Transform how you sell banking products

Banking CRM to complement your core customer record system. Acquire, engage, onboard customers & cross-sell in one platform

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Banking CRM - LeadSquared CRM for banking

Why choose LeadSquared CRM for banking

Reduce customer acquisition & ownership costs, and connect all your teams and core systems securely

Banking CRM - why choose LeadSquared
  • Entirely configurable workflows

    Customize all your new customer acquisition, engagement, and sales operations workflows.

  • Completely Secure

    The security & privacy of your prospects & customers is ensured with strict measures. Read more

  • Super-fast Implementation

    While configuring other enterprise banking software can take months, LeadSquared gets you started in days

  • Easy connection with core CRMs

    We are here to enhance your existing processes, not replace them – connects with traditional banking CRMs seamlessly

  • Multi-channel engagement

    Drive more prospects to conversion with multi-channel engagement – email, text, WhatsApp, call center, and more

  • Mobile CRM built for sales

    Plan your agents’ day completely, allow them to identify prospects near them, and track everything they do on the field

Which banking processes fit perfectly in LeadSquared?

Use LeadSquared for new customer acquisition, onboarding, collections, cross-selling and more

 Retail Assets Sales Icon

Retail Banking

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Prospect Communication
  • Verification – KYC
  • Upsell/Cross-sell Engine
  • Connected Systems & Teams

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 Debt Recovery Icon

Debt Recovery

  • Borrower Management
  • Borrower Categorization
  • Recovery Prediction
  • Guided Team Actions
  • Advanced Analytics

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 Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking

  • Account Management
  • Data Enrichment
  • Customer Portfolio
  • Relationship Management
  • Field Sales Planning


30% faster loan disbursals than before

Build highly efficient banking sales operations

The only banking CRM you need for sales and prospect engagement