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Leave Repetitive Sales Tasks to Sales Automation

Automate tasks like lead & task assignment, list creation, sales notifications and more

Sales automation rules

Moulds to your unique sales process

 Automate lead assignment

Automate lead assignment

Set rules to automatically assign leads to salespeople. You can assign leads by geography, product type, the traffic source from where the lead comes in, and any other criteria. Combinations of one or more rules can be used as well.

 Automatic tasks and reminders

Set up sales tasks & alerts automatically

Set rules to automatically alert salespeople and create tasks for them as soon as something important happens. For Ex: Create a task for a callback when a lead gets assigned to a salesperson, and notify the salesperson as well.

 Notify sales managers

Notify sales managers (if needed)

Notify sales managers in case of an important sales-relevant activity, or an inaction on the salesperson’s part. Ex: Notify managers when a positive sales interaction occurs and even if a sales-ready lead is not followed-up on time.

 Assign Missed Calls

Assign missed calls automatically

Your sales people are busy, and they might miss a few calls at one point or the other. You can capture all these missed calls as leads, and even assign them to sales people in Round-robin fashion, or based on pre-defined rules.

 Lead qualification

Automate lead prioritization

Set up rules to assign higher quality score to leads with specific attributes. The combination of quality score and lead activity scoring can be used to dynamically create lists of leads that should be chased first, making your team more efficient.

 Get reports in your inbox

Automate daily or weekly sales reports

Have the sales reports delivered to your inbox everyday, every month, or in any frequency you like. Reports for task completion, revenue targets, sales performance, and the funnel status are a few of the many sales reports you can subscribe to.

Sales funnel movement

As soon as a lead takes an important action, like responding to a cold sales email, or clicking on a “Call me back” link in a sales email, move the lead further down in the sales funnel automatically.

benefits of CRM - funnel

Sales automation - Alert sales team automatically

Sales notifications

Automatically alert the sales person if their lead/customer takes an action that might lead to a sale or a repeat sales opportunity.

Ex: If John, who has already enrolled in Copywriting course, clicks on a “Send me information for Graphic Design course” link, the respective sales person would be notified of John’s inquiry.

Effective sales follow up and monitoring of sales team

“The LeadSquared platform is flexible, making the adoption and execution of your existing sales process very simple. We can effectively monitor sales follow ups and track all offline and online activities. It is a very well thought out application and sometimes will surprise you in terms of the things it can deliver.”


Mrinal Mohit

Chief Operating Officer, BYJU'S Classes

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