Field Force Tracker.

Keep a check on your field agents at all times. Geo-tracking, geo-fencing and more.

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Trusted by 2000+ enterprises to run their entire field operations

Plan their day in advance and track them

Complete visibility into your agents’ plans and routes for the day. You will know the number of meetings that have been scheduled for the day, the calls that they have to make, the tasks that have been assigned to them for the day, along with the routes they are meant to follow.

Field force tracker - day and route planning
Field force tracker - check-in and check-out

Track their check ins, check outs and attendance

Track if your field teams start their day on time by mandating automated or manual check-ins and check-outs. Set workday templates for your agents to define when (time) and where (location) their work starts and ends.

You can send reminders to your sales team that their workdays are about to start. If they haven’t checked in, the app will do it automatically for them, given they are at the correct location.

Track if your agents have completed their assigned meetings

Know where your field agents are at all times. Use geo-tracking and their check-in statuses to keep a tab on them.

You can also find out if they have completed the meetings on time and the outcome of the meeting.

field force tracker - geo-tracking
field force tracker - geo-fencing

Geo-fencing to avoid meeting manipulations

To prevent your field team from making fraudulent check-ins, you can now perform certain restrictions. Your agent can’t check-in or add meeting notes without being physically present in that location.

Not only does it prevent dishonest practices, but also ensures that the reports are accurate.

Get complete reports of the day along with routes

Get a visual representation of the route that your field agent has traveled and the meetings they have completed. Know what time he has checked in and from where and the distance that he has covered that day.

You can also find out the number of meetings that he has done that day as well as the ones he has missed.

Field force tracker - meeting reports

Trusted by 2000+ Enterprises to Run Their Entire Field Operations

Where an individual salesperson took around 8-10 mins to fill in the required details of a prospective supplier, with LeadSquared it just takes a minute. The best part – not only are our suppliers engaged, but the onboarding process have become much easier for our team. The productivity is up 70%.

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Field Force Tracking FAQs

What is FOS in sales?

Feet on Street (FOS), otherwise referred to as field sales, is a sales practice where agents set up direct visits or go door-to-door to sell products/services or onboard vendors/partners to the online marketplace. Sometimes, the term FOS also designates delivery partners in quick commerce services.

What is geo-fencing?

Geo-fencing is a feature found in field sales CRM software such as LeadSquared that allows you to define a virtual fence relative to a particular area or position. Through this, your employees are fenced into a certain location. Any time they step outside this virtual boundary, they won’t be able to perform certain actions. For instance, your sales agent may not be able to check-in from a point that is outside the geofenced location.

What is geo-tracking?

Geo tracking is a feature within sales CRM software such as LeadSquared that allows you to track the geographical location of your feet-on-street teams. Geo-tracking enables you to monitor your agents’ activities, real-time location, and even their check-in and check-out.

What is FOS tracking?

FOS tracking refers to the practice of tracking the activities, conversations, and all other pertinent details of your field sales teams. This is an important measure of the productivity of your field sales teams and allows businesses to take strategic approaches for their field sales.

What do you mean by productivity tracking?

Productivity tracking refers to the process in which you can track and analyze the critical aspects of their sales process. This helps businesses understand where their agents are lacking, how they structure their sales process, and how they utilize their workday. Based on this, businesses can build better sales approaches for higher closures.