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360 degree member profiles, community engagement and more – meet and exceed your member expectations

Banking CRM for retail assets teams

Enable Your Agents to Connect More, Today

Automate your marketing, stay top of mind with your members and provide targeted offers to increase revenue and engagement.

Per-Agent Productivity

  • Lead Distribution
  • Sales Automation Designer
  • Guided Actions
  • Task Manager
  • Upsell/Cross-sell Engine

Marketing Visibility

  • Lead Scoring
  • Automated Email Drips
  • Borrower Journey Builder
  • Email/Website Tracking
  • Landing Page Designer

Referral Management

  • Referral Partner Portal
  • Co-Marketing Campaigns
  • Referral Source Tracking
  • Partner Activity Scores
  • Automated Updates

Why Choose Leadsquared CRM for Your Credit Union

Reduce member acquisition & ownership costs, and connect all your teams and core systems securely

Entirely configurable workflows

Customize all your new member acquisition, engagement, and sales operations workflows.

Completely Secure

The security & privacy of your prospects & members are ensured with strict measures. Read more

Super-fast Implementation

While configuring other enterprise software can take months, LeadSquared gets you started in days.


We are here to enhance your existing processes, not replace them – connects with all your traditional systems seamlessly.

Multi-channel engagement

Drive more prospects to conversion with multi-channel engagement – email, text, WhatsApp, call center, and more.

360-degree member profiles

Plan your agents’ day completely, allow them to identify prospects near them, and track everything they do.

Retail Banking CRM - easy customer onboarding

Manage applications with a branded digital portal

LeadSquared’s secure point-of-sale portal provides a web-based access point for your members to interact with their loan right from application through clear-to-close.

Members can easily complete a loan application, upload supporting documentation, eSign disclosures, and monitor the status of their loan — in a single, easy-to-use location.

Build an efficient member onboarding process

Ensure a smooth application experience for your prospects. Capture inquiries and applications with LeadSquared’s self-serve, mobile-friendly application interface (forms and portals) or integrate your own. Applications can be resumed anytime, thereby enhancing prospect experience, and saving your agents’ time.

Retail Banking CRM - easy customer onboarding

Onboard members faster with KYC verification

Ensure faster and efficient member onboarding. LeadSquared add-ons like eKYC verification solution and Video KYC helps credit unions eliminate lengthy verification processes, reduce costs & fight fraud. Help your onboarding agents (both on and off the field), KYC reviewers, and verification teams stay on the same page.

Build and Test All-purpose Automations Without IT Support

LeadSquared’s proprietary workflow designer lets you build member acquisition and engagement automations with a drag-n-drop editor

Credit Union - Automation

Build long-lasting mission driven relationships and enhance member experiences

Run highly relevant campaigns to engage your prospects until they become members and beyond. Keep the referrals coming by enabling compliant co-marketing while keeping referral partners in the loop at every stage. Give your agents better visibility into which sources are performing so they can make better decisions.

Credit Union CRM Cross-sell

Identify cross-sell/upsell signals

Provide all your sales teams – digital, call center, or field sales teams (relationship managers, verifications, collections, etc.) comprehensive details about their prospects. They’ll always know the existing products, credit history, and cross-sell opportunities, to build better relationships and sell more.

Help your member retention rates by identifying and acting upon cross-sell opportunities. For example, a home loan customer with an excellent credit repayment history who visits the car loan page on your website can be offered a pre-approved vehicle loan.

Increase Call Center Productivity by over 60%

Empower your call center teams to track and follow-up with members efficiently and enable faster resolution of requests. Complete member management, categorization, case prioritization, and detailed borrower, team & collections analysis.

Credit Union Call Center CRM

Complete Performance Reports for Your Teams, Agents and More

Reduce member acquisition costs and increase operational efficiency

30% Faster Loan Disbursals than Before

Anuj Sachdev

LeadSquared helps us manage our lending partnerships with banks & NBFCs, and our internal processes across the lending lifecycle (sales, credit, verification & operations) to disburse loans 30% faster than before. Our DSAs are 55% more efficient than before, and all their work is trackable.

Anuj Sachdev

VP – Product

Give Your Members the Experience They Deserve

The only Credit Union CRM you need for member acquisition and engagement