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Capture, track & close all opportunities from every single contact. Manage multiple products and spot upsell/cross-sell opportunities to increase your CLV

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What is Opportunity Management in LeadSquared?

B2C businesses face a unique challenge.

A single prospect may be a prospective customer for multiple products – each product with its own complex and completely unique sales process and different salespeople handling them. For instance, one insurance customer may be interested in buying car insurance, term insurance, and health insurance for her different family members. A student may be interested in 3 different types of courses and 2 different campuses. LeadSquared’s Opportunity Management allows you to handle each of these instances easily, efficiently, and systematically – within a single platform.

Multiple Products, Processes, Sales Workflows, and Teams?

One single platform to manage them all!

Capture opportunities easily without creating duplicates

Auto-capture and map all the different opportunities associated with one contact, from no matter how many different channels of inquiry – including online and phone channels, API integrations, manual bulk upload, or individual opportunity addition – without creating duplicate contacts.

Opportunity Management Software - Capture new opportunities easily
Opportunity Management Software - Intelligent distribution of opportunities

Distribute opportunities to agents based on their speciality

Easily assign opportunities to the right sales rep or team in a round-robin manner, combined with different prospect, opportunity, or agent attributes important to you. Consider everything – location of the prospect, products they are interested in, agent speciality, agent availability, potential deal size, and much more.

Sketch Separate Sales Process Workflows for Each Opportunity

No-code workflow builder to build multiple opportunity journeys

Opportunity Management Software - Workflows

What Problems Does Opportunity Management Solve?

Ensure no lead duplication, zero team conflicts and specialized sales for different opportunities

  • Zero contact duplication

    You can set-up multiple contact de-duplication rules for each of your different products, ensuring zero contact duplication.

  • Easy contact sharing

    Multiple reps can work on one contact to handle different opportunities, ensuring zero conflicts, and specialized selling.

  • Multiple process mapping

    Customize application forms, fields, sales processes, teams, and sales workflows for different product types in a single system.

  • A single place of reference

    For all the activities, tasks, opportunities (both closed and on-going), along with the assigned salespeople for a single contact.

Configure Every Single Element for Different Opportunity Types

Map different products, their forms, fields, teams, stages and sales workflows

Opportunity Management Software - Customize everything

Ensure high team productivity with opportunity smart views

Smart views allow agents to prioritize their opportunities and concentrate on the most important tasks first. They’d know exactly which opportunities to handle next, view all their tasks and follow-ups in a clean view, and make prospect interactions fast and relevant.

Opportunity Management System - agent pop-up

Customize call pop-ups for your agents

Your agents will be able to view different opportunities, their status, and deal progress when they view one contact. You can choose to restrict one agent to view only the opportunities in their name, or you can allow them to view all the opportunities associated with a single contact. Allow them to take action on their opportunity with a single click

Hear What out Customers Have to Say about Us!

The LeadSquared platform is flexible, making the adoption and execution of your existing sales process very simple. We can effectively monitor sales follow-ups and track all offline and online activities. It is a very well thought out application and sometimes will surprise you in terms of the things it can deliver.

We have observed that with the introduction of LeadSquared, the average sales per day per agent (i.e insurance sales) has moved up by 40% and the lead-to-sale ratio has increased by 35%. And this is just in three months. Plus the support has been phenomenal, even over the weekends and holidays.

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