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Automate your field team's daily tasks - plan their day, show them leads in their vicinity, automate check-ins and more

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Field force automation software - LeadSquared

trusted by 1000+ enterprises to run their entire field operations

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Why use LeadSquared for field force automation?

Field force automation

  • Easy to adopt

    Ensure easy and fast adoption – easy to set-up, easy to use. Built for scale

  • Multi-lingual support

    LeadSquared’s mobile app comes in multiple languages relevant for your local agents

  • Geo-tracking

    Track every move of your field agents to ensure no misrepresentations

  • Cross-team Support

    Customizable for different industries and teams – sales, service, operations & more

  • Complete day planner

    Prioritize the meetings for your field agents including task and route planning.

  • Offline Functionality

    Network issues won’t slow your agents down – works offline or with low connectivity.

Notify your agents of new leads and tasks

Every time a lead gets captured, assign the leads automatically to your field sales team. They will be notified of all the new leads coming to them, reducing the response time.

Also, everytime a new task is assigned to an agent, the mobile app will periodically remind them of the same, so that they never miss out on another meeting or follow-up.

Field force automation software - agent notifications

Field force automation software - daily sales routes

Allow them to get a glimpse of daily sales routes

Every morning before they start the day, they can view their day plan. This way they will know what meeting or call has been set when. The app will automatically devise the best travel route that they should be taking.

This feature helps the field rep save time in terms of traveling. A better planned day = a more productive day!

Automated check-in and check-out

Ensure that your field team starts their day on time by automatically checking them in. You can predefine their working hours, to know when their day starts and ends.

You can also send reminders to your sales team that their workday is about to start. If they haven’t checked in, the app will do it automatically for them.

Field force automation software - check-in and check-out

leads near me - field force automation

Tell them who they can meet next

Empower your field team to discover all the leads that are in their vicinity. They can then drop in on the lead, and use it to build better customer relationships. The app also allows them to access the lead details, so they can brush up on the lead before the meeting.

The mobile app will also notify you of any tasks that need to be completed nearby. This way you don’t have to come back all the way another day.

Restrict conflicting appointments

There are chances that your field team might accidentally schedule multiple appointments for the same time period. Not only does it lead to confusion, but they might also end up missing out on some of the meetings.

Every time you try to schedule an appointment, the mobile app will automatically check your calendar. If another meeting is already set up, then it will prevent you from adding another

Field force automation software - appointment conflicts

Field force automation - daily meeting reports

Get complete reports on your agent’s day

Automatically get reports sent to your inbox. The mobile app and your desktop will keep syncing, ensuring that your data is accurate and up to date.

You can view the number of meetings that have been made, the distance travelled, when they have checked in and the quality of the meetings easily.

Trusted by 1000+ enterprises to run their entire field operations

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