Make Conversations,
More Organized for Your Team.
More Personal for Your Customers.

Converse gets all your conversations (WhatsApp, SMS, Chatbot) centralized on one platform.
Use Converse to boost agent productivity and delight customers with faster, more contextual conversations.

Loved by 2000+ customers all over the world

Turn Real-Time Conversations into Big-Time Sales

Converse ensures you’ve got the right agent, sending the
right message, at the right time. Every time.

Stop Juggling Between Multiple Platforms

Never switch tabs again. With converse, you agents can send and receive (WhatsApp, SMS, Chatbot) messages right from LeadSquared’s platform.

Get Complete Context
on Every Lead

Converse is tightly integrated with LeadSquared’s core CRM. Want to drill down into a lead’s details and history? Just click on it!

Respond to Customers. (Faster Than Your Competition)

Converse automatically routes prospects to their assigned reps. You can also notify your reps on their preferred channel. (Slack, Teams, Converse & More)

Get More Out of Your Marketing Campaigns

Shorten the time between intent and purchase. Notify agents when a lead responds positively to bulk marketing campaigns.

Converse for WhatsApp

Leverage the world’s biggest messaging platform for your business.

  • Manage all your customers, agents and conversations with one business number.
  • Route messages to the assigned lead owner. Automatically.
  • Send bulk marketing campaigns. Notify agents when a lead responds positively.
  • Give your agents access to a lead’s details and conversation history.
  • Simplify your verification/onboarding experience. Allow your customers to share documents and files over WhatsApp.
Converse for WhatsApp

What’s Coming in Hot 🔥

We’re working tirelessly to add more channels to the converse ecosystem.
Keep an eye out for these!


Convert website visitors into qualified pipeline. Draw your own chatbot workflow on a simple visual designer. Zero-code or tech support required!


Send targeted promotional and transactional messages to your customers. Get notified when a customers respond to your campaigns.

Make Data-Driven Decisions,
Faster Than Ever