Simple Mobile CRM to Run Your Entire Field Sales Operations

Watch your field sales team closely even from miles away

Mobile CRM - GPS Tracking

Geo track your sales team to lead them effectively

Help your sales team organize their day

Meeting planner

Get a visual representation of your team's meeting schedule. Track day-to-day activities like distance traveled, meeting time etc.

Real-time meeting updates

Monitor where your sales people are, their check in and check out points. Get real-time updates on how the conversation went.

Meeting notes

Get complete activity history of your sales team members at the end of the day. Review their day and suggest ways to increase efficiency.

Mobile CRM - Sales Geo Tracking
Mobile CRM - check in details
Mobile CRM - Track meeting details

Help your sales team automate repetitive and important tasks

Create a more efficient sales team

mobile crm
mobile crm - meeting notes
mobile crm - Automated Sales Alerts

Automated meeting reminders and check-ins

Automatically remind your sales people just before their next meeting, and prompt them to log their check-in. This would help the Sales Manager keep a close eye on the team without spending much time.

Automated meeting logs

Remind your sales team to log and save notes at the end of every meeting. This would help them make more efficient follow-ups and help you get qualitative data on each meeting.

Automated sales alerts

Alert sales automatically whenever an important lead activity happens, like when a lead is assigned to them, or when a lead moves down the sales funnel.

Check out your contacts within your vicinity

Save time, money and energy by closing nearby deals first

Mobile CRM

Make your mobile a lead capture machine

Capture incoming calls, inbound and outbound calls from all channels

Capture Incoming calls as leads

All incoming calls are captured as leads in the mobile CRM, so that your sales reps don’t miss out any opportunity while they are in other meetings.

Capture leads from all online channels

Leads from all your online channels (like paid ads, organic search, website etc.) are automatically captured, and assigned to relevant sales people.

Record calls and SMS

All the incoming & outgoing calls of your sales team are tracked and recorded. This will help you audit and improve the quality of the conversations.

Mobile CRM - Lead Capture
mobile crm - lead capture automation
mobile crm - incoming call and SMS recording

The easiest lead and sales management system

Don't spend on expensive setups and hardware, spend on high-quality salespeople

Mobile CRM

Works offline (or on low bandwidth)

Update your tasks, capture leads and manage follow-ups even in zero or low-network areas. The app syncs when you are back online.

Mobile CRM

Perfect for distributed teams of all sizes

Used by teams working separately in remote locations, or together in an office. Empower your teams to deliver excellent performance no matter where they are.

Mobile CRM

Grows with your team

Affordable solution that scales as your team grows. If you have 1 sales rep, or a 1000, the solution would always be easy and inexpensive to use and set up.

Perfect mobile CRM for our field sales team

“LeadSquared is used by our retail sales managers and third-party agents who are on the field selling our products. We needed an easy way to create and track leads on-the-go, and various roles/access levels as we work with different third-party agencies, and LeadSquared does that perfectly.”
Hena Mehta - Ezetap

Hena Mehta

Product Manager, Ezetap Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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