Video KYC Solution.
Onboard customers & partners remotely

Accelerate your verification process and reduce onboarding costs - Seamless Integration of LeadSquared with 3rd party Video KYC solutions

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Video KYC Solution - add-on

Connect onboarding seamlessly to your customer acquisition process

Manage your entire lead lifecycle from lead capture to onboarding in one single CRM


Video KYC - connect all teams

  • Paperless and Instant

    Fast verification without the need for physical document collection.

  • Face Detection

    Live face detection using a robust face recognition algorithm.

  • Real-time Pan Verification

    Secure real-time customer data verification using OCR.

  • Geo-Location Capture + IP Check

    The location is authenticated with latitude, longitude + IP capture.

  • Digital Forgery Check

    Done on the displayed ID proof using AI/ML-based algorithms.

  • Advance Forensic Check

    Video forensics for pre-recorded risk and spoof detection is done.

  • Time-Bound Verification

    Timestamp & audit trail captured for every application & video.

  • Compliant

    UIDAI compliant verification with LeadSquared Video KYC.

Application capture and distribution

Applications are captured through the website, landing pages, APIs, field sales teams, and banking relations, and distributed to the verification team based on pre-defined logic – regions, rep performance, agent availability, or on a round-robin basis.

Video KYC Solution - application distribution

Video KYC solution - task creation

Task creation and call initiation

Once the application is assigned and time and date are set, the prospect will receive a call link – the time for this is completely customizable according to your requirements. The prospect initiates the video call by clicking on the link.

Video KYC verification

During the call, the prospect holds up any of the approved documents in front of the camera. The agent takes a screenshot of the prospect as well as the document, followed by face matching. The person’s name and DOB are also captured from the document using OCR and matched with details provided by them.

Video KYC solution - verification

Video KYC solution - seamless connection

Integrates with video KYC solution of your choice

LeadSquared CRM connects powerfully with any video KYC solution provider to ensure that your customer acquisition process is completely connected – right from application to verification, onboarding, and closure.

Verification by agent and reviewer

The call is completed once the agent approves or disapproves, using a mix of face match results, the details captured by OCR, and his own judgment. A manager or reviewer reviews the call between the agent and prospect. Post-review, he can either accept the verification, ask the agent to repeat the video KYC process, or reject the prospect.

Video KYC solution - call review

Video KYC Solution - verification dashboard

Verification completion

Once the reviewer has completed this the lead status is updated as verified or not verified. This is updated in the LeadSquared CRM and the lead can then be passed on to the next stage.

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Onboard customers & partners remotely

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