Build Pro-active Call Center Sales Operations

Call center sales CRM to help your agents make better conversations, enhance prospect experience and sell more

Call center sales CRM - build proactive call center

Build a highly efficient in-house sales call center

Faster reach out, high-quality conversations and higher sales at a fraction of the cost

Call center sales CRM - lead capture and assignment

Capture & route your sales queries to the right call center agents

Capture your leads, both online and offline, and route them instantly to your internal call center reps. Distribute the leads in a round-robin manner by location, the products they are interested in, lead sources, the language they speak, agent performance, availability, and much more.

Ensure high productivity with agent smart views

Smart views allow your sales call center reps to prioritize their work and do what matters the most. They’d know exactly which lead to call first, view all their tasks and follow-ups in a clean view, and make each connect faster and more relevant with easy access to past conversations and activities.

Call center sales CRM - smart views for your call center reps
Call center sales CRM - personalized pitch

Allow your agents to make the perfect pitch at the perfect time

Personalized sales pitch = higher chances of sales. LeadSquared helps you personalize your sales pitch completely with access to the prospect’s details, interests and activity + conversation history with behavioral tracking.

Enhance security + efficiency with number masking and click-to-call

Mask the phone numbers and contact details of all the prospects in your agents’ list. Allow them to initiate calls via a click-to-call button – this not only enhances the security of your database but makes your agents more productive as well.

Call Center sales CRM - number masking
Call center sales CRM - process automation

Optimize Your call center workflows on the go

Design customized call center processes with workflow builder – define the frequency & number of calls, emails, text messages to be made for a sale, and ensure that your team sticks to it. Automate repetitive tasks like lead stage change, follow-up emails/texts after a call, and more.

Use signals to initiate calls proactively

Instead of running your call center processes reactively, build a proactive process. Capture live signals using lead behavior tracking, integrations with your other systems, and more. Recommend actions to call center agents automatically. For instance: If the product usage is low, the call center agent is automatically informed of this, initiating action from him.

Call center sales CRM - signals
Call center sales CRM - multi-channel campaigns

Build a multi-channel contact center

Go beyond call interactions to meet revenue goals.

You can reach your client’s prospects on the channel of their choice – email, text messages, WhatsApp, phone calls, based on their activities, queries, or just periodically. Also, it unifies all your customer interactions for your call center agents to provide a seamless customer experience

Increase your revenue with upsell/cross-sell signals

Increase Customer Lifetime Value and Retention Rates of your customers by identifying and acting upon cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. For example, a home loan customer with an excellent credit repayment history who visits car loan page on your website can be offered a pre-approved vehicle loan.

Call center sales CRM - upsell and cross-sell
Call center sales CRM - call audit

Track and record calls for audits

Continuous improvisation through simple quality checks.

Every call is tracked, recorded, and available with the lead details for real-time or random quality checks. Identify high or low-quality calls, set benchmarks for agent training, and suggest corrective actions for non-performing agents.

Seamlessly integrate with your dialers and IVR solutions

Integrate with all the major contact centers, telephony, and IVR tools like Exotel, Ozonotel, Ameyo, CTM and more through our telephony integration. Our universal call center connector integrates with any IVR or telephony system you might be using.

Call center sales CRM - integration

Completely outcome-driven performance tracking

Customized performance reports to gauge the success of your call center agent & campaigns.

Our call center efficiency per agent has increased by 60%

Smart views help our agents intercept all the incoming requests quickly & call the patient in a few minutes, reducing the decision-making time. Automation handles all our lead management activities, from lead allocation to lead prioritization. Plus, our daily call center efficiency per agent has increased by 60%.

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