Admissions CRM for Multi-center Training Institutes

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Student Recruitment CRM for multi-center education institutes


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Multi-center education institutes face several unique challenges

LeadSquared helps get rid of them all for smooth center operations

 Icon - Disconnect from Students

Disconnect from Students

No direct connect with students because of multiple centers and multi-tiered processes causes information dilution.

 Icon - Data Exchange Delays

Data Exchange Delays

Student data from centers might be in unstandardized formats, causing missing data, or data exchange delays.

 Icon - Untargeted Communication

Untargeted Communication

Decentralized campaigns lead to untargeted student communication, and low relevance, causing poor student experience.

 Icon - No Student Journey Visibility

No Student Journey Visibility

Decentralized student engagement causes limited or no visibility into student journey, causing the student experience to decline.

 Icon - Low Progression Rates

Low Progression Rates

No visibility into students’ progress stops you from targeted engagement, causing low retention and progression rates.

 Icon - Lack of Centralized Analytics

Lack of Centralized Analytics

When each center functions as a different unit, you have limited visibility into their operations, reducing improvement chances.

Make direct connect with students

Direct contact with students and tight central control over the information being shared helps prevent information dilution by the time it reaches the students.

Student recruitment CRM - multi-center education institutions - no information dilution

Centralized information repository for all centers

To share standardized information with all the students across different centers, you can maintain a central information repository. This repository would house all the different communication campaigns and knowledge resources that can be accessed by different centers to share with their students.

Student Recruitment CRM for multi-center institutes - communication library

Student recruitment CRM - multi-center education institutes - communication templates

Beautiful communication templates accessible by all

Inbuilt repository of landing pages, email, SMS and marketing automation templates that can be customized by users across centers to run marketing campaigns easily. This helps maintain brand consistency while providing enough freedom to the users to customize the campaigns as per their requirements.

Capture student data with no delays or dilution

Centralized data capture makes sure no data is missed during capture or exchange. Centers can also upload data directly to LeadSquared.

Student data capture - Student Recruitment CRM - multi-center training institutes

Zero lead leakage with complete data capture

Capture student data from all your channels – digital, social, education marketplaces, and more. The leads are simultaneously distributed to different centers. Conversely, centers can upload data easily in a standardized excel format, ensuring no delay in data sharing with the headquarters.

Student Recruitment CRM - multi-center education institutes - Lead Capture

Student recruitment CRM - multi-center training institutes - lead management

Centralized, intelligent lead management

Manage all your student data centrally with varied access available to the different centers the students are enrolled at. This ensures that the headquarters have complete visibility into the data, activities, and progress of all the students, while the center has access to the data of their own students.

Track student journey and run targeted communication campaigns

Send content relevant to students based on the courses they are enrolled in, on the channels of their choice.

Student journey tracking - student recruitment CRM for multi-center training institutes

Complete student journey tracking

Track every single activity and interaction that a student has with you or with the center. Phone calls, email/text interactions, or communication through any other channel – everything is recorded so that you always know the status of the lead, as well as the progress of the enrolled students.

Student recruitment CRM - multi-center training institutes - student activity tracking

Student recruitment CRM for multi-center education institutes - student segmentation

Smart list segmentation

Segment your current and prospective students based on various factors – courses they have applied for, their scores, demographics, location, grades, and more. Use this information to always maintain relevant messaging across all communication channels.

Omni-channel communication campaigns

Automate student communication on every channel, based on their courses of interest, stage in the application cycle, and anything else important to you. For instance, once a mock test is booked, initiate campaigns informing students about the details of the exam, preparation tips and more.

Student recruitment CRM - multi-center education institutes - student communication automation

Improve student experience and increase retention at every step

Ensure low drop-off rates, improved student retention and high progression rates with exceptional experience every step of the way

Student Recruitment CRM - multi-center training institutes - improve learner experience

Student Recruitment CRM - multi-center training institutes - marketing automation

Drag and drop automation builder

Pre-build personalized communication for every stage of the student’s lifecycle. For instance, based on the urgency of the inquiry, initiate an acknowledgment email, or a call from a counselor. You can show them remarketing messages based on something they were interested in but dropped off.

Cross-sell signals to show relevant offers

Increase student retention and progression rates by identifying and acting upon cross-sell opportunities. For example, a student with a lower than average score in verbal communications would appreciate an add-on Verbal Comm Workshop. So, you can identify these signals and generate relevant offers automatically.

Student recruitment CRM - multi-center training institutes -

Complete visibility into the operations of different centers

Get detailed level-wise insights into the performance of each center, counselor, source, course and more

Student recruitment CRM - multi-center training institutes - hierarchy based reporting

In-depth analytics for performance at different levels

"Intuitive and Empowering"

LeadSquared has a highly intuitive interface with a fast learning curve. We have been able to achieve synchronized lead acquisition from multiple channels (website, telephonic, offline). Marketing Automation has been deployed to keep leads engaged and informed. What I like the best is the easy adaptation of real-life use cases on a digital platform. There are frequent user updates, empowering users with new tools and functions.

Ankit Sourabh Lakra

Manager - Business Development, Resonance Eduventures Limited

Admissions CRM for multi-center institutes

Get complete visibility into your centers and student journey