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The Most Flexible and Reliable
Field Sales App Ever!

Your agents’ every move counts. That’s precisely why LeadSquared’s field force
automation solution is designed to help your reps work smartly and
productively every single day.

DIY app home screen builder – CASA

Build the app home for your teams to show only what’s important to them. Get started in minutes, no coding required.

DIY App Home Screen Builder – CASA 

Territory mapping

Carve territories and assign users, teams, and sales groups. Automatically distribute leads based on user territories.

Location insights

Improve on-field sales efficiency through seamless location monitoring, distance traveled calculation, location history, and more.

Location Insights 

Image-to-text ML

Capture lead details and auto-populate lead fields (in iOS) from visiting cards, PAN cards, and other KYC documents.

Image-to-text ML 

Automated beat plans

Generate automated day plans, prioritize tasks for your reps, track store visit statuses, scan/collect documents, and more.

Automated Beat Plans 

Enhance Efficiency with Operations Automation

From lead and task assignments to progress and outcome tracking, automate everything that takes up your time.

Uberize lead and task allocation

Every time an inquiry comes in, assign the leads automatically to your field sales agents based on the prospect’s proximity to their territory. Reduce the response time with task assignment notifications.

Ensure no task is overlooked and no follow-up missed.

Mobile CRM - Allow your agents to check in/out automatically
Mobile CRM - 	 Send automated beat plans

Maximize productivity with automated day and route plans

Automate the complete day and route planning for your field teams for maximum productivity per visit. The app will automatically devise the best travel route.

Allow them to view leads near them to ensure more meetings per visit. A better-planned day = a more productive day!

Geofence work zones and monitor activities through GPS tracking

Live track your agents and teams. Prevent fraudulent check-ins, and meeting misrepresentations using geo-fencing. Your agent can’t check in or add meeting notes without being physically present in that location.

Not only does it prevent dishonest practices, but also ensures that the reports are accurate.

Mobile CRM - Give meeting recommendations
Mobile CRM - Help agents collect documents, log meeting notes

Automate attendance and payout management

As soon as an agent checks in, their attendance is marked. You can restrict the check-in until the agents are in their first meeting locations, thereby avoiding fraudulent activities.

This also helps calculate the attendance and correct payouts for the agents automatically.

Reallocate leads and tasks of churned agents

When field sales teams have a strength of a few thousand, a high churn rate is unavoidable, and hard to manage. LeadSquared lets you keep accurate records of currently active & inactive agents, auto-deactivate inactive ones, automatically map their last working day, ensure correct payouts, and avoid conflicts.

Churned agents’ leads are also reassigned automatically.

Mobile CRM - automatic sync
Mobile CRM - Help agents collect documents, log meeting notes

Get detailed reports

Automatically get reports sent to your inbox. The mobile app and your desktop sync automatically, ensuring accurate data.

With checked in agents, you can view the number of meetings, distance traveled, and the quality of the meetings easily.

A Few More Reasons to Opt for LeadSquared
Field Force Automation

Easy to adopt
Easy to adopt
Works offline 
Works offline
Multilingual support 
Multilingual support
Supports GPS tracking
Supports GPS tracking
Cross-team support 
Cross-team support
Complete day planner 
Complete day planner

What Our Customers Have to Say

Kandarp Kant
Kandarp Kant
Chief Technology Officer

“Our agents are more efficient, and the journeys are more seamless, helping us deliver a premium experience to every customer.”

Increase in Loan Sales
Increase in Call Centre Efficiency
Reduction in Cost Per Lead
Saurabh Sudhanshu Tripathi
Saurabh Sudhanshu Tripathi
Senior Business Development Manager

“Where an individual salesperson took around 8-10 mins to fill in the required details of a supplier, with LeadSquared it just takes a minute.”

Increase in Productivity
More Conversions
Increased Revenue

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