Get a Tight Grip on Your Sales Process with Sales Tracking

Monitor every aspect of your sales - funnel, people and revenue

Sales Tracking-Leads Funnel
Leads Funnel
Lead Funnel
Sales Tracking-Leads Funnel
Sales Tracking-Sales Performance
Sales Performance
Sales Performance
Sales tracking-Sales Performance
Sales Tracking-Geo Tracking
Geo Tracking
Geo Tracking
Sales Tracking-Geo Tracking
Sales Tracking-Revenue Analysis
Revenue Analysis
Revenue by Product
Product A


Product B


Product C


Stop revenue leakage with powerful sales tracking

Visualize your sales funnel

Visualize your sales funnel

Know exactly where the leads are in your sales funnel. Check the sales closed this quarter, the pipeline for this month, and the forecast for next – everything is at your disposal.

Sales person tracking

Spot the top and under-performers

Monitor sales performance with ease. Identify the sales stars, and the under-performers lagging behind on targets, based on no. of closures, revenue generated, meetings attended and more.

Never miss a followup

Get notified if a follow up is missed

Your sales team would never cut corners again. The Sales Manager would get notified if a follow-up is missed, or if a lead has been sitting untouched in the system for a long time.

Track sales communication

Track all sales conversations

Make sure that all conversations, one-on-one or bulk, email or telephonic, match your quality standards, as everything gets tracked, and is available for the manager to review.

Track all aspects of sales against revenue

Track everything against revenue

Find the best and worst "everything" in terms of revenue - salespeople, lead sources, locations, products, and centers in one clean report.

Geo Location

Geo-track your sales people

Track the meeting locations of your field sales reps. Get real-time updates on how the conversation went, as your sales reps log the meeting details on the app.

Leads not contacted report

Find leads that have never been contacted by your sales team. Lets you find more sales opportunities from your database, and helps you identify if your salespeople are cutting corners.

Leads not contacted report

Sales performance report

Sales performance reports

Monitor sales performance with ease. Identify the sales stars, and the under-performers lagging behind on targets.

Revenue source reports

Identify the sources performing the best for you in terms of revenue generation. You can take informed decisions on which lead source needs to be invested in, and which one should be ignored.

Revenue by source

Search for CRM ended with LeadSquared

“We were struggling to find the appropriate CRM for our business. But after using LeadSquared, we were able to keep a check on quality of leads, easily monitor the performance of the sales team, generate all kinds of reports and take the right business decisions.”
Vignesh Sekar

Vignesh Sekar

Senior Executive Marketing , Nist Institute Private Limited

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