Use Lead Nurturing to Engage Your Leads

Make your leads travel faster down the sales funnel


Greet leads with relevant emails and SMSs as soon as they arrive

Drip Marketing
Drip Marketing
Drip Marketing

Send your prospects exactly what they need, when they need it

Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Build and send beautiful emails that perform great on all devices

Lead Tracking
Lead Tracking
Lead Tracking

Track all your lead activities and nurture them based on their actions

List Segmentation
List Segmentation
List Segmentation

Segment leads based on their profiles & interests to nurture them accordingly

Content Library
Content Library
Content Library

Store your nurturing emails as templates to reuse them easily

Connect with your leads promptly

Never lose opportunities because of delayed responses

Drip marketing | Autoresponders

Make a connection right at the start

Greet your leads with personalized auto-response emails & SMSs as soon as they enter the system.

Reduce response time

Make sure that you don’t lose opportunities to competition, because of lazy follow-ups.

Know the autoresponder performance

Get complete analytics – find the messages and timing working well with your audience.

Send personalized content based on lead's actions & interests

Never let your lead interaction be irrelevant

Easily design lead nurturing workflows

Design how the engagement campaigns would progress based on lead actions or inaction.

Get lead nurturing analytics

Understand how effective your drip campaigns are by checking the engagement at each step.

Notify sales on lead's funnel movement

Notify your sales team if a lead in the nurturing path takes a sales-relevant action.

Marketing Automation - Design prospect journey with workflows

Retain mind-share with beautiful, click-worthy emails

Send responsive emails that perform well on all devices

Drag and drop email builder

Drag and drop builder

Create great looking emails in minutes. Non-coders and non-designers can build emails with ease.

Personalize each aspect of your emails

Get higher opens and clicks by personalizing each aspect of your email marketing campaigns.

Dozens of responsive email templates

Just pick and edit a template that matches your industry and the purpose of your email campaign.

Dozens of responsive, ready to use email templates

Pick the one that fits your industry and campaign goal

  • LeadSquared
  • LeadSquared
  • LeadSquared
  • LeadSquared
  • LeadSquared
  • LeadSquared

Painless List Segmentation

Organize and segment your leads to run targeted email & drip campaigns

drip marketing segmentation by demography

Segment leads by demography

And engage them accordingly. Ex: Send invites for a last minute New York event only to NY leads.

Segment leads by their interests and actions

Engage your leads with exactly the kind of content they want, by tracking their interests and actions.

Know the engagement index of your lists

Find how effective your nurturing campaigns are by tracking the engagement index of your lists.

Find your leads' engagement

Automatically track and score your leads’ interactions with your campaigns. Easily spot the engaged leads from the disengaged ones. Run lead reactivation campaigns accordingly.

Ex: Leads with a high engagement score are more likely to comply when you run a campaign asking for Rating/Reviews. Use these insights in campaign planning.

Marketing Automation - Lead Scoring

Marketing automation - website tracking

Lead tracking

Track your leads to find how they are engaging with your website and all other marketing activities. Track the web pages they visit, the e-books they download, the emails they click and much more. Engage them further using these insights.

Content library

Save the emails you design once as templates, and reuse them whenever you want. Saves your team the effort to redesign emails when similar campaigns need to be set up.

content library

We have seen a 40% increase in lead engagement

“The auto-responders and email library are working wonders in communicating in real time with our prospects and nurturing them. Our lead engagement stands at 96% right now. Lead response time has significantly been reduced, and the sales team has more time to focus on actual selling, rather than customizing emails.”


Floyd Tavares

Floyd Tavares

Marketing Manager, Deltin Group

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