadSquared’s geotagging feature.

Conduct field sales survey

What Our Customers Have to Say

Kandarp Kant
Kandarp Kant
Chief Technology Officer

“Our agents are more efficient, and the journeys are more seamless, helping us deliver a premium experience to every customer.”

Increase in Loan Sales
Increase in Call Centre Efficiency
Reduction in Cost Per Lead
Saurabh Sudhanshu Tripathi
Saurabh Sudhanshu Tripathi
Senior Business Development Manager

“Where an individual salesperson took around 8-10 mins to fill in the required details of a supplier, with LeadSquared it just takes a minute.”

Increase in Productivity
More Conversions
Increased Revenue

Now It’s Your Chance to Transform Your Field Operations

Explore how LeadSquared’s Mobile CRM App could help.


What is a mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM is a CRM experience designed for smartphones and tablets. It helps a company’s field workforce access all (or important) functionalities of a CRM on a mobile device like lead details, tasks assigned, upcoming meetings, etc. It also allows them to mark attendance, scan or upload documents, log meeting notes and updates, and more while being in the field.

What are the benefits of using a Mobile CRM?

Here are some of the many benefits of using a mobile CRM:

  • Call or message leads in just a click
  • Get access to lead details on a mobile device
  • Find directions to the meeting location
  • Update meeting logs instantly on the phone
  • Get notified for new leads assigned and/or scheduled and overdue tasks

What are the steps in the implementation of mobile CRM?

Normally, you can download the mobile CRM app on your smartphone from the Play Store or App Store and get going after your email/phone number verification. However, some apps (paid CRM apps) would need you to purchase the license. In this case, after purchasing the license and verifying your email/phone number, you can start using the app.

Which is the best mobile CRM?

Trusted by leading brands like AmazonPay, Flipkart, Dunzo, and many more for enabling their field workforce, LeadSquared’s mobile CRM is the best app for Android and iOS.

What are the essential features of a mobile CRM?

Some of the essential features of a mobile CRM are:

  • Automated system to mark attendance
  • Notifications for tasks assigned
  • Access to important CRM functions like lead details, dashboards, etc.
  • Ability to upload client documents
  • Geo-fencing and GPS tracking for transparency in distance traveled
  • Offline sync to help reps work efficiently in no/low network areas

What is the use of the CRM app?

CRM app is generally used by the field workforce to access lead details, enter meeting updates, track miles traveled to reach the client’s location, and log in and log out for the day.

Advanced mobile CRM apps can notify reps about the assigned tasks, and overdue tasks, give route guidance, allow users to scan or upload documents, geo-fence their work territory, and more.

Can mobile CRM reduce costs?

Mobile CRM can reduce your operational costs to a great extent by:

  • Improving field agent’s productivity so that more work per person can be done within the same time frame.
  • Eliminating costs as sales reps can use Android or iOS mobile phones to conduct meetings, log notes, upload documents, etc.
  • Giving directions to the meeting location, suggesting optimal path from the current location, and thus reducing miles traveled.

Can I use my existing CRM on my phone?

Yes, in most cases, you can use your existing CRM on your phone. However, the features and functionalities of the mobile version may vary.

Some CRM systems are mobile responsive, while some may have a separate mobile app. Some CRM apps even make important features like updating contact info easy to navigate and use on mobile devices.