Sales Execution CRM for Stock Brokers

Manage all your teams – digital, call center, feet-on-street and more

CRM for stock brokers - sales execution platform
CRM for stock brokers - customers

Maximize new customer acquisition and application completion ratios

Zero lead leakage, user friendly application forms and application drop-off notifications

Capture trading inquiries from all your channels

Attract high-quality trading and account creation inquiries faster than your competition. Capture leads from all your channels – digital, phone calls, email, social media, financial marketplaces, and more. Easily upload leads with a few clicks. With automated screening at each step, your teams will never waste a moment on low-quality inquiries.

CRM for stock brokers -lead capture
CRM for stock brokers - self-serve applications and portal integration

Self serve application forms and portal integration

Ensure a smooth application experience for your trading prospects. You can either integrate your application forms and portals to capture applications in LeadSquared or use LeadSquared’s user-friendly forms and portals. OTP verification helps junk non-serious requests right at the first step. The application can be resumed anytime.

Notify your call center agents about application drop-offs

This allows your call center agents to intervene as and when needed, thus increasing application completion rates. For instance, of your 8-page application form, if a prospect drops off on page 7, the chances are high that with an agent’s help they’ll finish the application. This helps reduce drop-offs.

Stock broker CRM - form dropoff notifications
Application dropoff reports - CRM for stock brokers

Get application drop-off and progression reports

You can push from your portal (or use LeadSquared’s portal) the details of the application status for the traders, including the pages with the highest drops, the rates of progression and drop-offs and more. This would not only help you identify the leakages in your current application process but will also tell you what corrective measures to take.

Distribute leads across regions, teams and salespeople automatically

Preset every distribution logic, no matter how straightforward or complex

advanced lead distribution - CRM for stock brokers

Use capping logic to limit lead distribution

In addition to distributing leads based on any criteria, you can set capping logic as well. Capping ensures that your agents aren’t assigned more leads than they can handle without compromising on call quality. For instance – if it’s possible for an agent to interact with 10 prospects daily, they won’t be assigned leads beyond that number.

Lead capping logic - CRM for stock brokers
CRM for stock broking companies - application status-wise distribution

Distribute inquires based on teams and application status

Increase the efficiency of your teams and processes by distributing only those leads to the sales teams who don’t finish the application online. For finished applications, the leads are qualified and segmented, and directly transferred to the application processing team. This saves your teams’ time by eliminating follow-ups when not needed.

Sales execution platform to empower your sales managers and teams

Guide your salespeople on the most effective sales process

Define the exact process you want your teams to follow

Sales managers find it extremely hard to sketch out and enforce a standard sales process that they want their teams to follow. With LeadSquared, they can identify the exact sequence of tasks needed for a sale, define their teams’ targets, and sketch the best-possible sales process. This ensures high productivity because the teams know exactly what to do.

Sales Workflow Builder - CRM for stockbroking companies
Sales Process - CRM for stockbroking companies

Ensure that your teams follow the preset process

With constant lead inflow, follow-ups + meetings, your salespeople might end up doing low-importance tasks first. LeadSquared ensures this never happens. Salespeople follow the exact flow defined by their managers, and always know the next action they must take, the next meeting they should go to, etc., leaving absolutely no room for error.

Measure team efficiency and modify processes accordingly

Suppose an agent is supposed to make 100 sales/month. This information is fed in LeadSquared, and the work plan gets automatically created based on the defined sales process. Based on how close each salesperson is to meeting the targets, individual recommendations are made. For instance: “2 additional meetings/day are needed to meet your target.”

Target and achievement reports - crm for stock broking companies
Call quality scoring - crm for stock brokers

Monitor interaction quality and share feedback easily

Allow your quality management team to monitor agent calls real-time or at random. With LeadSquared’s custom forms you can build a quality checklist, and score your agents based on several preset parameters. This would allow you to identify high and low-quality calls, set benchmarks for agent training, and suggest corrective actions for agents.

Set benchmarks for new agent training

LeadSquared allows you to set success benchmarks for your agents based on the best possible call center outcomes, or on the average performance of the team. You can then measure the performance of each agent against the set benchmarks. This not only helps you identify the best agents but also lets you train new agents fast and efficiently.

Call quality benchmarking - CRM for brokers

Increase conversion & retention rates with marketing automation

Engage your leads + Identify and act upon cross-sell opportunities

Lead segmentation and communication - CRM for stock broking companies

Segment your prospects and communicate effectively

Segment your prospects and customers based on various factors – the products they are interested in, the stocks they are trading, the status of their applications, account types, demographics, location, financial status, credit history and more. Use this information to always maintain relevant messaging across all communication channels.

Identify and act upon cross-sell opportunities

Increase Customer Lifetime Value and Retention Rates by identifying and acting upon cross-selling and upsell opportunities. For example, an equity customer with good financial records and disposable income can be pitched additional stocks to add to his portfolio or can be proposed to invest in Commodities if he implies an interest in it.

Stockbroking CRM - upsell and cross-sell

Build a highly productive field workforce with mobile CRM

Auto-plan your teams’ day, track them real-time and make the processes completely paperless

Stockbroking CRM - mobile sales CRM

Analyze the performance of your processes, teams, channels and more

Transform how you sell your financial products

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