EHR Integration with Healthcare CRM

Manage and improve your patient care to a new level

Hicham Moro

100% Visibility into the processes

LeadSquared has helped us decrease patient turnaround time and provides us the visibility that we lacked in our previous system.

Tamara Young

More than doubled our pipeline

We’re able to cut down our turnaround time by responding to inquiries and reaching out to and communicating with many more leads.

Save time in data entry

Prevent redundancy in data by integrating EHR with CRM so that when a previous patient books an appointment, the system can easily collect and organize new records. Through this process, you can ensure that all leads are unique.

Enhance patient experience

Send feedback request emails or texts automatically and acquire patient satisfaction reports instantly. Clear patient queries fast with the help of automated response and lead distribution.

Enhance patient experience
Track your patients journey

Track your patient’s journey

Integrating EHR with CRM allows you to track and manage a patient’s complete journey. Engage and retain your patients with real-time data and insights. View the patient’s interactions, services used, and transactions in a single place.

Streamline retrieving data

With EHR integration software get the required information like patient history, past appointment details, and more in just a few clicks. Automated reports prevent you from going back and forth from your EHR to retrieve historical data.

Streamline retrieving data
Automate patient and doctor onboarding

Automate patient and physician onboarding

Allow patients and doctors to fill out e-forms and submit documents at their convenience with a CRM, making the intake process smoother and faster. 

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EHR Integration with CRM FAQs

LeadSquared’s CRM can integrate with which EHR solutions?

LeadSquared’s CRM can integrate with Advanced MD, Open Dental, ATHENA, Kareo, Dr. Chronos, and many more EHR solutions.

How does EHR integration with CRM help collaboration between departments?

A CRM helps in tracking the entire patient journey, from onboarding to enrolment, on a single platform. This ensures that multiple teams and departments are on the same page and can view all the patient’s interactions as they move through numerous stages of the patient funnel.

How does EHR integration with CRM increase efficiency?

EHR integration with CRM improves patient engagement by sending out personalized and periodic emails, texts, and phone calls to your patients. You can track all the patient interactions on a single platform and employ reports and analytics to study significant patterns in patient intake. With the geo-fencing feature, track the location history of your on-site caregivers and allow them to check in only within the perimeter of your office.

Is LeadSquared’s Healthcare CRM HIPAA compliant?

Yes, LeadSquared CRM is completely HIPAA compliant to ensure a safe and secure experience. It follows the Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to guarantee PHI security.

What is the difference between EHR and CRM?

While EHR stores and tracks patient records from all the institution’s sources, a CRM manages and analyzes this data. It deals with building better connections with patients through automation and improving the onboarding, engagement, and retention processes through analytics and reports.