Field Force Automation Software

Automate your field team’s daily tasks – plan their day, show them leads in their vicinity, automate check-ins and more

Field force automation software - LeadSquared

Trusted by 2000+ businesses to run their entire field operations


Why use LeadSquared for field force automation?

  • Easy to adopt

    Ensure easy and fast adoption – easy to set-up, easy to use. Built for scale

  • Geo-tracking

    Track every move of your field agents to ensure no misrepresentations

  • Complete day planner

    Prioritize the meetings for your field agents including task and route planning.

  • Multi-lingual support

    LeadSquared’s mobile app comes in multiple languages relevant for your local agents

  • Cross-team Support

    Customizable for different industries and teams – sales, service, operations & more

  • Offline Functionality

    Network issues won’t slow your agents down – works offline or with low connectivity.

Field force automation - uberized lead distribution

Automate uberized lead and task allocation

Every time a lead gets captured, assign the leads automatically to your field sales team based on their proximity to them. Automated notifications of the same help reduce the response time.

This ensures that every lead is assigned to the agent best placed to assist them, and no meeting or follow-up is missed

Automate day & route planning for maximum productivity

Automate the complete day and route planning for your field teams for maximum productivity per visit. The app will automatically devise the best travel route that they should be taking.

Allow them to view leads near them to ensure more meetings per visit. A better planned day = a more productive day!

Field force automation - day and route planning
field force automation - geo-tracking and geo-fencing

Automate team monitoring with geo-tracking and geo-fencing

Live-track your agents and teams. Prevent fraudulent check-ins, and meeting misrepresentations using geo-fencing. Your agent can’t check-in or add meeting notes without being physically present in that location.

Not only does it prevent dishonest practices, but also ensures that the reports are accurate.

Automate field attendance + payout management

Automate attendance management for your field agents using check-in, check-out feature. As soon as an agent checks in, their attendance is marked. You can restrict the check-in until the agents are in their first meeting locations, thereby avoiding fraudulent activities.

This helps calculate the attendance and correct payouts for the agents automatically.

field force automation - attendance management
field force automation- churn

Automate churn management

When field sales teams have a strength of a few thousand, a high churn rate is unavoidable, and really hard to manage. LeadSquared lets you keep accurate records of currently active & inactive agents, auto-deactivate inactive ones, automap their last working day, ensure correct payouts, and avoid conflicts.

Churned agents’ leads are also reassigned automatically

Get complete reports on your agent’s day

Automatically get reports sent to your inbox. The mobile app and your desktop will keep syncing, ensuring that your data is accurate and up to date.

You can view the number of meetings that have been made, the distance travelled, when they have checked in and the quality of the meetings easily.

Field force automation - daily meeting reports

“We have a large team, and with it comes custom requirements. We needed a CRM that could meet our needs, solve the issues we face and help our distributed teams work together. When we implemented LeadSquared, within the first few hours, our team was able to recognize that the tool was much better than the one we used before. The adoption of the tool then became very easy to handle.”

Where an individual salesperson took around 8-10 mins to fill in the required details of a prospective supplier, with LeadSquared it just takes a minute. The best part – not only are our suppliers engaged, but the onboarding process have become much easier for our team. The productivity is up 70%.

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